It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 8

So sorry for the late update, hope you all remember the story…

Recap: Viplav and Dhaani stuck in a jungle, they sleep hugging each other, Viplav Dhaani’s marriage is fixed…

Fb continues…
Next day,
Viplav calls Dhaani and says I want to meet you today evening. Dhaani asks but why? Viplav says I am not at all liable to give you any answer. I just want to meet you! Dhaani gets tensed and thinks what happened to him?
In the evening…
Dhaani dresses up and goes to meet Viplav. It is a lonely road no one can be seen there. She thinks why has Viplav called me here?
Fb ends…
Its morning,
Dhaani sees herself sleeping on Viplav’s lap.She quickly gets up and realises what happened last night( Viplav and Dhaani hugging each other and saying I love you to each other). She cries and thinks what did I do? She gets up and finds a way to leave from there as she does not want to face Viplav. She goes without even informing him, and he is still sleeping… Some time later Viplav wakes up and does not find Dhaani anywhere he shouts Dhaani….Dhaani but he does not get any reply. He reminisces the previous night with her. He shouts Dhaani but does not get any reply. From behind someone calls Viplav… viplav he turns back to see all forest men he goes to them and says Dhaani, please find her.. she was with me but now in the morning I could not find her. Please find her. A man says cool down we will find her, have faith in us. They all go in different ways to search her.

Dulaari and Mohan are worried as Dhaani’s phone is not connecting because of network error. And Viplav’s family is also worried for him because of the same reason… They try to contact them but are unable to do so.. Here Viplav and all are trying to search Dhaani.
Some time later Viplav sees a dupatta. He thinks that this was Dhaani’s dupatta so she must be here only. He searches in and out and sees a girl lying on the ground. He goes to her and sees her face and calls out Dhaani, Dhaani wake up, he sees that she is still breathing and gives a sigh of relief. He tells Dhaani wake up wake up, he sees the forest team and calls them. They come and one of them gives water to him. Viplav sprinkles water on her eyes, she slowly opens her eyes and sees Viplav. Viplav cryingly smiles and says you know I was so worried and he hugs her. Dhaani is still in dilemna. Viplav says don’t do like this again you know I was so worried, if something would have happened to you then?! Dhaani frees herself and without saying anything gets up but is unable to walk because of her wound on her leg. Viplav gets up and holds her in his arms, Dhaani asks what are you doing, put me down, I said put me down but Viplav does not listen. A man from the team says see how much he loves her only some girls are lucky to have such a lover. Vidhaa hears them and Viplav blushes. Dhaani still keeps on telling please put me down I can walk alone… but Viplav gives her a deaf ear. Later on she stops telling him and just stares her and thinks why have you come in my life again, please go back, with much difficulty I have learnt to live without you…

Viplav also stares at her and thinks even though I try to show you that I hate you but still I love you, and that I have realised it today.. I want you back in my life, you don’t know how much difficult it was to live without you! But no what you did was wrong!! And I can never forgive you for that, because of you…..

The episode ends…

Hope you all liked todays episode, if not then please tell me 😉 just kidding…
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Do watch IKRS… Till then bye…

Credit to: Maria


  1. Shuruthy

    Reading such stuffs gives happiness while you get worried watching the episodes. Thanks a lot for such a lovely story. Hopefully we get to read the next part soon ?

    • Maria

      Thank you Shruthy yes ff’s are at least better than the original… Will update it soon… 🙂 keep reading ??

  2. Arshdeep

    Maria it was really very nice..?

    And when i read above fb ends…i was like maria?? dont do it to me??
    Its okay…i will manage and wait for the next one??
    keep going?

    • Maria

      Thank you arshi di.. I will reveal it soon..??
      Don’t be angry??
      It’s OK 🙂
      Will post the next one soon 🙂

    • Maria

      Oh no you are right..?? you got to know my story…?? just joking it’s OK?? 😉

      Thank you so much 🙂

      • Maria

        Yeh kya sabko meri story pata hai!! Nahiiiii…..
        Ab mere likhne ka kya fayda, mai nahi likhungi ab!

  3. Areeb

    I’m loving this Forest! ?? Too good Maria! ??

    In last Viplav thought that he want Dhaani back, but then he again blamed her. ?

  4. shanitics

    Wow!! Maria it is good one.. So almost said the reasons.. Faults of Dhaani?

    Keep writing my ? girl?

  5. Amisha

    awwhhh :’)! can you please write more ff. I really fell in love with all of the eps?❤️ thanks you maria!

    • Maria

      Aww thank you so much for this compliment?? i can’t write because very soon my college will start!!

  6. Vimi

    maria sorry for the late reply…….i was abt to read yesterday night….but what to do all my mood goes off with yesterdays epi of ikrs….
    so coming to ur ff….its really going awesome…..hhmmm just like others i also got the storyline……but will read till the end as it is my fav……loved the scene of viplav’s blushing….

    • Maria

      Thank you so much Lakshmi, I am also upset with the track going on..??
      Good that you will read it after knowing the story line already but I will give lots of Vidhaani scenes in the upcoming episodes remembering the IKRS….???

      So don’t miss them… 🙂 keep reading 🙂

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.