It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 13

Mehandi function, let’s have a look to our naughty Viplav??

Mehandi is being applied on Dhaani’s hands. Mehandi hai rachne vali song plays… Viplav plans to secretly enter the mehandi venue to meet his lady love?? The one who is drawing mehandi on Dhaani’s hands asks what is her fiance’s name? Dhaani smiles and says Viplav? The girl writes V on Dhaani’s hands and tells her that the bond of you both will always be strong and the mehandi’s color will be dark if you love each other a lot. Dhaani shies☺. The girl says oh my god, how much you shy! You really love your to be husband a lot haa? Dhaani turns red!?? Viplav jumps into Dhaani’sroom and looks for her but does not find her. He hears some voice. And hides behind the door. It’s none other than our Dhaani?

Viplav sees her and screams hi, Dhaani is about to shout when Viplav keeps his hand on her mouth. They share an eye lock. Viplav closes the door and kisses Dhaani on her head? he tells you look so beautiful!!?? That I am again and again falling in love with you!!? Dhaani says what are you doing here if anyone sees you then?! Viplav says then let them see? I can’t lose any chance to see you. Dhaani smiles. Viplav cups her face and kisses her head. Dhaani shows him mehandi and asks him to find out V in it. Viplav says itni si baat? and he finds V and says yeh lo!! Dhaani smiles and says are wah!! My cutie pie found out his letter so fast very good! Dhaani says OK now you should go back before anyone sees you. Viplav says par ham abhi to aye hai! Dhaani says no go fast. Viplav sadly turns to leave when Dhaani holds his hand and gives him a kiss? he blushes and goes. Dhaani thinks I am so happy to get a husband like him.

Sangeet function also goes on smoothly and everyone enjoys it! Viplav and Dhaani dance on the song Gerua? Finally the most awaited marriage day arrives… All the guests gather for the marriage as usual Shambu takes care of Kanak who is not well and she is also not much happy with the marriage which everyone knows even Dhaani? The marriage takes place, Viplav and Dhaani take pheras, Viplav applies vermilion on Dhaani’s hairline, and makes her wear mangalsutra!! Everything goes on very well. Grah pravesh also takes place very well… Now it’s the time for their suhagrat??

Dhaani is sitting in Viplav’sroom with her face covered with ghungat. And she is waiting for Viplav. He comes and looks at her lovingly?? He takes out the ghungat and sees her with lots of love. He says you have filled my life with love, I love you a lot?? He says now you tell me these three magical words. Dhaani shies and says which three words?! Viplav says don’t act smart okay!! Dhaani says I… when her phone rings?. She giggles and picks up the phone and says hello mom and they have a talk. Dulaari asks about her grah pravesh and all (do you remember same way in our serial Dulaari disturbed out adorable Vidhaa?) She keeps the phone. Viplav says ab Jo maina kaha tha uska kya? Dhaani jokingly asks kya kaha tha? Viplav says leave it I am going to sleep! Dhaani holds his hand and says I love you Viplav, I love you the most in this world… from the day you have entered my lifeyou have changed my life!!?? Happy?! Viplav says very happy? Viplav goes towards her and kisses her on her cheeks, Dhaani shies. He kisses on her forehead and tries to kiss her lips but she runs away and their sizzling romance continues… This way lovingly many days pass until that fateful day which changed our Vidhaa’s life!! And they were separated… What had happened? What is the mystery of that day?

Precap: Mystery to be revealed!! So don’t miss the next episode!! Thought to post the precap today..

So keep reading!!
And do comment and give your feedback! How was the episode? I want all of you to comment!! ? Till then bye…

Here is the link of the previous episode if you have missed it?

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  1. Episode was brilliant Maria loved it.. I think this was a gift for me by ur side?? .. soon the mystery will reveal waiting for that episode..

    1. Yes it was your gift??, thanks dear!!

  2. OMG this was so ViDhalicious ?? Romance, cuteness, naughtiness, but mostly among all, love … ?
    Cant wait to know what unfortunately happened in our ViDha’s life. Why have they got separated ? Aakhir kya hua ? ? Please post the next episode fast dear. We all are waiting eagerly. ????

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 will post it soon!!

      1. Waiting 🙂

      2. Hmm will post it tomorrow…

  3. Maria….wonderful episode….waiting for the mystery to be revealed…keep it up dear….. A lovely episode… 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Sujie 🙂


    1. Thank you so much Renu di 🙂

  5. Maria too good….keep rocking?

    1. Thanks Kaviya di 🙂

  6. Mr.impossible fb ithni jaldi end kyun kiya..??

    Epi was superb… Jaldi khatham Hua reading ?

    Superb.. Dazzling… Sizzling.. Cute… Naughty… romance loved the epi most.. Seems to be the best epi among other epi’s?

    1. Sorry for that par baad ke episodes ke liye bhi kuch baki hona chahiye Na??
      Thank you swetha 🙂

  7. maria missed u so much and ur ff also……missed some epis….but no problem will catch it later….todays was as usual awesome

    1. I missed you too and also your comments.. Thank you so much 🙂

  8. Veryyyy excited for the next one..
    Post it soon pleaseee

    1. Thanks Arshi di

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