It was not my fault (Twinj) Chapter 8

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Chapter 7

Twinkle is surprised seeing all the arrangements! Kunj says “welcome my princess!” Twinkle smiles and has tears in her eyes seeing it… Kunj says “so this is all for you.” Twinkle says “why did you talk to me like that in the morning I was so hurt.” “I am sorry if I would not have talked like that you would not have got a surprise Na!” replies Kunj and he wipes her tears and saying “I can’t see tears in your eyes.” They both share a hug. Kunj takes her inside and they sit to have dinner. Twinkle says “but what was this all for, why this special date?” “from the time you have entered my life, my life has become special so I thought to make you feel special every day!” replies Kunj.

Twinkle is overwhelmed and again has tears in her eyes. Kunj says “tum ladkiya hamesha rone ka bahana hi dhundti ho Na, chahe dukhi ho yaa Khushi Rona to zaroori hai Na?!”(You girls always find a reason to cry Na whether it’s a sorrow or happiness!!) “Ok jaan I am sorry I will not cry.” Says Twinkle pulling Kunj’s cheek. They feed dinner to each other. Kunj says “this is a gift for you go and wear this and come.” “but what is it?” asks Twinkle. Kunj says “coat pant!” giving an irritated look! Twinkle says “Ok I am wearing it.” And she goes inside to change. Kunj eagerly waits for her! Some time later Twinkle comes out wearing a baby pink gown. Kunj is mesmerised seeing her. He has no words to describe and his mouth is still open seeing her. Twinkle comes and says “Excuse me! close your mouth otherwise mosquito will go inside” saying so she chuckles. Kunj doesn’t listen to her and still keeps on staring. Twinkle Pat’s him and shouts Kunj!

Kunj comes back to his senses and says “you are looking gorgeous” “tell me something new!” says Twinkle with attitude and then laughs. Kunj bends down on his knees and says “I love you Twinkle and I can’t imagine my life without you,” he forwards his hand saying “will you dance with me?” Twinkle gives her hand and says “I love you too.”They dance on the song sab tera from Baaghi.
*Flashback ends*

In the evening,
Both of them leave for their respective flight! Both have tears in their eyes. They don’t want to separate but what is their fate? Will they ever meet again? Both their flights leave. But the whole time they only think of each other and the moments shared by them.
Both of them reach their homes! They meet their families. Leela asks “Re you alright Twinkle?” Twinkle hugs her tightly and cries. “Twinkle? Why are you crying?” asks Leela but Twinkle does not reply and runs into her room.

Raj asks “so what happened between you and Twinkle?” Kunj does not say anything and leaves. Raj gets sad and thinks “I wanted them to unite”

Kunj and twinkle, both are thinking about each other and the moments spent by them in Delhi. They both have tears in their eyes. Twinkle is preparing food but lost in her own world! Leela comes and says “Twinkle!! What are you thinking? If I would not have come here at the right time you would have put water in burning oil and burnt yourself!” Twinkle says actually.. Leela says “I know you were thinking about him, forget him Twinkle now nothing is left!” Twinkle says “I have already forgotten him and now I hate him!”Leela consoles her.

Kunj is sitting sadly, when Raj comes and asks “what are you thinking Kunj, again lost in her thoughts?” Kunj says “I love her dad but I can’t forget what she did before!” Raj says “she did not do anything!” Kunj asks “what are you saying dad?” “Yes Kunj she did not do anything! Now I think the time has come to tell you the truth!” Kunj asks “which truth.” He says “I am sorry Usha, I am breaking my promise!” He tells everything to Kunj which is muted. Kunj is shocked! He asks “why didn’t you tell this before?” He says “because of Usha, She had taken a promise from me not to tell this to you. But now I can’t see you in pain that’s why decided to tell you this.”saying so he leaves the room.

Kunj’s pov,
How can she hide such a big thing from me? I am so sorry Twinkle, I didn’t believe you I am so sorry and he cries! I want to meet her but from where will I get her address? I only know that she lives in Mumbai! I will find her any how!

He calls his boss and asks if he has the address of the lawyers who came for the conference. He says “sorry but all these information is confidential and we cannot give it to others!”Kunj says “I only want Twinkle’s information.” The boss says “sorry,I can’t” Kunj says “she is my wife Twinkle Sarna please check.” The agrees to share the address with him. He gives him the address. He says “thank you so much Sir” He takes his bag which is already packed and leaves for Mumbai after informing Raj.

He reaches Mumbai and takes a taxi for the given address. He reaches there and finds the house locked! He kicks a stone and screams “Twinkle, where are you?” He asks everyone nearby if they knew where she is? He asks but in vain, nobody knew where she was? Kunj then hears someone screaming “save us.. please save us” he follows the voice and realises that it is coming from Twinkle’s house! He asks “you all told me that there is no one inside then from where is this voice coming?”The men look at each other and say “no we don’t know” One man says “two thieves with knife have gone inside. And they told us if we tell anyone they will kill us also, we are sorry.” Kunj fumes in anger and breaks the door and goes inside the house he screams “Twinkle?” He sees her surrounded by men. One man kept the knife on her neck and says “don’t move forward!” The police come from behind and kicks those men. Kunj runs and hugs Twinkle and asks “are you okay?” Twinkle is shocked to see him. The police arrest the men and say “thank you so much because of you both we could arrest them, we were searching them from two days.” Kunj says “no we are pleased to help you!” The police leaves. Kunj hugs Twinkle tightly and says “I am so sorry Twinkle! I am so sorry I love you, I love you so much.” Twinkle says “I love you too” and they both cry.. Kunj breaks the hug and kisses her forehead. Twinkle blushes, shies and turns red. Kunj again hugs her.

