It was not my fault (IKRS) Episode 1

Hey guys, lets look on to the first episode…

I hate you…. She breaks down into tears saying it was not my fault…

After 3 years…
A girl is shown packing her bag and looks at the picture and cries bitterly… One lady comes saying Dhaani forget him, everyday you cry for him when he doesn’t even care… Stop crying… Dhaani says but I love him a lot and I cant forget him.. But after all it was not my fault!! Then why am I suffering?? And she cries… Dulaari says don’t think about him just think about the conference tomorrow… I don’t know how I will spend two days without you.. Dhaani says maaa should I not go then?? Dulaari says no beta c’mmon are you ready? Dhaani says yes, Dulaari goes out for some work, Dhaani keeps the picture in her bag…

Here one handsome boy is shown packing his bag and sees a picture and says I love you so much, why did you leave me and go.. I hate that girl she killed you mom.. and his eyes are filled with tears… Shamboo comes and says beta Viplav you are not yet ready? You have to go for the conference na? Is your bag ready? Viplav says yes dad its ready…

Dhaani leaves from her house and goes to the airport to take the flight to Delhi… Viplav also reaches airport, he boards it from Banaras airport whereas Dhaani boards from Mumbai airport… Dhaani on the way thinks
A law college is shown where some girls are having snacks in the canteen, when a handsome boy enters and all the girls see him and saw woooow he is so cute.. Dhaani looks at him lovingly. Viplav sees her from far away and keeps on looking her… (Love at first sight)
He is a new entrant in the college, he is in Dhaani’s class. He enters the class and Dhaani stares him lovingly, she thinks what is happening to me? Viplav also stares her lovingly and thinks whats happening to me? He searches but there is no empty place so he goes and sits beside Dhaani, she blushes… Viplav forwards his hand and says hi I am Viplav Tripathi, new to the college… Dhaani says hi I am Dhaani Roy, old student.. And they both become friends. After the class Viplav asks can we go out for coffee? Dhaani says yes and has butterflies in her stomach and she smiles.

In the coffee shop,
Viplav says so where do you live tell me something about you… Dhaani says yes I live nearby only and I live with my parents.. viplav says I also live with my parents and my younger sister.. Dhaani says oh so you have a sibling, I am alone! Viplav says no I am there with you… Dhaani asks what? Viplav says I mean now I am there na. Dhaani says yes. They have coffee and Viplav drops her home. Dhaani says come inside, Viplav says no no bye see you tomorrow and he leaves in his car.
Dhaani comes to her room and blushes thinking about today and sleeps..
Flashback ends…

Dhaani has tears in her eyes thinking about it… After some time she reaches Delhi airport and thinks why do I feel something familiar here… Viplav also reaches and thinks the same..
They both take different taxis and reach the hotel, Hotel Exotica. Viplav steps out of his taxi and Dhaani also. Dhaani turns towards the side where Viplav is standing but Viplav also turns back, they could not see each other… The scene freezes

Precap: No precap 😉

So this was the first episode, do drop your comments wheather you liked it or not.. Till then Bye…

Credit to: Maria


  1. varsha(philo)

    wow good starting maria waiting for next part pls post it soon i am eagerly waiting to know what happened and why dhaani said i hate u

  2. Mahira

    Maria Interesting! ? But what was that hate you thing? Anyways, you are truly a good suspence maker. ? waiting for the next episode.

    Also, i’m really busy these days but will definitely check tomorrow. Do post it okay!!! ?

    • Maria

      Thank you so much appi, suspense maker?? , the episode is ready I will surely post it Tomorrow 🙂

  3. Nancy

    Good job… Loved it keep writing more episodes and hope many people will love it. Good wishes from your friend Nancy!! I’d prefer sister’s 🙂

    • Maria

      Yes I would also prefer sisters 🙂

      Thank you so much Nancy…
      And tell me something about you, what’s your age and where are you from? 🙂

  4. Anjali

    Hi maria

    liked your story..
    can you post it on Ikrs indiaforum..there are so many loyal fans of ikrs..they too liked this
    can you?

    • Maria

      Hi anjali,
      I don’t know how to post it, can you please tell me.. Then I will try to post it!!

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.