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Part: 22

Mallika and annika stood inside making faces being angry with shivaay as he called them brainless… 10 minutes passed but they didn’t move an inch and shivaay and khanna being irritated walked in

Shivaay “What’s the problem? Don’t you guys know we are late already?” he narrowed his eyes

Annika “Apologize! You called me I mean us brainless, apologize or we ain’t gonna walk” she turned her face so does Mallika

Shivaay “Ahan…” he smirked and pulled her toward himself and lifted her on shoulder and turned “What say khanna?” he raised his eye-brows and walked out while annika was struggling to go

Khanna “Sorry!” he pulled Mallika and lifting her walked out while she just kept on widening her eyes and hitting on his shoulder
In Chopper
Shivaay placed annika on the seat where he himself sat beside her and same goes to Mallika and khanna

Annika “Are you nuts guys? You’re kidnapping us!” she hit on shivaay’s shoulder

Shivaay “Whatever!” he rolled his eyes and looked at khanna who was smirking “What?” he signed through his hands shrugging his shoulders

Khanna “Mallika is so heavy…not only brainless but fat cow too” he giggled just to receive a slap by her on shoulder

Mallika “Shut-up!” she narrowed her eyes and gave dead glares to shivaay who was giggling
Pilot “Sir…we’re taking off” he informed and he agreed while Mallika and annika looked at eachother widening their eyes…

Soon they take – off on reaching a certain height annika clutched on shivaay arm and turned to him burying her head in his chest “Okay, I’m scared it’s my first ride shivaay” she shivered…
Shivaay moved his hand on her waist from back and gently pulled her closer to himself and moved the other hand on her shoulder from front and again gently pulled her closer…now she was in his embrace but still shivering and just burying her head in his chest

Shivaay “If you’ll keep on burying your head like this in my chest, I think you’ll dig a hole there” he controlled his smile while she burst into laughter and hit on his chest “Idiot it’s not the time to joke” she looked at him still in that position
“then? Oh I got it…you want to do some romance right” he smirked rubbing his fingers on her waist which made her shiver more and she clenched on his arm more and moved closer to him and he tightened the hug and she blushed while he smirked

Shivaay “How was that annika? Funny or …?” he hid a smile and she moved back to her place withdrawing

Annika “You’re just…” she blushed and turned her face “Aren’t you scared now?” he narrowed his eyes while she ignored eye-contact

Khanna “But she’s still” he giggled pointing toward Mallika who was holding on to him tightly shivika looked at her and smiled
Shivaay “Nice couple” he giggled and annika joined
Annika “Yeah. Mallika why don’t you just marry him?” she smiled and Mallika looked at her still holding him
Mallika “Huh!” she turned her face a
Just then chopper took a turn and moved a little above again with which annika freaked out and landed on shivaay’s lap he again immediately wrapped his arms around her and hugged her she looked at him and he at her

“Oh jaana plays in BG”

Shivaay “What happened now?” he smirked and she looked down “Idiot…” he smiled and hugged him “It’s really scary to travel in a chopper which have sliding doors” she shivered and he giggled “But they’re locked” he told “So what shivaay what if lock jams and doesn’t locks it well” she looked at him rolling her eyes “Can’t you think positive girl” he too rolled his eyes and after sometime chopper landed on airport

Soon they checked in to their private jet and occupying their seats…plane take off…
Shivika Cabin
Shivaay was sitting quietly with his head resting on resting cushion of seat with eyes closed while annika was admiring him looking at him sitting on front seat of his with her chin resting on her fist and twinkling eyes she kept on admiring him assuming him sleeping…

