Not an end but a new beginning…{KKB} OS

Hi came up with this after watching the recent kkb episode. Hope you like it.

“why don’t you check once for the last time Pragya…i mean nikitha. See if everything is alright.”
“see Aaliya, mind your business. I am his secretary and obey only his words. You better get it.”
“Oh, back to Mogambo?”
“i have a lot of works, give me way”

She said this and walked past Aaliya to the terrace. Aaliya smirks.

“sir, one last query, is anything else wanted or…i am asking coz i am leaving.”
“no, no nikitha, you can”
“ok, i am leaving”
She was walking away, just when she saw, tanu smiling and climbing the stairs. Pragya hid behind a pillar, thinks…what is she doing here? Why is she smiling?
“oh, i am so happy”
P, now why is she so excited and shouting like this? Sth is wrong. She waited and followed Tanu without her knowledge.

Now, all that proposal scene happens.

Pragya is dumbstruck seeing all this. She became very angry. She walks toward them.


“how dare you, you are just abhi’s secretary but you slapped me”
Again a tight slap. Tanu is holding her cheek.
“nikitha why are you slapping her? She is here coz i wanted to rectify my mistake. And how can you slap her? Te”
(Pragya cuts him off) “why cant you think and act? These two women are making you dance as per their wish and you…you are already a puppet, there is no use telling you”
“NIKITHA, did you forget who you are?”
“yes. See you don’t even remember my name and u are telling me that i forget who i am. Its you who forgot everything.”
“don’t confuse me with your stupid talks, nikitha”
“see, i don’t want to take all this anymore. I have already shed gallons and gallons of tears. Do whatever you want but let me go.”
“you are my secretary and you cant do this. You have committed a mistake. I can dismiss you, remember.”
“i have resigned my job a few minutes ago, Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra.”

She walks off. Her eyes start shedding tears, but she wipes them, determined. She goes down. She is not ready to shed tears anymore, and decides to move on. Just then she hears a sound from the terrace. She turns.
Her mind tells her not to but her heart pleads to go.

She runs up and finds Abhi catching his head and tanu trying to pacify him.
She runs to him and takes his arms, wraps them around her shoulders and walks to the room. tanu was left to stand shocked.
Abhi looks at her surprised. She gives him water.

“no mention, i am your…nothing. i am leaving”
Abhi caught her hand and dragged her towards him.
“why did you tell me all that”
“that i have to leave you, u resigned the job and all?
“i have to leave sir.”
She said and went away with tears. Abhi was confused.
He dozed off.

Next morning his alarm rang.

“fuggi…fuggi…where are you. Off the alarm.”
He gets up with a jerk, cha…who is this fuggi? i am becoming crazy. But, he finds nikitha standing next to him with a cup of his fav coffee and a beautiful smile.
“you said you resigned the job.”
“ok then i am leaving.” She said leaving the coffee mug on the table.
But suddenly a strong arm caught her hand nd dragged her.
She fell on abhi.
“no way, you have to stay with me all my life.”
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Pragya was making arrangements for the announcement. For some strange reason, she felt abhi always roaming around her. So she finished the works faster and left to her home.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
“i am here by announcing”
“just a minute”
Abhi was surprised to see someone standing near the door. It was a girl…so hot and se*y.
She was wearing a pink saree with gold sleeveless blouse. Her hair was flawlessly straight.
It was none other than our MOGAMBO.

The media rushed to her. Abhi was shocked to see nikitha in such a getup while taaliya were dumbstruck and standing helplessly.
Pragya, leave me way. Let me go stand near the stage.
Everyone left her way and she came to the stage. Before getting on the stage, she went to dadi, dasi and got their blessings. They were so happy and hugged her. She then went to the stage.
Abhi (in a whisper), what is this nikku? What are you doing?
Pragya saw him lovingly and he understood that she was up to sth, so he kept quite.
Reporter, Pragya mam, where were you all these days. And coming straight to the point, why did you husband do this?
Abhi was shocked to hear the word ‘Pragya’, and ‘husband’ and looked at nikku, surprised.

Reporter1: do you think that your husband is involved in extra marital affair?
R2: why were you not spotted in any of his new concerts mam?
R1: will you give a new concert?
R3: what do you say about Tanu mam?
R4: she was always behind Abhi sir and we even saw her only recently.
R2: there were so many rumours that Tanushree was pregnant and she was living in your house. What do you say on that?

People poured their questions and Pragya lost her cool.

P, do you want my answer or will u keep on pestering me with your questions?

A silence prevailed.

P, see all thats happening in our life is our personnel. I dont want you all to poke your nose in this. I am here to prove my husband’s innocence. PURAB.

