Not so easy (Shivika OS) by Sanchi

Well it’s been a while that I came up with something. Also my dear readers you might have already understood that I am a self-proclaimed crazy person and shipper of Shivika- no competition there, so obviously this is also a single shot about them. After reading this one, I am damn sure that you people would fry me in depths of Tartarus.
Readers kick back and relax cuz this one is going to be a hell of a ride:

A chilly morning and an empty street are the best phrases which describe one’s isolation and loneliness up to the par. Even the strong winds are alone in those chilly desolate places.
On a similar chilly morning and an empty street stood a small home among the vast expense of other houses, shops and other buildings. A person stood outside this home- a man to be specific. His blue-green-grey-black-silver (you know what- I give up. I just can’t decipher the colour) eyes completely focussed on the light coming from the single lit window in that small home.
A long suffered sigh escaped his slightly parted lips when his eyes spotted a lone slender figure making its appearance. She had lost a noticeable amount of weight, his subconscious part noted. It had been a fortnight since he had seen her- reason being duty calls. Shaking his head to rid himself of the thoughts he again looked back at her.
Meanwhile, Anika stood at the window, as she did every morning- just to see him. He had disappeared for last two weeks so it was sweet surprise for her when she saw her Shivay standing on the road. Her heart clenched in pain when she thought of him as hers, she could not be far from the bitter truth. She closed her eyes to endure the sudden burst of panic at these kinds of thoughts but her attempt was futile. Every time when she thought she had mastered her feelings her dead heart left no stone turned in showing her who was the boss. Inhaling one more time she gathered the courage to stare back at him. Even at this distance she could see that he had lost a huge amount of sleep. His eyes had sunk in as a result and had become dull.
Their inspection of each other lead to a sweet eye lock which turned bitter when their connected souls took them back to the time which had created an irreparable trench in their relationship.

6 months ago-
Anika and Shivay had tied knot, everybody knows the circumstances and how he forced her to bend to his stubborn will. In all the chaos every one failed to notice that Anika was dying each passing day in her forced marriage. She had long ago come to terms that she loved him but his malice filled look which clearly stated that she was a road trash to him was suffocating her. She wanted to escape all of it but each and every time the care of the family stopped her and reminded her that she was not a looser by any angle. It would be a lie if she said it was the only reason. She against all odds wanted to stay, her stubborn heart which he was ruling refused to leave his side no matter what.
The last straw came when Shivay opened up- more like burst out
“You have wronged me Anika. How dare you sleep with Daksh under my roof?” he had shouted but it wasn’t the end of it. “You are very costly it seems, if you had told me before that fifteen lakhs was your price in exchange for a night’s pleasure then I wouldn’t have wasted my time and energy in effort to break you.”
As the shock passed unadulterated rage took its place and it was time before she lifted her hand to shut his mouth but anticipating her move he held her hand before it made contact with his face. “Not again Anika, I don’t repeat the same mistake twice.” In a broken voice and through flowing tears she replied “you already do Shivay, you repeat the same mistakes.” Saying this she left him in the materialistic world which he cherished so much.
She could not wrap her mind around the fact that the person whom she had saved so many times had such thoughts about her. Moreover she hated herself for being in love with him. She hated her stupid heart which after so many insults had refused to give up but now lay dead in the hollow of her chest. So lost was she in her thoughts she failed to notice that she was being kidnapped.
Here Shivay had done his side of shouting but was feeling horrible for degrading her. Her broken eyes clearly showed that he had lost her. Even his brain was silent as of now the damage was done. His deep reverie was broken by the ringing of his blasted cell phone. It was the devil Daksh, in refreshed anger Shivay spat into the phone “What do you want now?” “Easy Shivay. I just wanted to tell you that Anika is going to pay the price of your mistakes.” Surprised Shivay spoke “What do you mean by that?”
“I tried my best to separate you love birds but in vain so now it’s time that she dies for betraying me and you to suffer for sending all my efforts down the drain?” Daksh sneered back.
“Separate? What the hell do you mean Daksh?” asked Shivay. “Shivay, Shivay, look at you. How stupid you are. It was me who planted the misunderstanding between both of you but still you didn’t listen to me and now within minutes Anika will say good bye to us.” Saying so the call was disconnected. Engulfed by madness Shivay utilised all his resources in searching and saving Anika. He was successful in doing so and was relieved but he was unaware of the storm heading his way.

