Are we not destined to be together?? OS


Hello everyone

This is my very first piece of writing on krpkab I just love devakshi as u all do
So this is my first attempt hope it satisfies u and yeah I write only 1 fan fic on tei as I told u all I’m new n I love making new friends sooooo plss do tell me how is it after reading it

The story is same as krpkab at start
Dev brings sona as his mom nutritionist and sona doesn’t like this so both of them r enemies….
One day ishwari falls very sick and dev gets worried for her n goes to sona
D: what the hell is this miss Bose I appointed u to take care of my mom n she is so sick and not at all healthy u know my Mom is my world n I can do anything for her why don’t u understand plsss go n check her immediately I need her alright by tmrw do u get that
Sona:Mr.dixit its not my fault I’m doing my duty well but as a son its ur duty also to check her health but u in 24 hours u spend 18 hours in ur so called office u know how much she thinks about u and u don’t even care about her n just keep telling that she’s ur world she get so stressed thinking about u and all this illness is also because of u and ur coming n blaming me???
D: enough miss Bose u r crossing ur limits
S: my limits then ur also doing the same Mr.dixit and spend some time with ur mom n see whether she’ll become alright or not then u blame me understand
D: we will see miss Bose
S: yes Mr dixit
For the next 2 days dev spent time with ishwari and she recovered Dev realized his mistake and decided to apologize sona

Next day
Dev and sona bump into each other n fall down sona was having files with her
S: ouchhhh
Both of them get up
S: Mr dixit dekh ke nahi chal sakte
D: aap bhi tho voh kar sakthi thi naa
He picks up the files n sees that it was ishwaris files he opens n he was very happy to see the reports
Ishwari recovered very quickly
In happiness he hugged sona. She was in a total shock didn’t knew how to react
Dev realized what he was doing he parted himself from her
D: thanq sooooooo much miss. Bose u don’t know what have u done really thank u soo much for this gift
S: come on Mr.dixit I did not gift u anything it was u who did this thanq for keeping my word n spending your time with ur mom that’s why she’s fine I have nthng to do
D: u have a very big role in making this u were the one who made me realized that spending time with my mom was important thanq for it I won’t forget this in my life
S: its okk Mr.dixit
D: n I’m sooooo sorry for being rude with u so friends???
S: ummmmm okk friends
From that day they really shared a good bond supported each other shared things with each other encouraged each other spent time with each other had pranks told their secrets helped each other they were very happy with each other and hanging out with each other was the thing which they loved
This was very different for dev, sona had become a part of His life she had changed him completely she had taught the meaning of life for him how to smile how to live a life and how beautiful life is n what all he had missed in his life
They have become close friends Dev had an unknown happiness while he was with sona Now sona family decided to get her married though sona resisted but as her family insisted she agreed reluctantly. She met the guy (imagine him as ritwik only)
But she was not at all happy with this relation she didn’t knew why
One day she decided to sit and think peacefully n sought out all the confusion in her mind but when ever she tried to do so only the person she got in her mind was DEV she was quite confused

Sona POV
Why I’m I thinking about dev when I’m gonna get engaged with ritwik in 10 days he is my would be husband but still I don’t feel comfortable though he is nice I don’t feel he is perfect for me why???? N when ever I try to get n answer to this question the only person I get in my mind is DEV but why??? Wait wait do I love him ? She thinks all the moments she spent with dev an unknown happiness an unknown peace and a beautiful smile on her face appeared which confirmed that she was madly in love with DEV
It was shocking for her as she never thought that her best friend would be her dream boy…

Sona POV
I love him but does he also do that he feels the same way for me does he also love me but without knowing answers to all my questions I cannot take this drastic step
Next day she went to dev n told him about her engagement
He was shocked he did not react but just said
D: congratulations
Sona was shocked at his reaction it was her first love and this feeling that before confessing her love is broken was not being handled by sona
She loved him a lot though she realized it now only
She didn’t knew what to do
She decided to marry ritwik according to her parents wish at least she could have their love n support
On the other hand Dev