Purab comes from behind. He gives her sth and stands next to her. Abhi couldn’t even make head or tail out of wht was happening.
She plays a CD, showing Aaliya and tanu talking abt trapping Abhi. Then the footage where Aaliya mixes sth in Abhi’s drink…Tanu trying to seductively dance with Abhi and he falling on Tanu losing balance. She also brings the guards who say about Abhi’s drunkenness and that he was not even able to walk properly.

P, so this is what happened. You guys can leave now.

Everyone dispersed. Abhi is hell angry on taaliya. He goes to Aaliya and gives her a tight slap. She falls down. He then turns to Tanu.
“abhi, listen to me once. I wanted”

Again another slap. ‘Chap’
Tanu stood still.

A, what you both have done? Dont u have any sense Aaliya? Why did you that do that, damn it? You ruined my image and my career would have been spoilt if not for Nikku.
All this time Pragya was talking with dadi, dasi and Purab. She didn’t even care to look up, at taaliya.
P, its better you throw them out of the house.

Abhi didn’t even think for a while. He dragged both the witches and threw them out of the house. He didn’t even wait for their explanation.
He came inside the house and caught Pragya’s arm.
A, why do they call you Pragya? am i your husband? What are they telling?
Pragya shook his hand off and said to dadi.
P, ji dadi. My work is over.
A, i am asking you nikku…sorry Pragya.
P, suniye, when you dont even remember my name, there is no use of telling it to you.
She went with purab but abhi didn’t leave.
P, Look suniye, we were married two years ago…
A, then why are you not living with me? Instead you were working as receptionist. And what is this avatar? Is this how you look always?
P, thats all not wanted now. My work is over.

Voice: no you still have to stay here.

Everyone turned and are hell shocked except abhi who is confused.
P, bulbul?????
She runs to her and hugs her.
Puran came from back of Pragya to the front saying “this is a sweet shock to you Pragya di.”
P, what are you saying purab?
Pu, di…
B, let me tell you di. I fell from the cliff but got saved by some people who joined me in a hospital. I was taken to Delhi for further treatment. I healed my voice and even my face got back its form since i was taking bed rest for almost six months. Two days ago, i saw purab. I tried to catch him but he left delhi urgently today mrg. With the help of doctors there, i came to Mumbai…but to my bad luck, i saw the news where abhi jiju misbehaved with Tanu. I called purab immediately. I secretely collected all the footage and gave it to purab. He said me abt your plan, thats why i helped you indirectly.
Pragya hugged bulbul and cried. Purab too joined. Just then dadi, dasi, Mitali, raj, tayiji and tayaji came front. Bulbul got blessings from everyone.
B, someone else is also waiting to join us di.
P, what more happiness you are going to give me bulbul? I am already flying in heaven.
B, purvi…
Purvi comes from behind.
Pragya is very happy. She runs to her hugs her.
P, where were you all these years idiot…i never thought bad about you. I very well know that you wouldn’t have done it. I spoke like that because i thought i could save you from that Aaliya. But you took a bad step by leaving me idiot. Go, i am angry on you.
Saying this she turned aside wiping her happy tears, smiling but showing fake anger.

Purvi: wont you talk to your sister?
P, who said i wont?
She hugged her again. Both stood in the same position for some time.
P, now tell me, where were you?
Purvi, i completed my studies di….
B, wait wait. Let me tell you di. She found someone who loves her alot. She completed her studied and turned into a doctor. She was one amongst the doctors who treated me.
P, oh…i am happy for you Purvi.
Purvi, but i am not happy for you di.
Just then from behind, Sarla and family comes. They talk a lot. Dadi and dasi wish them.
Bulbul and Purvi feel so blessed to hav such a wonderful family. They hug each other, have formal talks, smile, laugh, cry…play and it continues for almost half an hour. But their happiness was shortlived, coz Aaliya came back. She had a knife in her hand. Anyone did not notice her but abhi noticed.
He came running and pushed Aaliya down. She got up and started shouting but only after a few moments, she realised that a complete and happy family was standing there.
A, bulbul!!!!!!!! Purvi!!!!!!!!!!!!! How come? I killed you right bulbul? And purvi, i made you go out of your own house but how did you come back?
Purvi came to the front and gave her a nice slap.

Slap 1, this is for making me away from my family.
Slap 2, this is for trying to kill my bulbul.
Slap 3, this is for torturing my Pragya di.
Slap 4, this is for trying to ruining jiju’s image.

Again she came to slap…but Pragya held her hands.
P, purvi…she was dead the day she decided to kill her brother. She is just a dead body…or rather i would say a loveless cruel monster. There will be no use in telling her.

Aaliya ran from the house in shame.