The following day Anika faced another accusation by none other than Pinky Aunty but this time she was not standing quietly and enduring all of it. By the time Shivay came there her anger went to another level. To hell with being sensible she thought, she had lost her soul in a sense and she had nothing more to lose.
“ENOUGH!” she bellowed, “You are elder to me that doesn’t mean that I will stand here and endure your insults.”
“Look now she is insulting Me.” cried Pinky
“You insulted yourself Aunty not me.” Taking a deep breath she continued “I know I am right and I will not waste my breath in explaining myself to anybody.” Turning to Dadi and folding hands “I am going Dadi, please don’t stop me if you like to see me happy.”

Shivay blinked away tears from his eyes. It had been three months since Anika had left Oberoi mansion. He was not able to stop her or face her during this time but now he was ready to face her again, he had readied himself to beg her forgiveness. After a long wait in front of her home she finally came out and walked up to him with hands tied behind her back. Glaring at him she spoke “What is it that you want now?” without thinking he spoke “your forgiveness.”
“Don’t waste your time Shivay, I have lost that ability to forgive people a long time back.” Saying so she started to go back but he stopped her “won’t you give me another chance Anika?” eyes emitting an ancient sorrow she replied “no Shivay, I am done giving you chances and getting hurt by you. You killed me that day and what you see now is just a living corpse.”
Stammering he tried again “bu-but Anika I L-lo-“
“Stop it Shivay, I know what you want to say. Just don’t make this difficult for me by doing that.”
Confused Shivay asked her “why Anika? Why are you doing this?”
With tear filled eyes she said “I don’t trust you Shivay. More than being scared that you will hurt me again I am afraid that I will break again by just one blow. I can’t follow love at the cost of my self-respect.”
“Please Anika one last chance.” He whispered in a broken voice but she had left him alone in the street- maybe in life too.

Anika wiped the tears which had freely flown from her eyes like a broken tap, Shivay was also in no good condition and was trying his hardest to control his emotions. No matter how hard she tried he could just not bring herself to forgive him and give him that one chance which he needed so desperately. It was their routine from past three months to stare at each other from a distance and regret everything that happened between them.
Today would have been no different if a loud noise of gunshot hadn’t heard through the empty road. It wouldn’t have been a tragedy only if the bullet hadn’t hit Shivay straight on the chest. Anika wouldn’t have run to him like a maniac if he hadn’t fallen down on the dirty road drowning in a pool his own blood.
It had been several hours since the ambulance had brought the wounded to the hospital. The victim’s whole family was present and were already mourning the loss. Few minutes ago the doctor had informed them that the bullet had punctured Shivay’s left lung and he had very less time left. Anika was the only person present in the ward with him. She was numb, she couldn’t just fathom what cruel game life was playing with her. She just sat beside him staring back at his face.
Without her knowledge her feet took her outside the ward, she knew he wasn’t going to live so her purpose felt lost. Soon before she got lost in the crowd as he took a last broken breath.
A life ended in the crisp white materialistic room and the other ended suffocated by the dark shroud of regret and sorrow. She wasn’t able to forgive him and neither he was happy without her. Maybe this was the way of life to give the two souls another chance which they so much needed.
Love shouldn’t become a weakness and even love is not enough when your self-respect is at stake. Anika realised it late as she was blinded by love. Ego is the worst enemy which any human can carry around as a friend, the same ego ruined Shivay of everything and ultimately robbed him off his life.
Someday, sometime in a parallel universe they would meet again and write a new story of their lives, this time probably with a happy ending.

It is never easy to forgive and forget
Also I am taking an indefinite break from writing, just don’t feel like doing it but don’t cry folks it’s not for forever, when I feel like it, I will be back to irritate all of you. So till then this is going to be my last creation (kind off). Do leave a comment on how this was and please I beg you guys don’t send me to tartarus (Greek version of hell).

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  1. Tears r flowing from my eyes. It was so sentimental. Y did u kill them? I hope the show has a happy ending. I won’t be able to bear it if it does not.

