Nostalgia of some golden serials (Star Plus)

Hello peeps! Well, I am here with a quick nostalgia of the golden times of Star Plus…. The time when they used to offer us some amazing serials! I will be focusing during the times of 2011-2014, as according to me, those were the golden years! So, let’s remember some outstanding serials of those times….

Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon?

Oh, we possibly can’t forget this serial, nor the all-time famous couple ArShi even in our dreams! It just aired for a year, but it managed to capture our hearts! What an amazing pair they were… the bubbly Khushi Kumari Gupta and the ruthless Arnav Singh Raizada…. Their banters, arguments, lovey-dovey moments are always going to remain in our hearts.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai?

During its initial years, this serial was awesome! It showed the beautiful journey of the young couple, Akshara and Naitik, as a married couple to adjustment issues. It also showed that relationships should be handled delicately. But sadly, they have ruined the show now by just dragging it.

Diya aur Bati Hum

I still remember how this show used to top the trp charts till 1000 episode! It was a very unique concept of a loving and a self-made man, Sooraj, helping his ambitious wife, Sandhya, to follow her dreams of becoming an IPS officer. I used to just love this show…. I still remember how I wished for a husband just like Sooraj, who would help me achieve my dreams… Sadly, the show ended. Now, star plus came back with its sequel, which doesn’t interest me at all!

Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hai

Aww… this one was so cute! It was a family drama, where two sisters, Maanvi and a mature Jeevika, do anything for each other. This serial portrayed a really cute sisterly bond that I can never forget.

Sath Nibhana Sathiya

Thank god it ended! Uff! The show was horrible! But, during its initial year, it was just the opposite… fantastic! It showed a beautiful bond between saas and bahu. While, other serials showed saas vs. bahu drama, this one showed just the opposite. I loved how they showed Kokila playing a mentor to her bahu, Gopi. But, again, unfortunately, they dragged it and the show became awful.

Ek Hasina Thi

Admist all the lovey-dovey serials, Star Plus came up with this revenge drama. And it was so interesting and intriguing! It was a story of how Durga sets out to avenge the crimes committed by Shaurya, a playboy and the son of the powerful Goenka family. This story always managed to keep me on the end of my seats.


I have always been a fan of mythological shows, but this serial managed to be the best one. It was so funny, yet fascinating… in fact, not only me but my whole family would sit to watch it! The actors were awesome, and I am very sad that it ended so fast… but hey, at least it wasn’t dragged like other serials.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

I effin loved this show in the beginning!! It was such a unique concept… two people marrying for the custody of Ruhi. The Jodi of Raman and Ishita was 10/10! And the bond between Ishita and Ruhi was so damn cute! But, they ruined it! They ruined my favorite show! I don’t watch it now, but I still remember those days when I used to crave for this serial!

Now weren’t those some golden years when Star Plus had some amazing stories to offer? Well, there were more good serials between 2011-2014, like Pratigya or Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara, and probably more! But you can’t decline the fact that Star Plus had more to offer you in the past than now… Currently, none of the serials match the magic of previous ones… Yes, there is Naamkaran, Ishqbaaz, and few that are OK… but c’mon, at the end, I feel like their story is also being destroyed slowly by slowly…

Ughhh!!! I just miss those times!!!! And I am pretty sure I am not the only one who loved these serials during those times…

So what about you? Do share your views….

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  1. Riana

    Saathiya & Yhm were my favourite show of that time…I still miss gohem,Kokila and modis…But sadly they dragged the show a lot and ruined the whole story by producing disgusting and utter shitty tracks !!!…Else saathiya was my favourite when gohem was a having a cute and seperating kinda bond, Rashi & Gopi beautiful sister track like how rashi saved gopi from the stick and ended by her fate !!…I was still in a shock for 2 hours that rashi died…then that was my first day when i came in tu to search of rashi’s death drama !!…
    Yhm was the golden show of star plus, beautiful mom-daughter track made with love where step mom shared so much love to the kid, husband and family……….But after leap !! Urghhhhh !…I dont want to say also….chiii !!

    1. Shrutiii23

      I agree with you! I used to love Saathiya, but after Rashi’s death, I didn’t like it as much. And also, yhm was also ruined after the leap…. Especially, when they brought that Nidhi again and then all that Nikhil drama… I really miss Ruhanika Dhawan as Ruhi

  2. TUFriendsForever

    Yeh hazaro mein Meri behna hai is was and always my all time favourite loved the serial jeevika manvi awesome bond

  3. Shruti! U have expressed my thoughts as well by writing this one. I’ve watched all these serials since they started airing. Now only two of them are airing in which I m watching only one i.e. YHM. Really DABH, IPKKND, EHMMBH, SNS were good ones to watch and went off-air. I don’t include Ek Haseena Thi and Mahabharat in the other four bcoz they were said to be finite and we can’t expect the shows to be dragged. I wish at least IPKKND 4 arrives with Barun and Sanaya.

