It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 5

The girl says sorry sorry and turns to see him but slips and Viplav holds her in his arms, Viplav is shocked as well as the girl, they both have an eyelock, fb starts:
Dhaani says I didn’t expect this from you, I considered you as my friend, Viplav is dissappointed and stands up and Dhaani hugs her tightly and says I love you too Viplav.. Viplav is surprised and hugs her back and says I love you Dhaani. They be in each others embrace for some time and they break the hug. Viplav gives the rose to Dhaani and she takes it. Viplav kisses Dhaani on her forehead and they have dinner. They feed each other. Viplav kisses her hand and says I am very happy today. Dhaani says me too. The fb ends…

Viplav thinks Dhaani? Here? The girl thinks Viplav? Here? Yes the girl is none other than our Dhaani. She has tears in her eyes. Viplav sees her with pain. Raj comes and says Dhaani? Both come to their senses. Raj says you went to the washroom na? Dhaani does not reply, Viplav asks who are you to ask her whereabouts? Raj asks by the way who are you and who gave you rights to ask me? Viplav says who are you tell me first! Raj says hello I am her friend and she does not even know you! Dhaani is continuously staring Viplav, Raj says nowadays how the people are? And he holds Dhaani’s hand and asks her to come. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and stops her.

Raj turns and says how dare you touch her? Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand tightly, Dhaani says ahh.. Raj says leave her, who are you? Viplav says I am his husband!! Raj is shocked!! Raj says what nonsense. Dhaani takes out Viplav’s hand and Raj’s hand and runs away crying… Viplav says Dhaani wait.. He runs behind her. But he is unable to find her! Raj also searches for her and finds her in the room, he comes inside and locks the door, Dhaani sees him and asks what are you doing? Raj moves towards her and tries to molest her, Dhaani scream stay away bachao.. koi hai.. bachao, Viplav hears her voice and screams Dhaani and searches whereas Raj tries to go close to her. Viplav breaks the door and comes inside,

Raj gets up, Dhaani runs towards Viplav and hugs him tightly, he also hugs her back and says are you okay? She cries. Raj tries to run, Viplav breaks the hug and holds Raj’s collar and beats him, Dhaani stops him and says Raj I considered you as my friend and you did this to me! Raj says I am sorry please forgive me and he joins his hands. Viplav tries to beat him more, but Dhaani holds his hand and says no leave him and she faints. Viplav holds her and says Dhaani? Dhaani wake up… Viplav lets Raj go and says never ever try this again now get lost!! He carries Dhaani to the bed… He sprinkles water on her but she does not wake up.. He goes out and takes the number of the nearest hospital. He takes the doctors number and calls him.

Some time later the doctor comes and checks her and says she was already very weak as she didn’t have proper food and now she fainted of sudden shock. Viplav reminisces when in the conference hall a girl fainted, he understands she was Dhaani and when they met and what Raj did. He takes the medicine from the doctor and doctor says please take care of her properly. Viplav says yes, Doctor asks what is her name to write on the prescription, Viplav says Dhaani, doctor asks full name. Viplav says Dhaani.. Dhaani Tri.. Tripathi. The doctor writes her name and gives him the prescription letter.. And he leaves. Viplav sees Dhaani painfully. Then he gets angry and gets up to leave the room, when Dhaani holds his hand and says:

It was not my fault, it was not my fault Viplav. He turns back and sits beside her and says then was it my fault Dhaani? Was it my fault? And he cries. Dhaani continuously says:

It was not my fault Viplav don’t leave me and go!! It was not my fault!! The scene freezes there…

Precap: Just wait and read! 😉

Thank you for your support, please drop your comments if you like as there were less comments yesterday, I don’t understand then whether you are liking it or not because of many flashbacks maybe.. Please drop your valuable comments!!

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  1. No,Maria it’s not boring,it is the best part of ur ff.don’t think like that.tdy epi was superb as usual. also like ur ff so much.luv ur suspense and eagerly waiting for the reason of their hatred.:-) 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you midarshani 🙂

  2. varsha(philo)

    no maria it is not boring i love fb but i want dhaani to ignore viplav because this what dhaani does in the starting time of IKRS so the was really amazing i think i am ordering u
    but the ff is really amazing

    1. Thank you varsha 🙂

  3. varsha(philo)

    i thought raj is going to be dhaani best friend. and it will be good if viplav becomes jealous

    1. Just wait and read there is a twist over there!

  4. loved it Maria….keep going…… 🙂

    1. Thanks sujie 🙂

  5. I love it and it’s not boring. Pls keep it up as the suspense make it unique. It’s awesome as the writer is

    1. Thanks aish 🙂

  6. Amazing. ??Eager to know their past n whose fault it was

    1. Thank you renu di 🙂

  7. keep going maria its really touching

    1. Thanks shalini 🙂

  8. I am eagerly waiting for you ff update. Simply superb. It is not boring.

    1. Thanks aji 🙂

  9. Maria u nailed it??
    Superb episode… loved it when viplav said i am his husband??
    U are rocking

    1. Thank you arshdeep 🙂

  10. Loved it so much Maria. I am also eagerly waiting for your ff update. Keep it up. ??

    1. Thank you Latha 🙂

  11. I think this fan fiction is published earlier also

    1. No, its my original story.. There must be another ff but it would not be the same

  12. hey maria most lovely episode and it touched my heart….thank u for this wonderful episode

    1. Thank you so much lakshmi 🙂

  13. Good job sorey for late reply keep going on!!! 🙂

    1. Thanks Nancy 🙂

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