It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 9

Vidhaa get out of the jungle with the help of the team, and Dhaani is still in Viplav’s arms. Viplav sees him lovingly whereas Dhaani avoids eye contact with him… They all sit in a van and drop Viplav and Dhaani in their previous hotel, Viplav takes a room for two. Dhaani says no we want two different rooms! Viplav stares at her and the receptionist gives Viplav a key and says sorry mam we have only one room available rest others are already occupied! Dhaani says really just check it once again, she says no mam. Dhaani thinks I don’t even have money what will I do? How will I go to another hotel? Viplav says we can share a room. Dhaani says no need, but she thinks I have no other option also! She says ok hesitatingly… they head towards the room. The receptionist sends the serviceman with them and winks him! The man shows them the room and leaves.

Viplav opens the door, they both enter the room together and rose petals fall on them and lights are switched on and the whole room is decorated! 😉 They go inside and Viplav says what is this? This room is for honeymoon couples! Dhaani says yes! Viplav uses the telephone and calls the receptionist. And tell her, she says sorry sir but we have only this room left! And she keeps the phone, and thinks I hope all the fights between this couple ends! Viplav calls Shambu and tells everything what happened and says about Dhaani also. Shambu says ok beta take care of her and yourself. Viplav asks why are you asking me to take care of her also. Shambu says because she is my bahu, your wife! Viplav says what are you saying? Shambu says ok bye take care and come soon!

Shambu thinks now Dhaani has come back in Viplav’s life I hope everything will be fine! Dhaani calls Dulaari and tells her everything! She asks what you are with Viplav? Dhaani says yes, Dulaari says please come back soon I don’t want you to suffer again because of him, already you have suffered a lot! Dhaani says hmm.. I know I will come soon, you don’t worry!

Viplav uses the washroom and sits on the bed and to his surprise there is a noise heard…(papad sound) Dhaani asks what are you doing? Viplav says I am not doing anything you only come and sit you will understand! She says no need! Viplav holds her hand and pulls her to make her sit on the bed… But… Viplav falls on the bed and Dhaani falls over him… Ishq Ishq plays… They both share an eyelock. Dhaani’s hair comes in front of her eyes. Viplav is mesmerised by her beauty. He takes her hair and puts it behind her ears, Dhaani is still staring at him! Dhaani has tears in her eyes, Viplav wipes her tears. And nods. He sees her lovingly. Dhaani tries to get up but again slips and this time her cheeks are touched by Viplav’s lips. Dhaani again tries to get up but this time Viplav holds her and pulls her back and asks why are you avoiding me? Dhaani frees her hand and theres a string which she pulls by mistake and all the rose petals again start falling on them 😉 Dhaani says enough is enough when Viplav keeps his finger on her lips. He says don’t tell anything today. Dhaani removes his finger and gets up finally 😉 saying that stop it! All relations between us are over! She cries and goes on the couch and sleeps crying… Viplav sees her with pain… And he goes and sleeps on the floor. The whole night they both think about each other!

Dhaani comes to the lonely place and someone with a mask on face comes and pulls her inside a dark room! She says kon hai(who are you) Bachaooo!! That man keeps finger on her lips and comes forward and removes the mask just then the lights are switched on! Dhaani sees the room decorated and his love Viplav standing in front of him. She is surprised as well as happy!

Precap: No Precap 😉

So guys how was the episode? Please share your views about the episode, if you liked it or not?! I hope you liked it… Till then Bye…

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  1. Mariaaa…??
    Loved it dear…
    It was really awesome
    Watched everything in front of my eyes while reading??..the falling scenes…getting up..again falling..aww????

    1. Thank you so much Arshi di… 🙂

  2. Maria jiye to jiye kaise bin aapke ; lagta nahi dil kahi bin it wasnt my fault ke.?

    1. Awww Thank you so much Renu di love you!!

  3. as usual awesome that papad wala scene was too funny 😀

    i also wrote a ff but i m not good writer as u mahira sujie lakshmi and avijit are but tried my level best to make it better 🙂

    by the way amazing writing enjoyed every scene 🙂

    1. Thank you maha, your ff is also good! keep reading 🙂

  4. Wow! Maria this is fantastic, there is only one but which is the suspense. Keep it up and keep going buddy

    1. Thank you aish 🙂

  5. Wow Maria this is so awesome and cool lovely episode

    1. Thank you jo 🙂

  6. Maria as usual fantastic and superb episode . Loved it very much.

    1. Thank you so much Porkodi 🙂

  7. Maria full on filmi scenes!! Enjoyed every bit of it!! ??

    Aghh! You are a Suspense Manufacturing Machine! ? I wanted to read full fb! ?

    1. Haha Thank you for giving me that name “Suspense Manufacturing Machine” lol 😉 Keep reading and enjoying it 🙂

  8. wow maria u made us wait the suspenses……but atlast u made me cry also…i don’t know why but after reading this my eyes r full of tears……….that’s called a touching one…..waiting for the next

    1. Oh i am so sorry lakshmi for making you cry… Thank you so much keep reading 🙂

  9. Maria…..keep going dear…… superb 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you Sujie di 🙂

  10. maria ..superb and little filmy episode 😛 . keep it up ..and tum mujhe bade bulati ho to ajse mae tumhe choti bulawunga ..hehehe 😛 😛 😛 ..sorry just kidding … hihihi 😉

    1. Thank you bade 😉 and yes you can call me choti 😉 after all you are big 😉 keep reading 🙂

  11. hoti yahaan par hai.. maria di!!!hahha
    epi bahut lovely tha..waiting 4 the suspense, answers 4 thr brake up
    keep writting my girl also on my ff too

    1. Maria di lol!!!!
      Thank you so much Choti Amma keep reading 😉

  12. It’s awesome.Maria,.I think u r going to give a big suspence for us. also sry for not commenting on last epi.thnks for the translation.don’t be late to post next one.

    1. Thank you so much dear, will post it soon!! Keep reading 🙂

  13. r u in twitter?

    1. Yes I am on Twitter

  14. Good job, awesome, fantastic I loved it good job and all the beat

    1. Thank you so much Nancy

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