    1. Shrutiii23

      Glad that you were able to connect with my thoughts…. I too hope that they arrive with Barun and Sanaya in IPKKND 4, because then only, they can create the magic.

  4. does anyone here used to watch sasural genda phool ? i loved that show so much

    1. Shrutiii23

      I forgot to mention that one…. but, yeah, that one was also very popular during the time!

  5. Yrkkh was always cute until little naira was born, little naksh welcoming his baby sister etc. Now it is utter bullshit

    1. Aqsa.M

      Yeah even i used to watch Yrkkh after the four year leap only for the small naksh and the way they were showing his bonding with Naitik was worth to watch.

      1. Shrutiii23

        Exactly! At first, they used to show the importance of relationships and the bondings in the family… but now its all Kaira drama…

  6. Aqsa.M

    Above all the serials you mentioned IPKKND was my favourite and will always be and I am very happy that it is going to start again on Star Utsav and those who have not watched it yet can watch it….
    Ek hazaron main meri behna hai and yeh hain mohabbatein were also nice shows…

  7. Varshini

    yes , really they were golden years . ehmmbh and dabh are my favourites from the above mentioned . no comment about sns and yhm , both were spoiled completely to the core . yhm , till epi 458 its worth watching , then its completely irritating , and sns , till rashi’s death it was good . dabh had ruled the trp charts when it was on air , the sequel cant even come near to it . from first itself dabh focused only on sandhya’s career and sooraj’s support for sandhya , tsmspj is not so good . after the 5 years leap in yrkkh , nothing remains , the best part of the show was after the ten years leap . nowadays they are concentrating too much on kaira that it has become irritating .waiting for ipkknd to start on star utsav , because that was an awesome show but i had not watched all the episodes . i had missed some . now star plus is not soo good , hope such shows with good content and story line are aired here after at least

    1. Shrutiii23

      I agree that they ruined some really good shows like sns and yhm by dragging the plotline and putting in some illogical stuff. Dabh was awesome… but at some point, the show’s trp started to decrease and then it ended…. now, they came up with tsmspj, which doesn’t even match even 1% of it!

  8. I love ❤ Mahabharata and Sasural Gendha Phool. Also Iss pyaar Ko kya naam doon. These shows attracted me and my family a lot.

  9. Zainah

    I totally agree with you
    Those were really golden years

    1. Are u muslim ?

  10. I totally agree with you bcoz i used to watch all these serial.they were so good and new concepts in the beginning was a nayi soch.the actors were also was never a saas bahu drama.they have given an excellent messages to the societies about supporting girls or women in the family by different people like mother in law or husband or in-laws house. they have shown how girls families are equally important like husband’s family. How a girl can achieve a dream of becoming ips while doing the role of a house wife with the support of the an ignorant daughter in law become educated with the help of mother in a girl become an excellent wife , mother, daughter in law by not forgetting her relationship with her own a nuclear family girl adjusted and understand the value of joint family.

    I really thought of writing the same article bcoz I am so upset with the current track of many serials in star plus who forgot the value of nayi soch. I am just following present serials ( not regularly) box I was attached to the old version of it.

  11. Hi shruti…you are correct that were golden days of starplus…ipkknd was fab i think saraswatichandra was also quite popular during its initial days …i totally loved that slb’s show

  12. In fact, IPKKND had done to Star Plus tv was famous for the whole world

  13. Negisanyukta

    I agree with u dear…..that were really golden years.I was used to watch Ek Hasina Thi nd for me that was the best show becoz the way Durga took revenge from Shaurya of her sister’s rape nd married Dev that was trmendous.
    And my Mom nd Chachi were used to watch Saath Nibhana Saathiya.They didn’t missed a single episode but after Rashi’s death,they quit watching the show.
    Thank u dear unn golden years ko yaad dilane ke liye.
    Take care???

  14. Kashaf

    Ek hasina thi was love and saathiya was love till giaa manek was there. Ek haazaron mein meri behna was amazing . Arshi had a amazing chemistry . I miss some of the shows of star plus. I stopped watching Yhm and yeh rishta
    Naamkaran is the only show I watch in star plus. It is amazing and refreshing
    Ishqbaaz has turned the most illogical show I had ever seen. Why did I watch a gul show?
    Thanks for this analysis purane din yaad a gayi

  15. Aarosh

    yes u r right they spoiled the shows and ishqbaaz,pardes mein hai mera dil joins the list in future

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