Annika’s POV
“He’s such a cute person…how can someone be so cute! He’s just a perfect person I mean a perfect soul mate…a person whom every girl search madly…I’m lucky enough to be his love…I never imagined after all that happened in my past I’ll ever get him, but first time God is doing justice to me by giving me unexpected happiness…He’s no less than any miracle which happened in my B & W life…
He was sleeping in-front of me…I can’t stop myself from admiring him, he’s so cute that I can watch him whole night or maybe whole life…without even blinking my eyes…he was sleeping that was my assumption only as soon few tears escaped from the corner of his eyes…just then I remembered…He’s sad and will not tell me…because of me…first time I’m feeling guilty for hurting him this much unknowingly or be knowingly…I knew he loves daksh more than anything but just because of me and my happiness and just for my justice he left him…he ignored him and what I did I just made him go more far from him…I killed him, I can’t undo it but I can just make things go fine by now own by giving him happiness…yes I’ll do it…wiping off my few escaped tears I slowly placed my hand on his leg and he opened his eyes and managing a smile looked at me…he can’t hide it from me the tears he was wiping with excuses… “Yeah?” he smiled and looked at me…
I was feeling sorry and wanted to apologies and taking a deep breath I looked at him…”
POV Ends…

Annika “I’m sorry, I never meant to hurt you so much … I mean I never thought he’s so close to you…” she moved back and looked into his eyes

Shivaay “Hmm… leave it annika. It’s not anyone’s fault you need not to say sorry!” he passed a smile to her

Annika “But still…” she held his hand standing up

Shivaay “Yeah…it would’ve been better if you wouldn’t have shot him on his head” he stood up “He had migraine, he was already suffering from severe headaches” he withdrew his hand and turned

Annika “Sorry…” she mumbled
Shivaay “You’re just mad…I said don’t say sorry, I’m trying to forget it annika…don’t make me remember it again and again…I don’t know what’ll happen when Bestie fever will raise in me, please stop apologizing you need not to” he held her hands and folded his “Just forget it” he shifted his hands to her face and cupped her face

Annika “I love you shivaay” she shifted her hands to his face and gently pulled his toward her and joined fore-head’s “and I mean it” she looked in his eyes still in that position “I love you too and will always love you…no matter what” he looked in her eyes “and even I mean it” he gently wrapped his arms around her waist while she her hands were still on his face holding on to it…he slowly trailed his fingers on her back and reaching near shoulder he lifted his face little and pulled her toward himself while her head touched his shoulder and his chin touched her head she slowly moved her arms up and encircled around his waist and they both hugged eachother leaving no space between them not for the air even…
She slowly rested her head on his chest “I’m scared” she whispered in audible voice
Shivaay “Why?” he moved his hand on her back “What if operation doesn’t go all well?” she tighten the hug “Shut-up idiot! Why it’ll not go well?” he moved his hands to her shoulder and withdrew himself from her “I just thought…” she bit her lower lip and he shooked her “You’re my annika…you’ll not even think these stupid things” he glared her angrily “Okay baba! Sorry na, now come-on hug me again” she whined and encircled her arms around his neck and stood on her tip toes and placed her chin on his shoulder and hugged him while he again wrapped his arms around her waist and placing his chin on her shoulder he hugged her back…
Oh jaana plays in BG

They Got apart and looked at eachother…annika caressed his face and moved toward his fore-head and gently placed a kiss on his fore-head while he closed his eyes enjoying the peace and feelings through the kiss she placed on his fore-head…
Soon she shifted her lips on his cheek and placed a kiss there while he was gently holding her by her waist…she slowly moved near his lips and stopped looking into his eyes when he slowly opened them…looking into his eyes she slowly brushed her lips on his…shivaay widened his eyes and kept on looking into her eyes and taking a step further he pecked on her lips while she blushed little… annika then leaned more and was about to kiss him when air hostess knocked on their cabin and they got apart with a jerk and composing himself shivaay opened it and she served them their dinner and walked away while shivaay locked the cabin again and as he turned annika encircling her arms around his neck getting on her tiptoes slammed her lips on his…butterflies flew in his stomach by her this action and he didn’t responded for some time but getting the control on those butterflies he slowly started responding to her and after 3 minutes of intense kiss they got apart to get the oxygen and blushed much and their cheeks turned into beetroot color…

