“It’s Not Easy To Forget “(Swasan) OS…

Hello ?????friends this is hope…. Here I’m coming with OS based on swasan hope u like it….


A handsome hunk boy wearing pink shirt with white jeans, sitting on a rock near sea shore thinking about a girl who left him …..
His small brother lucky came near sea shore and said to sanskar, bhai let’s go home with me, Mom(Annapurna) is waiting eagerly to you she is crying continue for you plzz bhai come with me.
Sanskar (with teary eyes)- lucky just go back to home mom needs you not me, go and take care of her.
Lucky- Nooooo bhai…..she need to youuuuu….not me.
Sanskar angrily – lucky…i said gooo… For god sake leave me alone. … I don’t want to talk to anyone…

Lucky( emotionaly) – Bhai what happened ??? (lucky fastly put out mobile from his pocket and starts front camera of his mobile and the camera towards to sanskar’s face and said )look bhai….. Your face.. Sanskar try to remove camera with his right palm and shouted u didn’t listen what i told you.????
Lucky – Nooooo…
Sanskar teary eyes – look I’m fine now u can go.
Lucky- No bhai I wouldn’t go to home without you….
You are selfish bhai…… you are only think about yourself …. you don’t care about your family, your mom, your Dad, your sis, why are u crying continue? who is responsible for your that condition…. plzzzzz tell me bhai, if you told your problem then your problem will finish.

Sanskar shouted – you don’t listen what i told you?????
Lucky- also shouted – Nooooo….. nothing listen …
Sanskar – slaped him with right hand to his left cheek.
Lucky – hold his cheek and crying…
Today, i shall not go without listen your problem.
Sanskar bitterly crying – And shouted aaaaaaa….. Aaaaaaaa……aaaaaaa………Aaaaaaaa……
Chali jao meri yado se sun rhi ho naaaaaaaa just go away from my memory……swaraaaa… He again crying.

Lucky teary eyes – Bhai stop…..what happened tell me………
Sanskar crying – i don’t understand what happened with me, and when i don’t know about me, so how can i told you my problems, i am very alone, feeling dead without her, she dwell in my soul, my heart, my mind, she present every part of my body, she is my whole world , now my life is a burden on me…..Without her i feel unconscious. Why I’m live. I wanna to die. Without her i can’t imagine to live… After it Sanskar crying and crying….
Lucky teary eyes – bhai control yourself.

Sanskar – Alas!!!!! She came and say to me stop crying I’m here..

Lucky – Bhai, who is Swara????

Sanskar -She is my soul, heart beat, my everything.
Lucky- where do she live? Tell me about her…..
Sanskar – She is my jaan…. I m very happy with her.



A beautiful cute chirpy bubbly girl wearing orange anarkali suits with net dupatta, light makeup on her face open hair coming towards college gate with books…as she enter the college gate some rowdy boys are comments to her where are u going sundari. What a nice dress!!!!!!
she is very angry on that boys but she didn’t reply to him.
Rowdy boys again flirts, are kha chali meri jaan.
She standing silently…

sudden a handsome smart boy wearing white shirt with blue jeans golden watch in his hand and black goggles, coming towards rowdy boys and says what’s your problem? Tell me your name..
Rowdy boys -why?
Boy – police ko btana hai. (for informing to police )
Rowdy boys starts shivering and their pants soggy with fear.
Boy – put out some money from his pocket and gave money to leader in them, for purchase new underwear…
Girl – bit smiling.
Boy – just go from there and again never flirts to any girl got it..
Rowdy boys run away fastly without turn back.
Girl – thanks.

Boy – it’s ok, miss???
Girl – Swara..myself Swara and you??
Boy – I’m Sanskar Maheshwari.
(Both shakes hand eachother)
Both studies in same class with same subject.
So, they daily meet with eachother
Sanskar have many Friends and swara also. Slowly slowly as the time passes They become fast friend ……
After some time swara and sanskar talking on social network…

They share their all problems and try to solve together..
Sanskar is very intelligent and emotional boy. When Swara have any problem, Sanskar try to solve her problems. Slowly… slowly….. they come close… Firstly Swara feel for Sanskar, but she didn’t tell anything. She want to propose Sanskar but she can’t…. She is waiting his proposal….
One day sanskar go outside with his friend without informing to Swara…

Swara feels restless whole day without Sanskar, but Sanskar didn’t know her feelings. Swara feeling sad….When sanskar comes back n talks with swara on phone..
San happily – Hii swara..How r u..??
Swara angrily- I am fine..n where u were for this much time..??
San-Woah actually I had gone for party with my frnds..
Swa angrily- Ohhoo…So u didn’t think imp to tell me this…hmm

San- swara..
Swa – What swara haan..?? U know how many messages n phone calls i did to u..How much i am worried for u…But it doesn’t matterd to u na..u just enjoy with ur frnds..
San- woah….woah…Cool down my jhansi ki rani..Why u r worrying for me so much..?? N why u react like as u r my girlfriend..
Swa- Becoz I…Suddenly she realises that what she is going to say n stop in the mid..
San Excitedly- Becoz u..
Swa- Becoz..I….I..
San- yess swara u..
Swa- Becoz i am ur frnd..

