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Hello frndz…… This is my second os. My first os got a good response. This one deals with real life social evils mindset of youngsters. This is real life story of my cousin. No bla bla and lets start.
One fine day a girl of 18 yrs was praying to god for the safety of her family. All she want was happiness and freedom which she never saw in her life. She is aparajita. Her life was only between four walls of her house. They belong to a high cast marwari family in rajasthan. She was beautiful, kind, helpful. Her grandpa always felt that if a girl steps outside her house she will be spoiled. He never allowed her to go out. Her mother supported her grandpa. Her father who was kind, matured, understanding, and most important he was literate always felt that girls should be given equal importance in the society. He was helpless. He couldn’t help his only daughter. Apu dint have siblings. She love her uncle’s daughter who was 5 yrs old. Her name is vaishnavi(yaa.. Its me… ) apu always shares her sorrows with vaishu. Vaishu was immatured hence she never understood the feelings of apu. All she could do was to note down in a diary with a hope that she will understand some or the other day. Everything was all right.

Ine incident changed the atmosphere of the house. Mr. Vishwaveer bundela (grandpa) spotted aparajita near a tree with a boy. They were holding hands and were lost in each other. Vishwaveer’s anger knew no bounds. He quickly grasped apu’s hair and brought her to bundela mansion. He was not able to control his anger because he always felt that respect in the society was the most important thing. He asked apu about him. She said that he is malay karmakar, a busines tycoon we met 6 months back and love each other .Vishwaveer is irritated. He shouted that granddaughter of vishwaveer bundela should marry only a marwari. Not maratha. If u are thinking to marry him then i will chop u both into pieces. This incident was witnessed by vaishu. She did not know about caste system. She noted that incident in her diary. Vishwaveer locked aparajita in her room. She shared all her sorrows with vaishu. Vaishu simply noted in the diary. As vaishu was immatured shashwant bundela dad of aparajita consoled her. Urvashi bundela mom of aparajita understood her mistake by seeing the condition of her daughter.

Vishwaveer was adamant that aparajita shoud marry a marwari. Aparajita got a marriage proposal from a marwari family. Vishwaveer did not ask apu’s opinion and fixed the marriage. Aparajita was fed up. She wrote a letter and kept it in her room. Next morning urvashi went to apu’s room and is shocked to see the letter. She ran down screaming and crying. Whole fmily gathered there. Urvashi was not able to speak due to fear. Vishwaveer took the letter from her hands and read it. He dropped the letter in shock. He stood there for a minute. He then saw towards vaishnavi angrily. He went to his room and brought a sword. He was shouting i will chop her head and also his head. Vaishnavi silently picked the letter. She ran inside and pinned it in her diary. Everyone went near the cliff where apu and malay used to meet. They saw apu and malay standing near a cliff.
Apu: we will become one forever
Malay: if life cant unite us then death will.
Apu: i love u malay….
Malay: love u too aparajita….

They hold hands of each other and jump down.
They are united forever.
Tears rolled down the eyes if vaishu. Shashwanth and urvashi were literally crying. Vishwaveer was shocked.
After somedays vaishnavi gathered some courage. She took the diary which have feelings and sorrows of aparajita and went to the room of vishwaveer. Vishwaveer was sitting on a rocking chair. Vaishu ran towards him, kept the diary on his lap and ran away.
She came back after one hour. She saw tears in the eyes of vishwaveer. She ran to him and wiped the tears. He hugged her and was crying.

After some years
Vaishnavi started understanding things. Her mind maturity was increasing. She started reading the book. She gradually understood the pain faced by aparajita. She read the whole book. She then read the letter written by apu before leaving.
Dear papa maa and dadaji…..
Mai janti hoon ki apko bura lagega magar mujhe yeh karna hi hoga. Shadi ka matlab pyar hota hai. Samjhota nahi. Dadaji…. Apne hamesha apne izzat ko sabse pehale rakha. Yahi apki sabse badi galti hai. Log kuch na kuch toh zaroor kahenge. Logon ki muh band karane ke liye aap apne bacchon ki zindagi ke saath khel rahe hai. Mere baare me bhul jaiye. Kam se kam vaishnavi ke saath aisa mat kijiye. Aurat kabhi kamzor nahi hoti hai. Main ja rahi hoon apne pyar ke paas hamesha ke liye. Wahi jaha ham roz milte the.

After reading this letter vaishnavi started crying. Vaishnavu is living a happy life without gender discrimination only because of apu’s sacrifice.
In 2016
Vaishnavi is sitting in her balcony with her laptop and a cup of coffee. She is writing the story of her sister. She felt as if apu was sitting by her side and smiling. All vaishnavi could do was close her eyes take a deep breath and say rip didi……..
I know you all will hate this story and i am sure this is the worst update on tu but it is real life story of my cousin. Tears were rolling down my eyes when i was writing this os. I have only two precious thing in my life right now. One is my lil sis naimisha and other one is the diary. Ohhhh forgot to say the most important thing. Real names of apu and malay
Apu – Uttara bundela
Malay – Abhimanyu karmakar.

Remaining all names are real.
Plz say weather it is good or not.

Chappals tomatoes eggs claps all are accepted

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  1. It was very emotional vaishnavi seriously gender discrimination is a curse for our society.I cried after reading youros

  2. Sorry i want to include 1 more thing that caste system is also a curse for our society

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