Sona is getting married no no engaged but why I’m I not happy with this I’m her best friend true friend n I’m supposed to be the happiest person then why I’m feeling so restless so uncomfortable why is this happening with me what is this why I’m not happy??
He was searching answer for all these questions he went to ishwari and told everything she laughed n said can’t u understand this
This possessiveness this fear of losing her and this restlessness ur in love dev
Dev was shocked he verified asked many people n searched on internet n finally came to a conclusion that he was in love
He was on cloud nine it was such a nice feeling such a divine feeling he was smiling and suddenly he stopped smiling n realised that it was sona’s engagement
Here sona was crying badly n was thinking all the moments spent with dev n was crying more n more badly
Here dev decided to confess it to sona right now as he can’t afford to loose the person who taught him the feeling of love n meaning of life n now she is the love of his life
He went to sona’s house and into sona’s room through window he jumped in her room
Sona was completely shocked
D: come with me
S: where today is my engagement
D: come with me promise I’ll handle everything pls pls
After all his was her love how can she react Dev took her out through the window only and tool her to a beautiful hotel….
There he confessed his love
D: sona I know today is ur engagement but I love u I don’t know how when where but I love u n u were the one who taught me how to live a life n now u have become my life I don’t know what’s ur reply but if it is yes n I don’t confess it to u then I can’t even bear the feeling of going away from u I love u I love u till infinity
He was eagerly waiting for her reply
S: u took such a long time to realize it I love u tooooo dev I was waiting for this moment I thought this will never come in my life but
She was interrupted by dev
D: means u love me from beginning and did not even bother to tell me if ur engagement have happened today then???
S: I’m sorry naaa plsss ab huyi nahi naa
D: ab hogi

He removes a ring from his pocket and makes her wear it
She removes the ring which she already had and makes him to wear
Both of them spend time together and both of them were walking on the road….
Both of their hands were entangled
Suddenly sona saw a ice cream parlour and started running on the road and in the middle of the road she stopped n looked at dev and signed him to come
Dev was scared he warned her to cross the road and she did not listen
A truck was approaching her dev saw it he was running like n insane to save her but he was late
She was hit by the truck
Dev approached her and made her to sleep on his laps
S: Dev I think we r not destined to be together she was breathing her last breaths
D: no sona tumhe kuch nahi hoga mei tumhe kuch hone nahi donga
S: plssss shhhh listen to me u told that I taught u how to live a life n how to smile now promise me ull live like this only and move on in life promise me
D: no sona nothing will happen to u
S: plsss promise
She gives her hand and he places her hand as soon as he placed his hand she died peacefully in his arms
D: sonaaaaaa
Dev was looking at sona’s photo and
D: see I’m smiling because u took a promise from me if u had not done that then I would also come to u but u…..
Ishwari came and placed hand on his shoulders
I: khabi nahi bulega usse
D: khabhi nahi

So how was it sorry for killing sona plssss as I told u all its my first piece of writing in krpkap so drop ur comments n tell me how was it so that I can plan to post my next OS only if I get a good response so plsss do express ur views n opinions n I’ll be waiting
Thank u for reading it
Love u all
Sorry for the mistakes n don’t forget to comment!!

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  1. Sharica

    It was so beautiful dear. Keep writing often. ?

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    but I wish in nxt os we can see a “HAPPY ENDING “.
    well glad with ur ff ..try nxt n post soon .

  4. Aaru

    Heart touching..

  5. I was not good it was painfull. U made me to cry. U killed my sona.

  6. Keep writing

  7. OS is heart touching but I can’t see DevShi apart no sad ending plz
    Hoping for happy ending OS next time

  8. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeee it was so emotional

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  10. *it was not good

  11. Seriously it was amazing, i wrote it was not good only bcse u separate devakshi ????otherwise it is fab ??but plzzz next time happy vala OS likhna. Ok dear ?i love happy love stories so next time try something happy vala

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    I loved it???? but such a sad end yaar! Not fair??

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    Gud OS THANMY….Last line of sona was hear touching. Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing OS my frnd.

  15. It was awesome!!! But u killed Sona???? but it was really heart touching. Plz keep writing??


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