It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 11


The episode starts with both Viplav and Dhaani thinking about each other and the moments spent by them in Delhi. They both have tears in their eyes! ? Dhaani is making food but lost in her own thoughts! Dulaari comes and says Dhaani!! What are you thinking? If I would not have been there you would have put water in burning oil and burnt yourself! Dhaani says actually… Dulaari says I know you were thinking about him, forget him Dhaani now nothing is left! Dhaani says I have already forgotten him and now I hate him! Dulaari consoles her. Viplav is sitting sadly, when Shambu comes and says what are you thinking Viplav, again lost in her thoughts… Viplav says I love her dad but I can’t forget what she did before! Shambu says she did nothing! Viplav asks what are you saying dad? Yes Viplav she did nothing! Now I think the time has come to tell you the truth! Viplav asks which truth. He says I am sorry Kanak I am breaking my promise! He tells everything to Viplav which is muted. Viplav is shocked! He says why didn’t you tell this before? He says because of Kanak. She had taken a promise from me not to tell this to you. But now I can’t see you in pain that’s why decided to tell you this. Shambu says now I am going I have some work. Viplav is shattered he thinks how can she hide such a big thing from me? I am so sorry Dhaani I didn’t believe you I am so sorry and he cries! He thinks from where will I get her address? I only know that she lives in Mumbai! I will find her any how! He calls his boss and asks if he has the address of the lawyers who came for the conference. He says sorry but all these information is confidential and we cannot give it to others! Viplav says I only want Dhaani’s information. The boss says sorry, Viplav says she is my wife Dhaani Tripathi please check. The boss says okay I will give you. He gives him the address. He says thank you so much Sir. He takes his bag which is already packed and leaves for Mumbai after informing Shambu.
He reaches Mumbai and takes a taxi for the given address. He reaches there and finds the house locked! He kicks a stone and screams Dhaani, where are you? He asks everyone nearby if they knew where she is? He asks but in vain, nobody knew where she was? Viplav then hears someone screaming Bachao.. Bachao… he follows the voice and realises that it is coming from Dhaani’s house! He asks you all told me that there is no one inside then from where is this voice coming haa? The men look at each other and say no we don’t know, all are scared. One man says two thieves with knife have gone inside. And they told us if we tell anyone they will kill us also we are sorry. Viplav fumes in anger and breaks the door and goes inside the house he screams Dhaani? He sees her surrounded by men. One man keep the knife on her neck and says don’t move forward! The police come from behind and kicks those men. Viplav runs and hugs Dhaani and says are you okay? Dhaani is shocked to see him. The police arrest the men and say that thank you so much because of you both we could arrest them, we were searching them from two days. Viplav says no we are pleased to help you! The police leaves. Viplav hugs Dhaani tightly and says I am so sorry Dhaani! I am so sorry I love you, I love you so much. Dhaani says I love you too and they both cry.. Viplav breaks the hug and kisses her on her forehead, cheeks. Dhaani blushes, shies and turns red. Viplav again hugs her. Dhaani taps Viplav and asks why did you come here? Viplav realizes it was all a dream! He says Dhaani I came here… Dhaani asks why did you come again in my life get lost, it was very difficult to live without you but now I am used to it, you have made me believe that there’s nothing kept in love. True love and everything is just rubbish. There is no trust in love it’s just nonsense. Viplav who is hurt by her words keeps a finger on her lips and says stop now. Please stop now, no more words now and he hugs her and says I love you Dhaani! Dhaani cries and says but I don’t love you, I hate you! Viplav is shattered.. And our relationship is now over you are nothing to me just go away, go away from me. Never come back. I don’t trust you at all! I hate you and she holds his hand and pulls him out of the house and closes the door! Viplav cries and says Dhaani I know you love me, please talk to me once, please open door. Dhaani stands near the door and cries vigorously. Both sit on either sides of the door and cry vigorously! Ishq ka rang…. Sad tone plays…

Precap: Wait and read ??
I know today’s episode was a sad one so sorry for that but please don’tstop reading ? and don’t forget to shower your lovely comments. Bye!! ?? Love you all…

Credit to: Maria

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  1. Wow Maria nice can’t wait for the next part

    1. Thanks Jo but you have to wait till tomorrow.. Keep reading!! ☺

  2. GO ON Maria….. unite them soon

    1. Thanks Sujie di, will unite them soon, keep reading!! 🙂

  3. Interesting, Pls keep it up u’re too much

    1. Thank you so much aish 🙂

  4. Sad but was good Maria! ??

    Btw, out of topic but I saw your picture MashaAllah! You are so tall! ? For a moment I was like she calls me Aapi but looks taller then me, actually! ??

    1. Hahaha lol??? yes everyone tells me that only… Today also one Aunty told how tall you have grown, she saw me after a long time Na that’s why?? Anyways thank you so much…

  5. Wow Maria good one keep it up.

    1. Thanks Latha 🙂

  6. maria too good keep rocking……

    1. Thank you so much kaviya di 🙂

  7. maria it was amazing keep it up…

    1. Thanks Maha


    1. Yes.. We can imagine him singing that…

  9. Oh this was so sad <3 but farther they will be of each other, more their reunion will be beautiful. Cant wait and what is that truth ? (suspenseful bgm)

    1. Thanks Shruthy, keep reading to know…

  10. Superb Maria.

    1. Thanks Porkodi

  11. It’s awesome episode.eagerly waiting for the next part.plz post it soon. What is ur Twitter id?

    1. Thanks you so much…
      My Twitter ID is TanweerMaria

  12. WOOW!!!good one mr.impossible…
    all excited to knw the mystery of separetion….
    loved the ff…….. nicely explained

    1. Thank you so much Swetha 🙂

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