Shivaay “I think we should eat dinner…” he moved to his seat
Annika “Still you’ve desire to eat something else?” she said controlling her smile but was blushing…
Shivaay “It smells yummy” he dropped his head blushing and started eating spaghetti…
Annika “OMG! You’re eating malinga’s hair” she chuckled and he too joined her and soon she sat on her seat and started eating…
(Fast Forwarding)
Annika was laying on stretcher and shivaay was holding her hand “Don’t panic much and don’t think much…stay calm everything will go fine…” he caressed her face “I know. Till you’re by my side nothing will happen to me and I’ll not die so easily after-all I’ve to complete my all wishes with you” she mumbled closing her eyes little… “Which wishes?” he caressed her face again “My bag…” she slept under the effect of anesthesia… mumbling it and he kissing her on fore-head walked out as doctors arrived…light of OT turned on as the doors closed…Shivaay walked to her ward and opened her bag to check what she was talking about…there he finds out a diary small diary…with tiny pen…
(While Operation Going on he’s reading her wish list)
1. Plan a weekend with fiancée at home when he wears my clothes and I wear his. Including Undergarments… *Chuckled* weird!
2. He paints my nails (Okay)
3. I want to do his hair-cut or maybe shave too (*No way* he rubs his beard and touches his hair)
4. Soak with him in a private Jacuzzi. (She’s more romantic then me)
5. Go to a vineyard with him for wine tasting (OMG!)
6. Watch the sun-rise with him (Nice)
7. Cook a meal for me (That’s my fav)
8. Ride a cycle with him on the great wall of china… (She’s insane)
9. Come eye-to-eye with Africa’s Mountain Gorillas, Rwanda. (Pagal larki)
10. Swim in jelly fish lake in Palau with him… (Ewww)
11. Kiss him in a hot air balloon ride… (She’s really weird)
12. Honeymoon in Yosemite Valley (What’s that!)
13. Have a water balloon fight with him (She’s aggressive always fight)
14. Sing with him in public place
15. Marry shivaay… *Cut* Daksh *Cut* only shivaay (He smiles)

To Be Continued…

This is it ishquies… Part 22 of this SS…
Hope you like it and which part you liked the most do tell me in comments and yeah any wishes ideas please drop them too…and any other funny romantic idea drop them below too!
Loads of love to you all…Stay Safe
~Annie Signing off~
~See You Soon~

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  1. Niriha

    Awesome????loved it to the core eagerly waiting for next part update soon

  2. Deepu

    Anni’s wish list sooo cute and adorable..khanna and mallika will make a good pair i think..i hope everything goes well and shivaay fullfils all annikas wishes..

  3. Hkaur

    Breathtaking. I read it in a one go. I agree with shivaay that anika is more romantic and weird too than him. Post asap Bie.

    1. Barbieannie

      haha yeah he is mixture of everything and everything in her is extra and shivaay has all just .5 %
      thanks a lot

  4. amazing and those wishes are lovelyy.hope all ends well ?

  5. Alekhika20

    Superb update

  6. WOW… everything is picture perfect … soo are you going to make khannaji and mallika a pair ??or that you already made them… well coming to fav. part total update is my fav. but the wish list is just awww… we all know that she is weird and crazy.. waiting for next.. pls post ASAP..

    1. Barbieannie

      thanks a lot prabha ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️ umm i thought to make them a pair but then thought let it be… i thought to make khanna flirt with her and let her reciprocate in funny manner, so no they’ll not be a pair as if i’ll make them a pair then I’ve to show their scenes and i want my full concentration on shivika only ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

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    Take Care And Stay Safe?