Twinkle taps Kunj and asks “why did you come here?” Kunj realises it was all a dream! He says “Twinkle I came here…” Twinkle asks “why did you come again in my life get lost, it was very difficult to live without you but now I am used to it, you have made me believe that there’s nothing kept in love. True love and everything is just rubbish. There is no trust in love it’s just nonsense.” Kunj who is hurt by her words keeps a finger on her lips and says “stop now, please listen to me”, no more words now and he hugs her and says “I love you Twinkle!” Twinkle cries and says “but I don’t love you, I hate you!”Kunj is shattered.. “And our relationship is now over you are nothing to me just go away, go away from me. Never come back. I don’t trust you at all! I hate you” and she holds his hand and pulls him out of the house and closes the door! Kunj cries and says “Twinkle I know you love me, please talk to me once, please open door.”Twinkle stands near the door and cries vigorously. Both sit on either sides of the door and cry vigorously!

So how was this chapter? I hope you all are enjoying it because I think the response is poor. And that’s the reason I’m ending it in two more chapters. And do not forget to share your views on this chapter.


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  1. Kruti

    Hey Maria
    Firstly I am sorry I hadnt commented on ur previous part….I was busy with my exams

    The epi was just amazing….continue asap
    Nd regarding d comments they have been decreasing on all the ff’s…..dont know y…..But pls rethink about ending this ff…..I wasnt u to continue it pls

    Loads of love?

  2. Chiku

    Maria!!!!????????dont end ur ff. cmmon yaar plzzzz mat karr aisa?????????we love ur ff yaaar. Dont get disheartened. Its long way to go????
    Anyways coming to episode its awesome ??lovely.
    U showed their pain very well??
    Post mext soon

  3. Anam_sidhant

    Hey Maria, please don’t end your ff man. I told you earlier too that I love your ff you write really well, please don’t end it!❤️ And coming To the episode it was nailed their emotions amazingly ,just loved it! Loads of love~anam!?

  4. Anam_sidhant

    Hey Maria, please don’t end your ff man. I told you earlier too that I love your ff you write really well, please don’t end it! ?And coming To the episode it was nailed their emotions amazingly ,just loved it! Loads of love~anam!?

    1. Anam_sidhant

      Idk why my comment posted twice!?

  5. Hey….maria…plzz yaar why u guy’s r always thinking of end ur ff because of less cmnt..m sorry if u hurt bcoz of my words … .plzzzz don’t do this yaar….dont end this ff yaar it’s not 4 u but plzz 4 ur fan…who love ur writing and read ur ff daily…plzz think of it once…. And We all love ur writing and ff to….. M rqst u…..plzz cnt ur ff ….. And soon…….
    With lotss of love…..,,,

  6. Zuha Fatima

    Hey Maria,
    Dear as I said before, ‘As far as you are enjoying writing, comments don’t really matter (As far as it’s concerned to me) but expecting encouragement is your complete right as you have given out a precious time for writing. I really mean saying that write for those who love reading your writings, not for those who ignore!’

    Coming to the chapter, this was extra ordinarily amazing! The pain was conveyed magnificently! I enjoyed reading and I hope you post the next chapter soon.
    Loads of Love and Support!
    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  7. Presha

    Hey maria its so emotional i just loved it

  8. Hey Maria,
    Trust me this was Brilliant☺☺☺
    The story is awesome….
    I love the plot☺
    U r going amazing……..
    Plzz dont end it….. this is awesome
    N post the next part soon??

  9. Ramya

    Maria amazing yr
    But I felt bad fr botj twinj kya karu rote huye imagine nahi kar sakti
    Plss post soon Love u keep smiling

  10. Adya

    Ohk so I think that you are copying my dialogue .. coz just in today’s episode of my ff I said to discontinue it and truly got excess of scoldings for that so plss if you dont want to be scolded … Pls continue…

    Now the episode… That was amazing .. that was wonderful….the plot is very unique and amazing… I mean the pain was described beautifully… I Donno how to appreciate you !

    Pls post the next one soon…
    Love you!

  11. Hey Mario,
    It was superb…..but why u put the conversation to mute…..we all couldn’t hear it…? eager to know the truth….. And now please don’t end this ff also….

  12. Kritika14

    Hey Maria,
    This one was amazing! I loved it! Post the next one soon x

    Lovess! xx

  13. Simiyy

    Hey Maria
    It was amazing
    I loved it so much
    Post soon
    Loads of love ?

  14. SidVee_Yashvee

    Hey Maria, commenting here for the first time.. your story Is amazing and I love it.. Plz don’t discontinue it.. it’s a request plzz.. eagerly waiting for the next ❤

  15. Purnima.agrawal30

    awesome amazing fabulous emotional epi

  16. Ria

    Hey Maria,
    Again? You want to end this also? No ways. You’re continuing it where it originally ends. C’mon man. Don’t do this to us. I thought someone told me to ignore who aren’t commenting though.

    Well, this episode was really nice. I’m eager to know the truth as well as for TwiNj’s reunion. Try posting soon.


  17. Aanya_pandey

    That ws an awesome episode yrr..

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