Not everyone is lucky to spend their life with their LOVE…A girl’s journey TwiNjRaj OS ~Zuha


Hey friends how are u all? I hope all are doing well…I am good as always πŸ™‚ And back with an OS..I know u must be expecting my FF…But I was hell bored so thought of writing something different..It may be boring so please forgive me if I bore you out ???

A girl is seen running away on the dark streets of Amritsar…She was exhausted and crying badly…Her unstoppable tears told how her life doomed into darkness…more pitch than the night……….

Girl’s POV
Why…why…why did u do so with me..I left each and every thing for you…But you? You snatched everything from me…My identity…My virginity…My existence everything! Why on earth did you do so with me Mr.Yuvraaj Luthra…I loved you to their infinity but you made a fun of my love…You..You are a bl**dy beast! Not a beast…The word beast is less than what u did with me!
Kunj where is Kunj? I have to talk to him! I have to tell him! He will help me!

A boy is seen sitting in a room he is busy, working on his laptop when his phone rings…He picks it up!

Boy : Hello!
Girl (the same girl mentioned above) : KUNJ!!!
Boy (yes he was our dashing Kunj) : Twinkle?!
Girl (yes the girl was our Twinkle) : Kunj! Please help!! Please… (She cries miserably…)
Kunj: Twinkle are you okay?
Twinkle: No Kunj! Nothing is fine! I need you!
Kunj: Wait..Tell me where are you?

Twinkle tells her location..

Kunj: Okay Twinkle! Don’t you worry…I am reaching!
Twinkle: Thank you Kunj!


After a while…We find Twinkle sitting on a swing in Kunj ‘s house’s terrace! Kunj comes there with 2 cups of coffee! He hands one cup of coffee to Twinkle!

Twinkle: Thanks!
Kunj sits down on a chair nearby : I can’t believe Yuvi Bhai did this with you?
Twinkle : I just hate him for whatever he did with me! (She cried holding her womb)
Kunj: Did he know about the baby?

Twinkle nods in No!

Kunj: Relax Twinkle! Your friend is always there for you! You just take care of yourself!

Kunj ‘s POV
Twinkle…Please don’t cry I can’t tell that how much I hate tears in your eyes…It is because…It love u! Yes, I always loved you….Not from today from them day I caught your first glimpse! But then day I came to know that Bhai and you love each other I buried my feelings deep inside my heart..Although I was not able to forget you but I respected your and Bhai’s relationship…But what Bhai did with you (He clenched his fist) I may never forgive him for that…I never imagined that YUVRAAJ LUTHRA my own brother whom I idolised did this with you! But I will be their always for you! As a friend…I love you my Siyappa Queen❀❀

9 months later…
Twinkle was in the Operation theatre while Kunj was standing tensed outside..Chinki was there as well as…After a while a noise of a crying baby came which made both Kunj and Chinki excited….

Doctor comes out and congratulates and says: It’s a boy

Both Kunj and Chinki are happy……..

Twinkle is in the ward…She holds her baby and smiles…Chinki and Kunj enter and congratulate her…Suddenly Twinkle ‘ s eyes fill up with tears…By that time Chinki left and only Twinj were left with the cute chotu sa baby…

Kunj : You are thinking about him…
Twinkle (wipes her tears) : No!
Kunj: You can’t lie to me!
Twinkle: I don’t understand Kunj…why baba ji always do this with me? Doesn’t he likes my happiness…First he snatched my parents and sister in that incident (Actually her family passed away in a car accident) and when after many years I fell in love…He snatched Yuvraaj from me!
Kunj: Twinkle Babaji didn’t snatch Yuvi from you instead Yuvraaj left you! Why are you blaming God for it!
Twinkle: If Babaji wanted then he would have never send Yuvi in my life but…
Kunj: Twinkle just THANK god for the beautiful blessing he has bestowed upon you!

Twinj were talking when Usha enters…

Kunj: Ma aap?
Twinkle : Namaste Aunty ji!
Kunj: Come please sit!
Usha: I have not come here to sit but to fulfill my promise! Your belonging was with me since long and the time has come to return it!

Twinkle and Kunj look on confused….

Twinkle: I didn’t get it..

