Hello people…I am posting on my scheduled time…thank you for all the love and really means a lot…well I know u feel that it is dragging….nd kinda getting boring..but bear wid me as u hve till now…I m seriously trying my best to make it interesting for chp is quiet long..nd I will try to finish d flashback parts in 3-4 chps…!
Love u all..
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He had feelings, he loved me. He really did. There’s no doubt in that. I always thought this and I respected him so much for the love he gave me. I know this comes out of nowhere but I have to say this. His face, was attractive, not in a way you think but it had that kind of power to just make heads turn over. His face was so much interesting. Really it was. I often observed him when he wouldn’t notice and I tried so hard to know what was going on inside that head of his. What was he thinking? Was he thinking about me?
There are happy memories too. There are always some, aren’t they?
Time has drowned it all.

One fine sunny day, we planned to go swimming. He didn’t know how to swim. He was afraid to go to the deeper part and the story behind his fear made me roll with laughter. Can you believe it, the tall, charming Mr. Malhotra was afraid to go the deeper part because he feared that sharks would come out of nowhere and eat him up!
God that was hilarious, like hilarious with six-‘a’s.

So anyway, we jumped in the pool. Oops,mistake! I jumped in the pool, he carefully stepped down the stairs leading to the blue cold water.
So once inside the pool, I decided to teach him how to swim. Actually I wanted to him to kick this silly fear out of his mind. So here is how it happened:
I knew that he already knew the movements so I just wanted him to stretch in water and start swimming. So I waited for him to start. He does.

And you have to really clap for the distance he covered. He covers barely one inch because he stretches and thinks to start but he is already ‘drowning’ according to him. So I just looked towards him with a bored look on my face as he moves his hand and legs frantically and well, kinda maniacally.
” Ahh save me! Save me! I am drowning. Somebody save me!’ He shouted and I couldn’t help but think how could a man as tall as him drown in a depth of merely four feet.
I was just lost in finding the logic only when he moved towards me with great force. I couldn’t defend myself and his bare torso touch my body and his hand held mine. He was still shouting.
I came back to my senses and hit him on the head. ” Stupid, how can you drown in four feet? I am standing and I know so can you.”

He didn’t listen to me and with great efforts managed to reach the boundary.
There was so much fun. No barriers of trust. No silly fights. No possessiveness or obsessiveness.

Just the real us. No pretending. No hiding. Just us as we wanted it.
I wish we could go back to being that way. Oblivious of the world and forming a world of our own where there would be no complications and no persuasion. Just the cool water and our calm selves. But time huh. This time has an old enmity with me. It just isn’t ready to allow me to jump into its depths and go back to the beautiful memories. Time has drowned it all.

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  1. Ariana

    Look who is commenting on time- ME!!!!
    Finally I managed it after ages….woho!!! Now u don’t have to desperately wait for my comment coz this time I’m commenting early.
    Rofl!!! U r a fairy with supernatural powers. Really whenever the evil boredom surrounds me, u spread ur light to chill me up. Today too I was nearly sleeping on the history class but look who posted the masterpiece!!!
    Thanks soooooooooooo much! I could survive for that big hour n 20 mins for this marvelous update.
    Goooossshh it was hella hilarious. I could imagine that lambu calling for help ???
    U rock….I’m serious u rock harder than diamond. Stay blessed
    Now….dare u call this cool off chaps boring again ?, I’ll punch u.
    How could u? its my favourite ?. U mean my choices r boring???
    Not done!!
    My choices r brilliant ? deal with it

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh my god Ariana..!
      Now look who is buttering..!!?
      Yeah..I totaly agree wid d fact that ur choices r brilliant.??
      Thank you so so much..
      Nd yeah..u r first to comment..m so happy that saved me my waiting..!
      Love u loads .
      Take care..

  2. Ohhh it was so niceee

  3. Hii everyone i m new here and a silent reader to … O Ws u write so well i can’t explain i have no words u express so well . Actually i don’t what is happening but after edkv ended no one is responding what is happening please please please post nxt chap soon one more thing maine ye suna hai ki edkv season 2 aa raha hai is this news true guys please update chapters soon i m so happy to see ur update please please please post nxt chap soon thanx and sry for if i hurt anyone

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey ria..welcome sweety..
      Thank you so much for commenting..!
      Plz continue to do so in future..
      I.will try to post soon..
      And as for season 2.. I really wish that d news is true..

      1. Thanx for ur love

  4. Beas

    Oh wonderful as always. Kinda masterpiece. Post asap ?

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh beas..
      Thank you so much..
      That means a lot to me..!
      Will try to post soon..

  5. Hey Niyati di!
    Firstly, I’m extremely sorry for my late comment! Had been at school and just cam back…
    Now, coming to the episode, it was soooooo damn amazing! Man, I loved each and every part of it! Aaaahhhh…the way you described everything was?????
    Please do try to post soon!
    Love ya!?????

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey anshu..
      U r not late sweety..!
      Thank you so much..
      Will try to post soon..
      Love u too..!

  6. Nikita

    Lookkk who’s backk :
    Imm here…….!!
    Niya di, amazinggg…
    Look at you, look at your writing, it’s so interesting, well I wont say it’s boring, but it feels dragged, but since you said that you’re gonna post it now, so yayyy!!
    Oh I just love this Shravan!

    1. Nikita

      TU posts half comments you know.. so in the end.. I juat loved the episode..
      Loovvvee youuu <3333

    2. WeirdSister

      Thank you Nikki..
      Missed u..
      Nd as for d dragging part..
      U will know d reason soon..!
      Love u too..