San hopelessely – frnd…
Swara taking a sigh of relief -yess frnd..What else u think..??
San- i think u r going to say i love u to me..
Swara blushes hard n sttuters-wh..at..did.u..say..??
San- I love u..
Swa blushingly- Why did u think this i will say i love u to u..

San- why..?? U can’t say it to me i am so handsome all the girls get flat on me..so if u also get flattened on me then its obvious..
Swara again gets angry- hooo..stop stop don’t give that much importance to urself n ya we r nothing more than a frnd..n i am still angry from u..
San- Are u sure..??
Swara again getting in her feelings-ye..ss..

She cuts the call in embarrassment..

San himself – i know swara u love me only there is delay of ur proposal..Then i will say yess to u..I fall in love with u in our first meeting only..i am just waiting for the moment u propose me.

Now sanskar started to avoid Swara n day by day swara anger grew on its peak..He talks to swara and instead of her he talk kavita actually Sanskar purposely talks with kavita to make swara jealous..kavita is his friend, so she also helps him in this sanskar, saw that swara is getting irritated by his behaviour and always gives a giggle were patience get over she gets irritated of his behaviour n one day when college gets over swara comes to sanskar angrily..

Swara- Sanskar I wanna talk to u something very important..
San- yaa tell..
Suddenly his bestie kavita comes to him..Sanskar winks to kavita n she starts acting..
Kav putting her arms around his arms- Hey sanskar drop me at home..Actually my bhai hadn’t come yet n i am alone na..

Swra gets jealous by listening sanskar name her mouth n her anger reaches on its peak…
San- yaa..yaa sure kavita let’s go..
Swara wide open mouth- Sanskar i wanna talk to.u
San- yaa swara i will talk to u lter hmm..

Swa- No…..i wanna talk to u now..
Kavita with fake anger- Buddy u r cmng or not..
San-kavita calm down i am cmng..swara i will talk to on phone..
He hurriedly leaves with kavita Swra feels hurted n she breaks down..She goes to her home n waited for sanskat’s call but his call didn’t come..She cries bitterly..

After a week …..
Sanskar call her bhut she didn’t receive his call bcoz she was angry.. But San..call her again and again… But swara can’t control she received his call and when he say hello swara how are you????
Swa -Start crying.
San- What happened yaar?
Swa- u haven’t time for me so why are u calling me? Goooooo. Your girlfriend waiting to you.. Why are u call meeeee????
San- i know dear my girlfriend waiting for me so i calling her.
Swa- ok…
San- hmmmm ye hui n bat..
Swa- What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

San – yes…….
Swa – Are u gone mad?
San – yes… When i saw you first time i was mad.
Swa- i think u had drunk,can we talk later ?
San- Nooo……… Swara i am fully in conscious.
Tomorrow, we will meet. I. will pick up u from your home.
Swa surprisingly – O..k….

Nest Day….

Sanskar pick came up to swara from her home, she get ready for the go.
She wore lemon yellow anarkali suit, open hair one sided dupatta, bandish bangles in one hand light makeup and dark lipstick….
San – Swara…….. Swara…… Swa….swa….his mouth open to surprise…
Swa- I’m coming…. Let’s gooo….
San – Where is Swara?
Swa- i m here yar.
San – he try to touch her hand for believe but as he touch her hand Swara gave a bit jurk to his hand..
San – you are real.

Swa – What are u think about me?
San – i thought you are a any fairy who came on the earth by mistake.
Swa – wooooo…..? ? ? fairy…

San – let’s go dear.
Swa- gooo.
Both going a long drive becoz Swara likes to long drive…

The road is totally silent then Sanskar tell to Swara…….. I love you Swara…
Swara – Surprised her eyes wide. What!!!!!!
San – yes I Love u sooooooooo much… I can’t die in your love i wanna to spend my whole life…
Swara – listening this word she is soo emotional and she starts crying..
Sanskar – stop his bike. And ask her what happened m i not handsome?
Swa – nooo
San- What!!!!!! i m not handsome?

Swa – Nooooo, i mean yes.
San – (high his winks)- What is this Swara….. Sometimes you say Yes sometimes you say not…..tell me final decision yaar
Swa – yes.
San – What yes.?
Swa- you are Handsome.
San- So what problem? Why are u crying?
Swa- Becoz i also love you soooo much, and i can’t tolerate any girl in your life…..
San- ohh my lovely darling. I love you Swara.

Swa- i love u toooo Sanskar…..
Swara feels very happy Becoz she love earlier than Sanskar…. Her dream had completed… Both were vary happy with their company… They feel that their life is like a haven..