Usha forwards a letter to Twinkle…

Twinkle opens the letter and starts reading…

The letter says, *IT IS IN YUVRAAJ ‘ S VOICE*

” Hey baby doll! What’s up? Well I know when you will receive my letter I will be very far from you…You may be angry on me for whatever I did and you should be..Please forgive me! And how is my junior? Ya ya I know you must be thinking how did I get to know…Well I heard your conversation with that gynac and came to know about this wonderful news…But destiny didn’t want us to be one so I had to fake the drama that I am a womaniser…The day when I came to know that there will be a new addition in my life the very same day I got a bad news that I don’t have time to live…I had brain tumour…And it was on the last stage!! I hardly had a month to live! I didn’t want to spoil your life…I am sorry for wasting your precious years of life…But believe me those 3 years which I spend you were the best time of my life…I PROMISED THAT I WILL LOVE U TILL MY LAST BREATH!❀❀ LOOK I FULFILLED MY PROMISE πŸ™‚ But I want a promise from you…That…U will move on in your life…with my younger brother Kunj! I know you must be shocked but I came to know through Chinki that Kunj loves you…Our love story was incomplete but please never let him sad as my life exist in my brother! JUST PROMISE THAT U WILL BE HAPPY ALWAYS πŸ™‚

Twinkle ‘ s eyes well up with tears and she cried for the mistake she did by judging Yuvraaj…She cried like hell…

Twinkle:I am so bad that I doubted Yuvraaj ‘ s love how can I think so…He loved me so much but…I am so bad…

Kunj: No Twinkle u are not bad but circumstances…

Twinkle hugged Kunj and cried out her heart….


5 years later…A woman is seen sitting on a rocking chair…she is writing her diary..
“5 years have passed…My love for you never changed Yuvraaj but as u kept ur promise I also kept mine…Look I moved on in my life with Kunj! You blessed me even when you left this world! I will love you till my last breath!”

A 5 years old boy comes and hugs her and says, “mama!” The woman is revealed to be Twinkle!

Kunj also enters following the boy…

Kunj: Hey Mrs.Kunj Luthra how are you?
Twinkle: Hello Mister.Twinkle Luthra how are you?
Kunj: WELL I asked the question first. ..I should get the reply first!
Twinkle: Anyways we are getting late for the ceremony! Come on Hurry up!
Kunj: yeah let’s go!

Everyone arrange in the hall…It is revealed that it is Yuvraaj ‘ s death anniversary….All stand in front of Yuvraaj ‘s picture which has a garland over it!

Kunj and Twinkle both pray for him!



I hope you liked this boring story…How was it…As I seriously don’t know how was it! Please leave your views in the comment box below…Criticism is welcome but no offensive language!

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  1. Purnima.agrawal30

    amazing awesome emotional lovely os….

  2. Very diff kind of story and very unique too
    ………luvd it loadzzz ???
    It was very cute os yaaar….

  3. Awwwww zuha….!!!! Maar daala…uffff kitna awesome tha yrrr….amazing…superb i cant express how gud it was…..what a damn superb story yrrr…..brilliantly outstanding…what a concept…!!! Sach me rula diya zuha aaj toh…kahan se aaya aisa masaledaar and dhamaakedaar idea??……HATS OFF TOOO U!!!!!

  4. SidMin

    So sweet the OS in the begging I really thought it UV was a womaniser but the letter changed my views Loved the OS πŸ™‚ It was really emotional πŸ™‚

  5. It was so emotional one and sad because the lovers separated and sacrificed their love

  6. Awesome yrrr

  7. This OS is beautiful would be an understatement…
    Cause words can’t describe how good of a story it is..
    You portryed & penned down Love so nicely & your words really heart-touching….

  8. This OS is beautiful would be an understatement…
    Cause words can’t describe how good of a story it is..
    your words r really heart-touching….

  9. Zuhuuu…u nailed it! I loved it sooooooo much! And spcly that Mrs. Kunj Luthra and Mr. Twinkle Luthra?
    Loved it??

  10. SIDMIN-Daamini

    Zuha !!!!!!!
    Dear it was superb n the message u conveyed is really very true
    Just keep writing like this my sis ???????????

  11. Aamu

    sorry no time n no words tooo.inshort amazing…fab….aesome..n unique dis twinj fan r also happy n twiraj tooo…
    loved it

  12. Sanjanaagrawal

    I don’t know but I really got attched to ur ff zuha…. god bless u … nad keep writing ..

  13. Joonakanksha

    Uniqur and beautiful

  14. Baby

    zuha cute 1 dear happy fr twinj

  15. Angita

    Awww such an beautiful emotional one

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