      1. Nikita

        Yes.. I missedd youu tooooo <33
        But I'm backk ^_^

  7. Yet another piece which is flawlessly amazing! Damn..hw do u even manage to mke the fiction so living….the more I read the more it mkes me go awe! <3
    Thankyou sooooo much fr posting it on the given tym. Welll.. I'm soo much dieing to know whtz going in shravan's mind.
    Will desperately wait fr the next chp
    Tke care
    Loadz of luv <3 <3

  8. WeirdSister

    Thank you so much ruhaani..
    U make me feel flattered..
    Will try to post soon..
    Love u too.

  9. Alina

    Hii Niyati..sorry I’m sooooo late..??
    Episode was amazing, super duper beautifully u relate the past that her good memories had drowned with time..
    U r excellent writer dear
    Waiting for ur next part
    Love you..n ur ff
    Bye take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey alina..
      Thank you so much dear..
      Nd its okay if u r late..
      No need to be sorry..!
      Love u too.
      Will try to post soon..

  10. Khushi

    Ohk so I think infact why think I AM very late
    So sorry for that actually I don’t know why I am late kinda disturbed a lil and my exams are also coming yr
    Ok leave my things lets come to ur ff
    U get that???
    And I want that very very soon jaan
    Don’t just limit urself till ff darling u r something beyond that u got me ?? BEYOND THIS

    The way u write the things u write the plot u write the dialogues u write all are just magic darling just magic

    I am not requesting I am ordering u to publish a novel very soon and I hope i have the right to order u?????

    I just loved the part and yeah mark my words

    U r stupid how can u call this peice which is pure class boring

    And this is ur ff I know but I just love it and I will not hear a word against it got it??

    Love u so much jaan and I am missing u so much yeah u r such a great writer and u r on time also its me only who is not punctual at all

    M so sorry guys for that
    I will post soon
    Love u niyu
    Love u so so much
    I hope u remember me???
    Lots of love c u soon darling

    1. Khushi

      Ohk so think I wrote a paragraph yr
      But Kya karun itne tym baad comment kar rhi hun ho jaata hai
      Love u yr love u so much

    2. WeirdSister

      Oh my god khushi..
      U always make up for not being there for quiet some time…!!
      I would love to publish a novel!! Its my dream…but I need time for that…
      I will definitely write one..when I get time..
      I can never ever forget u….!!!
      Love u too sweety…!
      Plz update ur ff soon..
      These exams huh!!
      They r there every Time..
      Bye..take care..
      P.S- plz PM me if u hve a wattpad Id..msg ur Id.

  11. Fatimagulesarfraz

    hey niyati dear !!!!!
    really this one was GRRRRREAT nd AWWWESOME dear ,,,,, u NAILED IT again
    keeep ROCKKKKING like this
    post soon
    take care
    love ya

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you fatima..
      Love u too.
      Will try to post soon..

  12. Okkk so hellooooo weirdsister aka niyati rite????

    Girl ur writing and imaginations are just loveeeeeeeeeeee…..

    Seriously u write simply amazing i hv enjoyed ur each and every piece of writing from ur first ff kahen teri khamoshiyan to this including ur five shots and two shots……… All are just amazingggggggggggg

    keep writing dear

    ps:i know i hvn,t comment till today but surely will cmnt on ur upcoming posts!!!!

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey sunshine..
      Thank you dear..
      Nd I would be really upset if u don’t comment on d upcoming chps..after all u have a lot to make up for…?
      Once again thank you..

      1. Hahahaha i heartily appologize for not cmnting from begining not to u only but to all writers……..

        But from now till i hv vacations i,ll not miss any update to cmnt… And would love to be frnds with u can we??????

    2. WeirdSister

      Of course we can..
      We r already frnds..
      Nd thank you so much..
      Nd its okay..

  13. Nikita

    Di.. im not getting you PMs.. my notifs show that you PMed me, but when I click on it, I dont get any msgs.. Anything important di?

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh god man..
      What prblm does tu have wide me..
      I just wanted to say..that laddoo had given a msg for u..that she had to leave due to some personally issues…nd she is really sorry for plz talk to her..plz..!!!
      Just wanted to convey this

      1. Nikita

        Ok.. But how can I contact her??

    2. WeirdSister

      If u r there on wattpad…
      Then her id is ish_aar..
      Otherwise..I dunno…if she is on twitter or no..
      I talk to her on wattpad…!

      1. Nikita

        If you talk to her on wattpad, tell her to PM me on TU please! Thank you.

  14. Prettypreeti

    Weirdyyy my niyo yaar toooo good it was just tooo goods no doubt u r fab writer it was superb interesting I m curious toooooo gooodddd I loved ITT girl u r a very sweet writer.
    Loved it.
    Post soooonnnnnn.

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much preeti..
      Love u loads..
      Will try to post soon..
      Take care

  15. I’m way too much late. I’m so so sorry for that. ?
    This was so cute. Loved it. Reading every episode makes me even more anxious to read further. The way you explain everything is just so amazing.
    Post ASAP. Much love ? Take care ?

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey zainab..
      I was eagerly waiting for ur comment..
      Thank you so much..
      Will try to post soon..
      Love ya..!

  16. Sorryyyyyyyyy


    sorryyyyyyyyyyyyy i missed so many parts na plzzzzz forgive me life was too hectic and busy extremely sorry but coming to story i,m too curious to know what happend in past and where sharvan is plzzz reveal it soon i cant wait more

    but is sharvan reaally afraid of swimimg hehehe i was literally laughing on this u rocked it girl i,m in love with ur writing skills

    take care stay blesed

    ps : i,lost access to my previous TU account as well so gona register again soon okkk love u bye

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey angel..!!
      Thank you so much..
      M so sorry to make u wait..
      But d flashbacks will go on till d 12th chp..
      If ur exams r ur ff’s next part soon..
      By the way how did they go?
      Register itself quickly..
      Love u loads..
      M posting d next chp now..!

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