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Hi guys:)

Seriously I feel like ranting now. I AM SO UPSET AT THE CURRENT TRACK OF SWARAGINI! CV’S R SO SO SO SO SO SO SO STUPID! HOW CAN THEY SEPARATE SWASAN? LIKE WHAT THE HELL?! ALREADY THEY HAVE FONE THROUGH SO MUCH PROBLEM AND NOW THEY HAVE TO SEPARATE AGAIN!? I am a HUGE SWASANIAN and I am so upset at this track. I mean, we’re all watching it only coz now we want to see Swasan back together and Swara gaining her memory. But if they drag this drama then I might just stop watching this drama! I don’t like this memory loss and Swahil nonsense. There were lots of news about Swalak that might happen and all of us reacted saying we don’t want it. But honestly I’d prefer Swalak to Swahil coz at least Laksh won’t become haddi in Swasan story! He will stay in his limits but we don’t know anything about Sahil! I really want CV’S to end this stupid, idiotic, annoying, hell of a track! Acting is mind blowing especially HeVa’s but srsly CV’S need to stop this nonsense!

Thx for reading my whole rant. If u guys want to rant pls comment and I’ll join u…

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  1. I am agree with you 😛

    1. Yea I really hope CV’S don’t drag this.

  2. I hope k stry kuch aisa ho k sahil k mom usko bahar pheke n reach badi somehow .. then full mahewari fmly come..they see her… they realise that she lost memory so they all plan to act till her memory comes mean time ragini to expose pari bhabhi ..and sanskar to punish her bad.

    1. No Sahil’s mom will throw her out but Sahil will bring her back apparently:( but she will ask him to take her to Baadi and there she will meet everyone. Shomi-Swara-Ragini will have an emotional moment and then she’ll see Sanky and accuse him of killing her:(

  3. I agree with u rain di
    Swara only remembered sanskar shooting
    at her (she misunderstood it) seriously swaragini writers are crazy

    1. They’re comp,every crazy. True. But I guess they need trp’s too. And ppl will watch it coz they want to see what’ll happen after this. So in a way actually if I think of it now after ranting it’s good coz it’ll refresh Swasan fans and give them a treat by uniting them in the end but on the other hand we obviously don’t want to see Swasan separated. I have such opposing thoughts:p

  4. Dis track won’t b dragged too long. swara will soon b back in baadi.. So swasan vl n back together Nd deir romance vl start from zero.. It will b a treat fr swasan fans. M jealous f YU people cz am a RagLak fan ( not a swasan hater) .. RagLak doesn’t get anything .. Sidelined by cv’s. We hav nothing to watch Incd show. Once in a while a 2mts scene. 🙁 if not equal importance at least 5mts scene per episode wud ba blessing fr us.. Though V r minority , trp vl HV SME effect .. BT we r NT luck enuf… Dey juz ruined RagLak track. Ragini laksh character also.. DTS Y stil many people doesn’t accept ragini nd laksh redemption.. They made bth f them to do over the top things. Really feeling. Sorry fr long comment .. Even m ranting cz f NY frustration..

    1. I agree wid u completely. Raglak r being side tracked. U know I feel that Ragini did so much for Laksh’s love, she tried killing her own sister for him and when he fell in love all he had to do was come, take care of Ragini, earn a slap from Shekhar and BAM! His rishta with Ragini is fixed. Whereas Ragini did so much. I know her methods were completely evil but still even Laksh became bad for a while. I feel he shud have done something more to convince her and her parents that he is worthy of her love. No doubt he is. He definitely is meant for her but it wud have been nicer if he had done something. I’m not complaining at how that track went tho. It was rather nice and sweet and it was awesome to see Raglak together but somehow this is my opinion:p sorry if I hurt anyone with my comments.

  5. it’s ok yr agr esa nahi hoga to story aage kse badhegi …nahi to swasan or dusre saas bahu drama wale serial ki Jodi me kya Antar reh jayga

    1. True I was just upset with a lot of things and this was I guess one of them so I ranted:p

  6. I want to ask a question…I don’t remember that ff name….in that ff swara and ragini are very rich…… Sanlak insult swaragini during a dance and sanky throw swara down and she gets hurt on her hand…shekhar has to go for a meeting …. So swaragini become the company MD,..,sanlak came to their office for a deal,…they find swaragini their they insult them by saying if they want a job then they will tell shekar to give them a job of peon….. They go inside MD cabin and are shock to find swaragini their….then swaragini torure them by telling them to wake early in the morning, bringing vegetables and household goods for them without using vehicle and go by walking …instead of signing deal with them,,,..,..,…………plz tell this ff name if any of you remember …..

    1. Ya even I’ve read that a bit but don’t remember the name…

  7. Anyway I completely deny it . First of all the things you whoever you are do not own swaragini and secondly cvs are the one who wrote the first track of swaragini which you liked as from your so called ranting and now you hate them as the track of the show is not going the way you wanted it to. I mean what the hell! Why this double standards ? Good luck with changing your citizenship from Indian to swasanian:-[

    1. Arrey yaar I didn’t mean to hurt anyone by saying this. I agree I don’t own Swaragini and in fact I want to see what happens through this track. But I’m just not happy at this track so I ranted. If it hurt u in anyway then I’m really sorry bro didn’t mean to hurt ur feelings at all. Sorry

      1. I don’t hate track. It’s just a little displeasing for Swasan fans like me so I ranted. Really sorry if I hurt u or ur sentiments in anyway. Didn’t mean it buddy.

  8. Aree I hv read that sahil will drop her at baadi… She remember her name n her initial lyf….

    1. Yea… I heard that too. But she’s going to accuse Sanskar of killing her:(:(:(:(:(:( and Sahil will fall for her??????

  9. Guys I’m sorry I forgot to add this in that rant. I’m really sorry if my rant hurt anyone’s feelings. I was just trying to get rid of the things I was upset at. A lot of things have been going on in my mind and this just irked me a bit. So sorry if I hurt anyone

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