It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 12

Dhaani and Viplav cry the whole night and think about each other. Viplav says in a hotel near Dhaani’s house. Viplav walks on the road thinking about how to convince Dhaani and Dhaani also walks on the road. Suddenly a car comes in full speed and…. A crowd gathers near the body, lot of blood is lost! A girl sees the crowd and comes inside to see the person and… She screams Viplav…. Viplav.. Get up Viplav.. She takes his head in her lap and says someone please call the ambulance… A man calls the ambulance. In some time ambulance reaches. Viplav is taken in the ambulance to the hospital. Dhaani cries seeing Viplav and says Viplav wake up at least for me, please wake up! Viplav says you were right Dhaani it was not your fault! It was my fault, I am sorry and he shuts his eyes. Dhaani screams Viplav wake up!! Wake up Viplav!! She cries…The ambulance comes and he is taken to the hospital. He is taken in the ICU. Dhaani tries to go with Viplav but the nurse does not allow her. She cries and prays to god. Viplav’s heart beat decreases continuously. (I know you all would be missing the fbs, so here’s one?)

All wedding preparations are going on. Kanak is partially happy and not well also. Shambu takes care of her and gives medicine to her. Engagement ceremony:
Dhaani is wearing a sky blue gown. Viplav is mesmerized by her beauty??. He is black coat pant. She comes near Viplav and he acts as if he fainted!?? Dhaani beats her lovingly. Viplav says ouch…and gives a killer smile. Viplav tells today our engagement will take place in a unique way. All lights are switched off. Dhaani fears and hugs Viplav! Viplav smiles and separates. A spot light falls on Viplav and he bends down on his knees, a spot light falls on Dhaani. Dhaani is surprised. Viplav says I love you so much Dhaani from the day we met I fell for you. I love you Dhaani will you marry me. Dhaani has tears in her eyes. She says yes and gives her hand. Viplav puts the ring in her finger. Everyone claps. Viplav stands up and wipes her tears. Dhaani makes him wear the ring. Everyone claps for them. The lights are switched on again. All couples dance. It’s Viplav and Dhaani’sturn. They dance romantically on Sanam re… everyone claps.. Viplav lifts Dhaani in his arms when the song ends. Dhaani shies when she finds herself in Viplav’s arms. She turns red and blushes. Viplav in front of everyone gives her a kiss on her cheek. Everyone laughs and says ohhh..?? Dhaani turned red like a rose now and Viplav puts her down and she runs into her room smilingly. Everyone says dekho sharma gayi?? Viplav gives a killer smile and goes behind her. The ceremony is over, the guests leave except Viplav’s family. Viplav reaches Dhaani’s room where she is standing in front of the mirror and talking to herself. He kissed me in front of everyone awww????..

He is soo nice. I love him so much… I can’t live without him!! Viplav comes from behind and hugs her and says really!! You can’t live without me? I also can’tlive without you! You are my life.. Shqlu comes to Dhaani’s room and asks bhaiya aj idhar hi rehne ka irada hai kya? (Are you going to stay here only today?) Viplav leaves Dhaani and says kash rukh pata (I wanted to stay here but can’t) He leaves from her room giving a flying kiss. Dhaani shies. He sits in his car waving hands to Dhaani.

Next is the jaldi and mehandi function!! Let’s see what happened?
Everyone apply jaldi on Dhaani and Viplav. Viplav applies haldi on Dhaani and runs. Dhaani runs behind him to apply haldi on him. He said apply haldi on me Dhaani and he laughs and runs away. Dhaani acts as If she fell down and says ahhh… and she sits down. Viplav looks behind and says Dhaani!! And runs towards her. Dhaani laughs and applies haldi on him. Viplav says badmaash!!! The scene freezes there.

Precap: No precap ??

Shower your comments, love you all??

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  1. Good going Maria. Loved the fb. So cute. But Viplav in hospital. Hope he becomes well soon.

    1. Thank you princess 🙂 he will be fine soon, don’t worry!!

  2. Maria…… Lovely Flashback…..
    Go on dear

    1. Thanks Sujie 🙂

  3. Superb yar loved it??

    1. Thanks Aishwarya 🙂

  4. very good episode choti ..keep it up … 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks Bade 🙂 keep reading 🙂

  5. As usual amazing maria?. fb is lovely I hope viplav will get well soon..
    Why are u not commenting on my ff nowadays I am missing ur comment I hope u are reading and liking it.. sorry mai na u k ff mai apny ff ke baat start kar de but I was eager to know that?

    1. I am so sorry Maha, I read your ff but couldn’t comment as I was out! So I didn’t get time, I am really sorry dear, but your ff is awesome!! I love it, post it soon!! And thank you so much dear!!

      1. no need to say sorry dear i was just kidding .. you are reading it glad to know that and its enough for me 🙂

  6. Wow Maria u r too good love ur FFs a lot 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Jo, keep reading 🙂

  7. Awesome flashback unique engagement ??looking forward for thrir marriage fb. Hope viplav gets well soon. For dhani it is mora piya moh se bolat nahi. …

    1. Thanks Renu di keep reading to know 😉

    1. Thanks vavachi

  8. As usuals a good epi.see ur Twitter page? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. Thanks midarshani, yes I saw

  9. I like it this story really big thanks to Maria dear..

    1. Thank you so much sajjan

  10. Aww this was so cute. Both flashback and current story were really nice. I hope nothing happens to Viplav. Anyways keep up the great work dear <3 Cant wait for next

    1. Thank you so much Shruthy…

  11. Good one Mr.impossible ?
    Aww? flash back…….

    1. Thanks swetha

  12. Maria your 2 shots was awesome??.. very emotional..
    But surprised..kamini itni achi ban gayi..apni mistake khud accept krle..aisa real me kabhi ho hi nahi sakta??
    But your 2 shots was really tooo good??
    Lovely family❤..viplav..dhani..and piya??

    1. Thank you so much Arshi di.. I hope in serial also she becomes like this??

  13. Maria episode 11
    It was very sad one?..i could feel their pain and tears..?
    For once i was suprised how dhani agreed soo fast..Then realised its a dream..?

    Episode 12
    The flashbacks ????
    I could visualise everything…beautiful❤

    1. So sorry for giving such sad episodes I also can feel the pain… Thank you so much??

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