Again they started talking. Abhi who was standing simply for almost an hour, spoke up.
A, can anyone tell me what is going on here?
P, everybody come with me lets leave.
A, ni…pragya, i am asking you.
P, Mr. Abhishek Prem Mehra , better you leave that matter now.
Purvi, why do want to hide everything di. Dont fear about his health condition. My friend can solve this case very easily. I dont know, why the doctors here say that he cant be cured. It is a very simple case di.
N, it is because they were threatened to do so.
P, Nikhil…
N, i am sorry Pragya. i realised my mistake. After running from this place to hide from you all, i was left to roam. I was homeless, helpless and hopeless. You may doubt me that i am lying. But it’s true. Believe me. I tried convincing Tanu but she did not listen to me. Aaliya was the one who threatened the doctors. Abhi could easily get his memory back but his medicines did not allow his recovery.
I found all this a few days ago and i even decided to meet you. But within that all this happened.
Purab, if you have realised your mistake, that is more than enough for us.
They hug.
P, now i got another brother for me.
Nikhil hugged Pragya. he broke the hug and saw her in a pleading way. Pragya understood and nodded her head.
A, again you left me in the mid.
P, suniye…
Before she could say anything, tears flowed from her eyes. She dreamed of her husband’s memory returning and they living a happy life together.
A, before you speak i will tell you sth. In this 2.5 years whatever might have happened. But i will tell you what happened in these three months. I felt a very strange attraction towards you Nikku. I always wanted to roam around you…but i didn’t know the reason for it. May be, i think my mind has forgot you…but my heart will never forget you. I didn’t know what was that feel, but now i can confirm that it is love and nothing else. I thought it strange that how can a rock star fall for a receptionist, but the truth is that i fell for you at the first sight. I LOVE YOU NIKKU…I LOVE YOU ALOT…
She came running to him and hugged her. The time froze for a moment and they cherished the feel.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
“fuggi…fuggi where are you?”
She comes out from the closet. Abhi is just admiring her. She goes to mirror and gets ready.
“suniye, i am going down. Come fast guests are waiting.”
“(thinks) i should not have accepted for this second marriage at all…see she is always roaming somewhere but not around me. Cha”
“i will kill you Mr. Mehra. dont ever think like that”
“ok, i now you can read minds and even hypnotise people…but dont you think it is not fare. Atleast give me that book, i will read it and hypnotise you…whoooo”
He makes weird faces.
(Giggles) OK, now let’s go down.

It was their reception. Last time abhi was not at all showing interest in these things. But this time, he is always roaming around Pragya. he gifted Pragya the same pink with violet saree which she was wearing during their ring exchange and he was in the same red sherwani.
When Pragya asked “why?” he replied that “i want to relive every moment spent with you Pragya. our fights, nok joks, your bak-baks, our scary nights…everything”
Pragya decided to lighten him up. So she said, “you could have been Rock Star Abhi. It would have been better. When you turned to Abhishek Mehra, i mean when you got back your memory, you turned senti-wenti. I only want my Rock Star and not this senti-wenti.”
She ran…he chased her and both had a good evening.

The next day was their marriage. The bride was brought to the mandap. abhi looked at her. I never admired this beauty last time, he thought.
“dont worry, you admired me alot when you realised your love for me…”she whispered.
“i know. I dint forget. You are always treating me as a memory loss patient” he said with a pout.
She smiled.

Then the rituals started. They took the pehras and the seven vows. Abhi tied the mangalsutra in her neck. She closed her eyes and shed tears. He filled her hairline with sindhoor, that gave him the complete authority over her. Abhi wiped her tears. He kissed her forehead. It said all his heart wanted to say. It was a promise that he gave her. In return, she gave herself to him.
She nodded her head and clutched his hands. Their eyes spoke.
Their story ends here, for us. But they knew, that this is not an end but a new beginning.
A way in their endless journey in the world of love. The thing that lasts for eternity and even more. A path to destiny which always gives a new beginning.


So that is the story. How was it? Do tell me guys. Sorry if it was not up to the level. Actually it may be a little…no no…too much silly. Just bear it guys. Feel free to comment…either good or bad 😀 😀 😀

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    1. B_Ani

      hi jasmin…thanks for commenting dear. actually bold pragya was what i wished always, but since she never showed up in the show (mogambo track was a forced one as she was compelled to be bold) i thought to bring her up here. happy that u foung it nice and beautiful.
      and you write Pyaar Ka Meetha Intezaar, right? it is really a lovely one dear. i have even spotted you in sidmin ff and ss. sorry if i guessed wrong. any ways…loved your comment dear.

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  9. I have no words…..just superrrb…..I really like the way how pragya exposed tanu and aliya….abhigya seens were also awesome…..very beautiful story…..hats off to you and keep writing….. .

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  10. Bulbul’s entry back was also wonderful…..Nikhil realized his mistake…..turned positive…and the whole family united….and taaliya got punished….wish the same happens in the serial….u rocked it today…..

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