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    It is awesome dear

  12. Maryam_ishq

    Wht an episode yaar !! I srsly won’t get tired of praising u. Emotional and romantic episode !
    Shivanna comin out of the chopper frustrated with mallika and anika’s drama… they pick each of them and head back to the chopper (it feels so weird sayin chopper… i like helicopter better ?). Khanna commenting on mallika’s weight ?…. they really make a good couple… already fighting like a couple ?. Anika held onto shivay and snuggled inside him afraid of the height??…. hai main marjawan tht was such a beautiful scene. Shivay brought her more closer to him and hugged her closer and enjoyed their closeness and felt peace. He tried to lessen her fear by cracking a joke ? and thn he brought her closer and romanced a bit until anika shied away. Khanna telling thm to look at mallika who’s not even leaving him for a second ?… shivika complimenting their jodi and sayin they look perfect… mallika would have answered back but she was scared at the moment. Anika fell in shivay’s lap with the sudden turn ? and shivay held her close to him so tht she doesn’t get scared… i love this pilot… he brought them closer to each other ?. Anika saying the doors could get jammed or open up anytime and shivay frustrated with her thinking negative stuff all the time.
    Finally they get off the chopper… both the girls were thankful tht they finally got rid of it. And they head off to shivay’s private jet. He relaxed himself on the seat and remembered the recent happenings… wht strted out as the most beautiful and memorable day of his life turned out to be the worst… they said i love u to each other and the next moment he gets shot and is battling with his life and anika also battles with her life as she was too shocked… he survived and found out tht his best friend cum bro was killed ruthlessly by anika and he cannot even punish her for this as she’s right but he cannot forget his memories with daksh and tht he supported and stood by him always. On one side he got his love which he yearned for a long time and the other side he lost his childhood bestie. He tried hard to control his tears but some of them flowed down. Anika was admiring her shivay… she was happy to have him by her side and thanked god for fulfilling this wish of hers. She adored him… each of his features… his sleeping posture until she realised tht he’s actually crying and not sleeping. She felt hurt tht because of her he’s in pain again and she can’t do anything this time… she never knew he was sooo close to daksh otherwise she would have never done tht… she punished daksh for trying to harm her shivay. She apologised to shivay for her deed and he told her not to as it’s not her mistake… but he never wanted his best buddy to die like tht… he told her abt his migraine and she hit him right on his head… it must have hurt him a lot and he couldn’t do anything ?… i can’t see shivay like this and i can’t even blame daksh… i cant even hate daksh caz he always stood by shivay and mallika in childhood. Anika apologised and said tht she loves him a lot and shivay too reciprocates ?.
    They hugged each other feeling peace in each other’s arms… all the sorrows went away. Anika told him tht she’s scared for the operation and wht if smthn goes wrng… shivay reprimands her and asks her to have courage… she is HIS ANIKA and she would never lose… anika was happy seeing him caring for her so much… she asked him to hug her back ?… how cute.
    Anika becomes romantic and kisses on his forehead and cheeks and gives a slight peck on his lips… shivay was shocked and he was gonna kiss her when the air hostess came…. perfect timing by these ppl man…. at the best part only they come with food or smthn else. Shivay took the food and as soon as he closed the door… anika came towards him and kissed him ???… shivay was too shocked to react and aftr few secs he reciprocated ??????. Haii… i can’t get enough of them yaar.
    Shivay says let’s eat food and anika comments on it… shivay blushes more thn anika and anika teases him… malinga’s hair ??.
    Shivay asks her to be brave and tht everything would be alright aftr the operation and they would strt their life afresh aftr this ?. Anika telling him tht she wouldn’t leave him so soon ?… and tells abt her wishes and dozes off. Shivay heads off to knw abt her wishes… he was happy with some of it and was blushing seeing tht anika is way more romantic thn him and she’s full on jhalli and pagal and weird. The best part was his reactions to each and every wish… esp cutting his hair one ?…. his face is flashing infrnt of my eyes when he read tht. The last wish of marrying him ?… her first choice was always shivay but thn daksh came in between but he was the reason they came together so it’s fine. Anika’s wishlist is a mixture of pagalpan and romance…. shivay was sooo shocked reading some of them ??.
    I loved the episode yaar… ur too good in writing. Like the say i would love to kiss the hands of the person who made this delicious food… i would change it to… i would like to kiss the hands of the person who’s writing this awesome story. Hope ur leg is better now… don’t put too much pressure on it. Take care dear and love u loads ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤.

    1. Barbieannie

      don’t say this i’m already flying on seventh…nope 12th sky *laugh* you the motivation *happy tears* i blushed so much while reading this comment and at last blushed much more…. thank you so much for so much appreciation and yup leg is much better and i’m resting only…. You too TC dear and love you loads ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

  13. Incredible update dear ? Anika wishes was awesome ? that was my favourite part while reading them I was laughing ? like mad. Your waiting skills are khidkitod awesome ? eagerly waiting for the next part.

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