It was not my fault (Twinj) Chapter 2

The episode starts with Twinkle reaching down for lunch. She hears Kunj’s voice and thinks that she has heard this voice before.She turns back to see when his sir calls her and asks “so all settled?” Twinkle turns and says “yes sir, I am comfortable” and she thinks maybe it would be her sirs voice… She eats her lunch sitting with a lawyer Yuvraj who asks her to sit. They talk, and become friends. Twinkle while eating thinks, flashback, (Guys sorry for so many flashbacks)
In a restaurant:
Twinj have dinner, Twinkle says “I am so happy that today we won the competition, I didn’t even expect that!” Kunj says “you are there na then it was obvious that we would win!!” Twinkle smiles. Kunj says “Twinkle I want to tell you something” Twinkle asks “what?” Kunj says “actually I wanted to say that…” Twinkle asks “what?” Kunj says “I wanted to say..”The waiter comes and asks, “sir, mam do you want any deserts?” Kunj thinks why did the waiter come at this moment!?!

Kunj asks Twinkle, she says “yes two chocolate ice cream”. Waiter leaves. Twinkle says “so you were saying something..”He says “yes I was saying you dance beautifully, I love you..”Twinkle glares, he says “I mean I love your dancing skills, don’t misunderstand me!!” Twinkle smiles and says “no its ok anyways thanks for the compliment. And you also dance very well…” Kunj smiles. The flashback ends

Yuvraj asks “what happened where have you lost?” Twinkle says “nothing just missing my family.” Yuvraj smiles. They both have lunch and they leave to their rooms. Kunj on the other hand chit chats, haves lunch and leaves for his room. He comes near the lift where Twinkle is standing, ,he says “excuse me”. Twinkle is about to turn back when Yuvraj taps her from other side and says “your handkerchief, actually you left it on the table.” Twinkle says “thank you” and smiles. Kunj leaves from there. Twinkle says “so we will meet tomorrow at the conference.” Yuvraj asks “what about todays dinner will you not come?” “Oh yes, so meet you at dinner” replies Twinkle. Yuvraj smiles. “So tomorrow is Valentines Day, do you have any plans?” asks Yuvraj. Twinkle stares at him and bluntly says “no”. She says “ok bye..”Yuvraj also bids him.. Twinkle goes to her room and thinks,

flashback starts:

Kunj asks Twinkle “so today is Valentines day, do you have any plans?” Twinkle says “no I have not yet found my Prince Charming so no plans!”
Flashback ends,

Twinkle’s phone rings, its Mohan. Mohan asks “so how are you”, Twinkle says “I am good and how are you?” Mohan says “missing you”, Twinkle says “missing you too dad, love you,” Mohan says “love you too… “Mohan says “ok bye I have some work, Twinkle smiles and keeps the phone…

Kunj also comes to his room, Kunj’s pov,
Tomorrow is Valentines day but these old memories don’t leave me, what should I do?
Kunj asks Twinkle “will you come in evening we will go for dinner”. Twinkle asks” but why?” Kunj says “because today is Valentines day!” Twinkle is surprised! Kunj says “yes I also don’t have any plans and you also don’t have so.”

Kunj’s pov,
Please say yes Twinkle, I love you so much and today is the day when I will propose you, please accept it Twinkle.

Twinkle says “ok we will go for dinner.” Kunj gets excited and hugs her tightly and says “thank you so much.” Twinkle is shocked but happy also she feels warm in his arms. Kunj comes back to his senses and says “oh I am sorry I have never gone for a date before that’s why.” Twinkle asks “date?!” Kunj realises what he said and clears himself “I mean dinner yaar!” Twinkle says “yes so we will meet in the evening”, and some time later Kunj drops her home. Flashback ends.

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  1. Ayu


    |Registered Member

    Maria! Why sorry? I love fbs☺️
    The fun lies in there! I guess the story is going pretty strong and i amloving it…just excited to know what lies ahead…
    Cont soon😘

  2. Chiku


    |Registered Member

    Mariaa mariaaa y sorry????? I loved all these fbs. They shape up the story amd they are very mysterious
    Loved it
    Post next soon😉😉

  3. Zuha Fatima

    Zuha Fatima

    |Registered Member

    Hey Maria,
    Dear don’t be sorry as you are adding FB actually they make the story more engrossing!
    Well this part was awesome…I really am curious for Twinj’s meet … So update ASAP!
    Loads of love and support ♡♡♡

    Keep smiling 🙂 Always 🙂

  4. Kritika14


    |Registered Member

    Hey Maria,
    Can’t be commenting long but just will say one thing, this chapter was lit! in fact, the flashback makes it more interesting! Post the next one soon! x

    Lovess! xx

  5. Priya23

    Wowww it’s really intense and beautiful ff…todays epi was fabulous…love it very much… Fb was just awesome…. When will twinj meet??…..OK plzzzz post next epi soon….
    *Luv u….stay happy….*

  6. |Registered Member

    Super Mario….!!! I’ll call u by that…..😋 as u r extremely awesome……😘💖💕💝 u rocked the episode……and fb is ok dear…..😊💟💘💓💗💞💋👍💝……awesome one

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  8. Vipul


    |Registered Member

    Hey Maria, It was awesome fabulous n mindblowing episode…. n fb was superb don’t be sorry for that… loved whole epi.
    Lots of love♥♥


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