my not so arrogant boss ( Part 1 )

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@ 12 : am in Choudary’s mansion

The lights are off someone is sleeping
3,2,1 happy birthday Princess !!!!! Screamed Mr . Choudary

Anika woke up with a sudden thud
She was blinking her eyes and then she showed her 32 bright shining teeths to everyone” thnx all that was a lovely surprise now let me sleep u all go and sleep too I have to go out tomorrow I will be getting late ” she said

But princess is Ur bday u need to be with us why you will go anywhere I won’t allow you nooo!!! Said mr.choudary

Daddy if I ask u something will u say no she asked

No never he replied

“Then promise me u will give me whatever I ask for ”

“Promise dear ”

” Hmm as of now I’m 22 I just wanted to stand in my own I want to be independent so I will be joining a job that to without Ur influence and also I will take a middle class life ” she said in one go

She knew he will be angry so she moved her gaze here and there

” I will agree but in one condition ”

” What’s that ?!”

” You have to marry when ever I ask you to then I can give you permission for this wish if urs”

After thinking 100 times she finally said yes

Die now she didn’t bother about her marriage it’s just she wanted to be independent

She don’t want the fame of Choudary upon her

She wanted to become a strong and independent women

She applied for job in every company which is not related to Choudary’s because she don’t want her father’s influence over there

Then she gets a call from Oberoi’s group of industries saying that there is a vacancy for the p.a

She is going to meet her new world tomorrow on her birthday

Kinda a new start for her
She is really very excited

But poor she
Will she be able to handle her  not so arrogant boss

Anika after her bday celebrations is packing her stuffs she is going to stay with her bestie Chanda

Anika pov

Finally !!!! I’m getting freedom yay!! That’s really going to be thrilling thank god !! Daddy gave permission he kept one condition that’s really very confusing though but still I don’t want to loose the chance so I agreed to that now I’m going to live a life without any surname I even removed my surname from all my certificates hehe for that to happen I used my surname ?? but still it’s ok now I’m going to give my first interview eww I’m so excited !!

She bids bye for her parents and leaves to chanda’s place

Her father decided to keep an eye on her so he arranged one fellow to follow her always

Before going she asked her dad not to involve in he career he agreed so he also decided not to interfere with her job

A man is shown throwing all the stuff in his cabin

Yes he is our hero Mr shivaay Singh Oberoi

” U are fire !! Get out ” he yelled at his poor employee

Without uttering a single word the person left his cabin

Anika reached the reception she enquiries about her job

She goes as per the instructions

” Excuse me sir ”

” Yes come in”

She saw him for the first time
He was looking at her
She was looking at him

” Sir I came here to give my interview ”

” let me see Ur file ”

She gives him
He was quite impressed

He asked her few questions she replied perfectly

” So ms.anika from today u are appointed as my p.a u can join from tomorrow and u better learn the rules quickly I hate people who won’t follow my rules ”

” Yes sir I will ”

“I hate late comers u have to be on time and I don’t like mistakes u should not do any mistake being my p.a ”

“Yes sir I got it ”

” U may leave now ”

” Thanks have a good day sir ” she smiled brightly

That words it took him to the past
The same words which some one close to him said he loved that words before but now he hated every memory of that person

” I said u may leave ” he shouted

She was really very scared she ran out immediately

Anika pov

What the hell !! What did I say I just said have a good day he hot so much angry argh he is such a angry bird I don’t know how my life is going to be with this not so arrogant boss (mark the  sarcasm)

Precap : shivaay pov

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