It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 7


Viplav and Dhaani are stuck in the forest whereas all are searching for them. Dhaani keeps quiet but from inside she is crying. Viplav sees her painfully, he wants to talk to her but does not understand what to talk. He sees Dhaani’s leg which was hurt, he takes out his napkin and holds her leg to tie it, Dhaani refuses him, but Viplav forcefully ties her, she screams ah ouch, please its hurting me, leave me she pulls her leg and throws away the napkin and says dare not touch me! Viplav is shocked by her words! It came as a bullet to him.He quietly sat down looking the other side. His heart was crying from inside. Dhaani looked away and cried silently. As evening passes by its getting dark and dark… As well as cold breeze is blowing… Dhaani feels cold. In such a case she feels moreover and finally she closes her eyes and sleeps leaning on Viplav’s shoulder. Viplav eyes her lovingly, he sees Dhaani feeling cold, so he removes his jacket and makes her wear it by himself, he puts her hands inside the jacket and eyes her lovingly, he leans forward and is about to kiss her but he thinks what am I doing? He makes her sleep on his lap. He also sleeps. During night, Dhaani hugs Viplav tightly and Viplav hugs him back and says I love you, please don’t leave me again. He speaks this while sleeping. Dhaani says I love you too jaanu, I love you, I cant live without you, please never leave me alone..

Missing old flashbacks?? Lets see then…

Viplav comes home and says mom I am very happy today, Dhaani accepted my proposal.. Kanak asks who is Dhaani? Viplav says she is my love and my life, I love her lot maa, I want to marry her, Dashrath comes and asks why is my grandson so happy today? Viplav calls Shambu, Sushma and tells everything to them, they all get happy and decide to meet the next day with Dhaani’s family… Kanak feels dizzy Viplav holds her and asks are you okay mom? Kanak says yes beta I am fine.. Shambu, Dashrath and Sushma gets tensed. Shambu says nothing beta she will be fine.
Next day,

They go to meet Dhaani’s parents, Kanak sees them and understands that Dhaani belongs to a middle class family but she wanted a rich girl. Dhaani comes out along with her parents, Viplav sees her and gives her a flying kiss, Dhaani shies. Viplav asks her for one flying kiss but she refuses to give, he says please, she nods no. Viplav gets angry and does not see her. (Remember that scene?!) The two families talk and everyone liked this proposal of marriage. Except Kanak she wanted a rich girl. Dhaani and Viplav take blessings of all elders… Viplav’s family says so now we should leave. Viplav stands still, Shalu says bhaiya idhar hi rukne ka irada hai kya?(Are you planning to stay here only?) Viplav says soch to vohi raja hu(I am thinking the same) Shalu pats him and says chalo. Dhaani sees Viplav and smiles but he looks to the other side and leaves angrily… Dhaani feels bad and thinks now I have to do something to convince him.

Viplav’s family reaches home. Kanak says beta find a girl who is rich and of your standard, Viplav asks what? Kanak says yes beta she belongs to a middle class family and we are rich. Viplav says I didn’t expect this from you, such old thinking? I love her and will marry her only… Kanak faints, Viplav says maa open your eyes maa. He calls the doctor, he checks her up and says maybe because of exertion she fainted nothing to worry! Shambu leaves the doctor out, he says thank you for once again saying a lie. The doctor says Mr.Tripathi your wife’s condition is worsening, you are not taking care of her properly… Shambu cries and says I will try my best…
During night,

Dhaani calls Viplav but he doesn’t answer the call, she gets tensed, she tries again, now he picks the call. He asks what is your problem, why are you calling me late night? Dhaani says I am sorry Viplav, he says I don’t want your sorry.. Dhaani says but.. Viplav teases her and says ok bye that’s it you wanted to say na? Dhaani feels bad, Viplav says meri jaaneman tumhare chehre par yeh udaasi dekhi nhi jati, ek baar muskura do maafi mil jaegi… Dhaani smiles, Viplav says ye hui na baat!!

The episode ends…

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Credit to: Maria

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    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thanks renu di 🙂

  2. Maria superb episode. Go on dear and reveal the past soon.

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thanks Louella 🙂

  3. very Interesting Maria.

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thanks Porkodi 🙂

  4. Nice epi maria. And one more thing what did viplav said to dhaani at last? I can’t understand the meaning of it..luv the caring of viplav 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thanks midarshani, Viplav said that I can’t see sadness on your face, smile once I will forgive you, she smiles, Viplav says this is it… Sorry next time will write the translation also…

  5. Interesting, Pls go on and pls make it longer

    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thanks aish, I don’t thinks it was too short but will try to make it longer…

  6. Go on Maria…


    1. Maria(Mishalian?)

      Thanks Sujie 🙂

  7. Awesome maria.. Everything.. The forest scene..the flashbacks.. Everything is well described..
    Curious to know whats the problem with kanak

    1. Maria and Naomi

      Thank you so much arshi di ??

  8. Description is awesome….Keep writing my girl

    1. Thank you swetha 🙂

  9. u r going super duper maria….how can i forget that flying kiss scene??????? hmmm kanak kabhi sudurrongi nahi…..and wanted to know what’s the real problem

    1. Thank you so much lakshmi 🙂

  10. HAHA! Maria, I started reading and after 11th line I stopped and said, ” Ary yaar, there should be Flashback! ? ” but then after the paragraph you gave the Flashback! ? Was literally like this ?? !

    Loved it!! ? Curiosity is increasing day by day to know about their hatred. ?

    1. Thank you so much appi???

  11. Awesome Maria . U r very much talented. I like your ff so much???

    1. Thank you latha 🙂

  12. well going my dear, love to read…..keep rocking……

    1. Thank you so much kaviya di :), happy that you loved it…

  13. Next episode???

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