    1. Sanchi

      I am sorry dear for your tears..
      Trust me the original track will not separate them

  2. Soha

    when i saw your name that you posted the article i knew that it would be awesome just loved it sanchi the way you write this os and the way you expressed the emotions wow loved it it is awesome dear

    1. Sanchi

      Thankyou Soha.. your appreciation means a lot

  3. Shivika

    Dear it was beautiful….wonderful…fantabulous….i can’t stop praising it u took my heart away and just explaines the real meaning of love…i just feel like giving u a bone crushing hug…….i just loved the os……i will surely gonna miss u and hope see u soon with another written part

    1. Sanchi

      Thankyou dear

  4. Mahi_

    Hey sanchi u really write good dear I really appreciate your writing skills

    1. Sanchi

      Thankyou for the compliment dear

  5. ur writing made me cry

    1. Sanchi

      I am very sorry

  6. Pooja26

    omg !!!!!!
    fantastic yr…..
    just loved it !!!!!!
    beautifully written….. 😉

    1. Sanchi

      Thankyou dear

  7. Salo

    Ur english is verrry nicea…I used to read a line twice in order to understand it…it was just awesome…it literally made me cry

    1. Sanchi


  8. I always loved your ff or os. You are just fabulous di. Love you.

    1. Sanchi

      Thankyou dear

  9. Akshaya

    Wow that’s too emotional. I don’t know why my heart is aching like Tartarus after the paragraph. That’s too touching. I feel emotional. Ok enough of being senti.
    You know what baby you have mood swings.. coz you write comedy os and tragedy too. Loved your creations. Will be Waiting for you ???

    1. Sanchi

      I am insane is all I can say..
      Thankyou and sorry for the pain that my story caused you

  10. Nainaa

    Baby!! You rocked this HELL RIDE rey.. I am just blown out after this one shot.
    The emotional content is peaks and I am just wondering why I was left with tears after reading this Cause you carved out so prefectly. Hats off to you.. Kudos..
    Keep going and keep rocking…

    1. Thankyou cutiepie and sorry..

  11. Really superb yar the wat u express the feeling of not forgiveness was damn cute i enjoa lot

    1. Thankyou

  12. Manu24

    It was just wonderful 🙂

  13. Truly a masterpiece ..
    It is really not that easy to forgive a person who did nothing other than breaking you apart ..very emotional !!

  14. Fantastic episode

  15. Its just beautiful……. Dont have words to describe…….I loved it, I’m somehow controlling my tears……. Its amazing…..?????????

    1. Sanchi

      Sorry cz it made you cry and also glad you loved it

  16. You are too much talented Sanchi….I am in love with your article….Please write another os …? ?

    1. Sanchi

      Oh no I am not so talented..
      Its just that other writers inspire me lot and they are great..
      Thankyou for the compliment and you can read my other one shots by clicking on my name and following it with by clicking on the pen icon..
      It will directly take you to my articles if you are interested

  17. JanviSingh

    What to say yr… I m in shortage of words…
    It’s was beautiful…
    Bt u made me look too ugly… Cuz u made me cry so much… Bt fare dear..?????????????

    1. Sanchi

      I am terribly sorry about the side effect.
      Believe me I never wanted it.
      Sorry again
      And also glad you liked it

  18. Pri_24

    Amazing. I liked this OS so so much. I cried while I was reading and even after that I cried again and though I know it’ll make me cry I read it again and J cried but I loved this OS their pain and emotions and feeling are pulled off perfectly and I personally believe that every story don’t have happy ending so I won’t complaint about that and come back with bang whenever you want to with fun or tegedy whatever you want… And this one is one of my favourite OS…????

    1. Sanchi

      Glad you liked it Pri but I am really sorry you went through emotional distress..
      I really didn’t know that you people would feel so sad after reading it

  19. Ruksy

    This was such a touching story.

  20. Zoya

    nice one sanchi but sad endng it’s kk

    1. Sanchi

      Someone had asked me long ago to write emotional stories..
      I actually don’t remember who but still I dedicate this to them..
      N thankyou for the comment

      1. Zoya

        nice try yarrr

  21. Razna

    Hii sanchii…its really an awsome os..its very emosionl….iam still crying….i cant controll my self…and u r such an amazing writer..iam expecting more os from u but plzzz make a happy ending….bcoze my tears had already finished

    1. Sanchi

      Sure dear I will give happy endings and Thankyou

  22. Nansshivika

    Such a emotional n painful os.its just awesome……???????

    1. Sanchi

      Thankyou dear

  23. Mrunal

    ohh my God…???
    why on earth this happens with me only..
    my pillow is fully drenched in the salty water which is pouring from my eyes bcoz of this fabulous shot by a fantastic author..
    i am not finding any words.. I’m numb..
    forgive me..
    u r the best?

    1. Sanchi

      Thankyou very much Mrunal..
      I just write what I feel so there is nothing great in that.
      And do forgive me, I have not been visiting TU recently so have not been able to read your updates

      1. Mrunal

        It’s okay dear..
        BTW i had updated next episode..

        ? if u want to read them here is the link..
        Check it if u want to…

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