They had gone many place for enjoying and feel for eachother… Their love becomes grow day by day…..
They decided to marry but Sanskar’s family never agree the cause of intercast. Swara is very sad she told him i wanna to marry with you plzzz give me your name…. I wanna to joint my name with you, i wanna to become your bride…..

Sanskar is in very deep tension that what should he do? He told her i m sorry….
Swara – listening this word she starts crying…
But she tolerate it…she decided that never told to sanskar for marriage…
One day both going to a temple for worship then Sanskar gave proposal for marry. Swara totally shocked!!!!!!! What!!!!!!! ……..
Sanskar – tell me swara?????? I ask something to you?
Swara – listening this her mouth become wide…. Aaaaaaaa?????
Sanskar – What are u thinking yaar?
Swara – Ok.. I’m ready…

Sanskar – He go in other side where lord Ram Sita ji and Lord Shiva’ s idol…..both stand in front of idols and Sanskar fill her mang with vermillion……
Swara – She feel new feeling, her feet is not on the earth….
Sanskar – Also feel a new feeling like husband.
Swara and Sanskar both bind with a lovely relationship……
But they are very compulsion becoz they didn’t share our married life to anyone…
But they are very happy with eachother..
Their love becomes more grow as the passes of time…..

After 3 month….➡

They celebrate their first night….(one day Sanskar come at Swara ‘s home for a work but that time no one is present that time Swara is alone so they got a lovely chance to celebrate their first night..)
Swasan is now complete husband wife…
Swasan is very happy with their relationship..
She told to sanskar that u had complete me. Sanskar also repeated this line.. They complete their duty with full honesty…

Swa – She making lunch for him. Feed him with his hand… Sanskar eats very happily…
Swara loves Sanskar very much she wanna to a baby like him.. But Sanskar told no Swara i m sorry our relationship is not social so how can you manage your pregnancy.
Swara – i can tolerate all insults..but i wanna…
Sanskar- Noooo….
After 2- 3 month later Both agreed for baby..
But both fear that society never accept their relationship……

They passed 4 year with happiness…..

After 4 year a big storm came in their life…. ?????????

Sudden swara’s family fixed her marriage without informing her..when swara got this news she completely shocked!!!!!!!!
When swara gave this news to Sanskar, uske pairo k niche se jmeen khisak gyi( the land slide from his feets on his)…… He is not in conscious..
Swara – She daily crying and crying and crying…..

Soon tha marriage date came near. Her heart beat faster than before…. Both crying daily..but they didn’t got any solution for that problm. Sanskar have many problems in his family so he can’t accept her. So he told her that accept your new relationship, when you will happy i also would live happy to see your face….
Swara bitterly crying when she listen his decision..

Sanskar is now very serious he completed his all work like shopping he purchased many sarees for her….
Swara looking only his face where no any happiness…
Swara promise to Sanskar – i love u Sanskar, i m always be your wife
You are dwelt in my soul, in my all my body parts..our love never fade away…..
Our physical relationship would dead but spiritual love always alive…..

@Marriage day….

Swara crying all time……. Whole day she crying and San.. Also crying but not shows……

@ Night….
Swara get ready at bridal dress she looking so gorgeous, pretty innocent…. (Sanskar stand in front of her eyes ) but she felt very sad so she didn’t see any person…..
But suddenly swara saw to Sanskar in front of her eyes…….. Her eyes is very teary when she saw him…
Swara complete her all rituals without happily ..

@ Morning….

Swara crying for Sanskar….. Sudden sanskar’s call came in Swara’s mob. Both crying on phone.

Swara get ready for farewell…
After sometime she gone…..
Flashback end…..

Tha is why I’m here lucky…. …
I thought that i would live without her for her happiness, but now life is looks like burden….
Lucky – Bhai one day everything would normal..
Calm down.. Keep patience…. She loves you soo much, she would also restless for you….
Sanskar – i wanna to die lucky….. Without her i can’t imagine for live…???
Lucky – you have to live bhai for mom for dad.. For Swara… When she will know about u she will feel suffocation, restless, dead ……. “Because u are two body with one soul”…
San – yaa i think u are right…. For swara i would alive… “But its not easy to forget her”… “She is my wife my soulmy everything “…. “I love my dear wife sooo much forever”…..

The end………

Hello guyzzzz if u like my story plzz pl plz appreciate my story…. Thanks to all for the read………

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  15. Raina

    a very much emotional story!!
    but i am also getting angry, i mean after marriage, without divorce itself swara is marrying again that too after consummating… and also sanskar should have stood with her, and they should have announced their relation but he just let her go!…
    had no intention to hurt you asha, i just told what i felt…

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  28. I think pari is right sanskar ji….Why had u left her…. She is very crying to listen your decision.. ….. By the way Swara is your property no one can separate you….

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  30. Arshaanya

    Wat was dat??
    I mean how cud u show lyk dis..
    Dey married n lived happily for 4yrs…
    Y sanky didnt take stand for swara n how can she be dis much dumb dat being married she married othr man n dun even tel her parents…

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