It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 14

So here we come to the last part of the fb:

Some days pass by, everyone treats Dhaani in a good way except Kanak. She always used to taunt her because she belonged to a middle class family. Viplav used to support Dhaani every time but one day… Dhaani had ordered rat poison to kill rats in the house. And she was preparing tea for Kanak as for the first time she asked for it. Viplav calls her and she goes out leaving the tea on the gas. After some time she comes back and serves the tea to Kanak. After few minutes Kanak faints. Everyone thinks that the tea had poison because poison was kept in the kitchen. Which was ordered by Dhaani. The rat poison was kept just beside the vessel in which tea was made. Everyone thought that she died because of poison. And everyone thinks it was added by Dhaani. Except Shambu and Dashrath. They knew why Kanak had died but they didn’ttell the reason because Kanak had warned them to tell it to Viplav.

Shambu and Dashrath were standing still but Viplav who believed that Kanak always insulted Dhaani she would have purposely done that. Shambu and Dashrath stood silent not telling a word. Shambu secretly went inside the kitchen and added some poison in the vessel in which tea was made so that it is proved correct. He didn’t want Dhaani to be punished but he was helpless. When police came they insisted that Dhaani should be arrested. Viplav who was in dilemma said no don’t arrest her! In all these things Dhaani was shocked and didn’t tell a word but when she saw Viplav telling not to arrest her, she said I knew Viplav will always believe me, I didn’t do anything. Viplav sends the police saying she is my wife and I don’t want my family name to be ruined because of her.. Please go. The police leaves. Dhaani looks on and thinks why did Viplav say that didn’t he trust me?! Viplav says I knew mom didn’t like you but you did this to her I hate you get lost from here! Never come back in my life…. Dhaani said but… but
It was not my fault!!

And she breaks down into tears. Viplav pushes her out of his house. Dhaani is stunned by his action. Everything is shattered. Fb ends finally!!! Happy?!?!
Now let’s see the actual story what Shambu told Viplav. Actually Kanak was suffering from blood cancer!! And the doctors had given up. Still she lived for a long time but she fainted frequently because of this. She was weak, her body could not take it more! Kanak did not want Viplav to know about this because she thought he would be very unhappy hearing this, she wanted him to continue with his studies and her health should not create any barrier to his studies so she didn’t want him to know. But Shambu thought that it was high time so he told everything to Viplav and showed her reports also. Viplav was shocked because of two things..
He was not told that her mother was suffering..

He had blamed his own Dhaani…
He rushed to Mumbai to get her Dhaani back!!
Viplav is in the hospital struggling for his life. Dhaani is thinking why did Viplav say it was his fault? Will her questions be unanswered or Viplav will be back to answer all her questions!! Jaane ke liye padte rahiye It was not my fault sirf telly updates par!!
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  1. Hi maria i m a silent reader of your ff and a big fan u write so well and i think that your story is better than the ikrs story and plz upload the next part soon

    1. Thank you so much Lara keep commenting ☺☺

  2. BAS?! ?? The episode ended so fast man. But well it was really a tragic end of flashback. God Viplav’s love for his family makes him always believe them first before anyone. If he really knows how Dhaani was, then they wouldn’t be separated now. Anyhow!
    It was a nice episode re. Cant wait to know what will happen! Please post it soon 🙂

    1. Oh I am so sorry for short episode, I am not well that’s why wrote a short one.. I am so sorry.. Yes Viplav always believes his family thats sad?? I will try to post it soon!!

      1. oh well… i’m sorry then! i got hyper i think :/ don’t be yaar 🙂
        don’t worry take your time

      2. Angel20

        It’s ok dear I can understand!!

  3. Very well maria fb was quite tragic .. waiting for the next one eagerly

    1. Thanks Maha 🙂

  4. Maria…. Fb was a tragic one…… Keep it up dear…waitingvfor the next part……

    1. Thanks Sujie 🙂

  5. hey maria excited one……suspense revealed…..and thanks for the previous epis links… i can read it

    1. Thanks Lakshmi, for you I posted the links…

  6. Good one MR.impossible ?
    Good FB..
    Awesome and keep writing ?

    1. Thanks Swetha 🙂

  7. Maria oncevi read last part i was sad but later got happy oh the story eud continue?☺ indeed flashback was heartening as it was not dhani’s fault. Kt was a true evil . She did her best to create mu between vidhani before dyeing too. Can now understand viplavs condition how bad he would be feeling. Looking forward for next part. Take care.

    1. Thank you Renu di 🙂 Yes KT is like this only! Yes Viplav is feeling guilty now! Keep reading!!

  8. Maria.! U’re too much and a great writer. Now the suspense is revealed. Keep going.

    1. Thank you so much! Ramadan Mubarak to you too!!

  9. Heartbreaking Flashback. ? But story is still remaining! All set to read how Viplav makes everything right. ?

    1. Thank you Areeb! ☺☺ keep reading!!

  10. very good episode choti …sorry for not commenting in every episode because I took retirement after ending of my ff 😛 😛 ..hahaha … coming to episode …
    the fb was sad …and kya shambuji and dashrath ji …humari kanak rani se darr gaye 😛 😛 .. hahaha ..hope all solved soon …
    so choti time milega to aunga dobara …post the next part soon … 🙂

    1. Angel20

      Haha retirement…??
      Jaldi nhi post kar paungi tu server down for some new updates!!??
      And thank you padne ke liye?

  11. Super waiting for next part

    1. Angel20

      Thanks vavachi, but will post the next part after two days because tu server is down..

  12. Mariyam123

    Superb episode. At last the mystery is revealed. Good going Maria. Very sorry for the super late comment. As I told u I m very lazy.

    1. Angel20

      It’s OK dear I am also lazy?? And thank you finally you commented!!??

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