Hello everyone..i know i m late..but there is a bad news for u all… I really dont know when i will be posting d next chp…coz well my mom has started getting strict..nd she gives me my phone for a very limited time..i can’t manage to write in such a short time..i usually write at night…in peace..but nowadays she keeps my phone at i really really can’t guarantee u..when d next chp will be up…this one…i had written it bfr…but i still wanted to do the editing stuff…but no sorry to disappoint u..maybe i will comment late on ur ffs..but i surely will…nd m not leaving uu all or something…m here only..just my ff…huh..its in a problem…so now news up…enjoy this chp..coz don’t know abt next chp..


So days passed with him trying to persuade me and flirting with me. Everything was going as it was but one thing that was not, was our relationship. Its not that we were going through some crisis or something. We still spent long hours in each other’s company, talked and talked. He would still try to persuade me to give an answer but I didn’t. Now why didn’t I give an answer? Because my mind had come to a conclusion that both options would cost me to loose him. How? If I said no, then the consequences would be unpredictable and I didn’t want to see him broken. Then I could have said yes right? Its obvious but no, I was not sure about my feelings towards him. What if the same thing happened with him like what happened with Adi? I was still regretting for that mistake, I couldn’t afford to make another.

So I let the it be. Though I didn’t say to him, I allowed him with everything that he expected me to. One thing that I didn’t allow was to kiss me. He was just obsessed with that one kiss. I wondered if it was all about this?

Over the days our fights grew. He would often get angry at me for silly reasons or get possessive about me in seeing me with Adi. Yeah one more thing that changed was his and Adi’s relations. They both started to hate each other, especially Shravan. I don’t know the exact reason but I am sure I played a major role. So our fights grew but he would always come back to me and say sorry. I always forgave him, for countless mistakes he did. The most I did was not to talk to him for some days but my heart would melt at the end seeing his eyes which sought forgiveness.

Emotional pain hurts more than physical pain.

We were not talking to each other due to some stupid fight we had. So, it was evening and we were playing badminton when me and him were in opposite teams. We started playing. He was venting out all his anger, hitting smashes after smashes. One smash hit me on the back of my left palm. After the match, I stormed out of the court and went away from there. I was furious about him doing this. How could he do this? I was thinking of our fight and everything and when I returned to my hostel, I took a look at my hand. I had scratched it up all where he had hit me. It was all red with the marks made from my nails. Tears began to swell up.

After a few days, he followed his routine and said sorry to me.
” You hurt me, physically this time. ” I said to him.
” Hey, I know but that was not at all intentional. It was just that I was angry. I never wanted to hurt you.” He replied.
Day after Shravan was growing angrier. He was changing and I feared to predict what was becoming of him.

” But I felt so.” Tears again began to fill.
I had been crying a lot because of him in those days. He would often hurt me and just come and say sorry. It happened so much that at the end the word ‘sorry’ carried no meaning to me. It always sounded fake. Till today I hate that word. It reminds me of the pain that preceded it.
” Look, I am so sorry okay? I said right, that I was angry.” Saying this he took my scratched hand into his and the touch again did something to me.
” Please don’t say sorry every time. This is really good right, that first you hurt someone and then you have just one word to say-‘sorry’. ” I was fed up of this ever happening silly fights and his anger and temper.
” How did this happen?” He asked shocked as he moved his thumb over my scratched skin.
” My way to remind you of the mistake you did.” I knew that will hurt him. It always did, when I was hurt.

” Oh my god Suman. You shouldn’t have done that, you really shouldn’t have. Never punish yourself because of my ego and anger. Please, I can’t see you like this.” He looked at me and his face showed pain.
I looked away as a fat tear rolled down from the corner of my eye. What happened? I once again forgave him.

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  1. Wow amazing post next epi asap

    1. WeirdSister

      thank you so much sanjyoti..
      keep reading..

  2. Oh..god…niyati..
    Wts happening..bechari sumo kaha fas shravu ..apna anger..apna pyaar par kyo nikaal raha hai..just because she is not taking a right decision and giving some or a little priority to adhi ttoo along with him???
    Is it jealousy?..
    He should understand she already said to him..wtever she had btwn her and adi..and y she can’t b able to reply him hardly..????
    Bewakoof shravan..???
    OK..let’s see..wts next..?? thing to say..sis..????
    Mera bhi sem exams shuru honey wala hai.. I need to prepare I only used to prepare in last days only???????
    So..may b my bhi..comment na kar bhi puri khoshish..karungi ki sab k saath touch ney rahoon..??
    Vaisey mera exams Nov 15 se hai..
    Par bats nahi..jab achanak mrey karna child dhono..isliye pehley baata rahi hoon..???
    Love u..

    1. WeirdSister

      oh my god sona..
      such a long comment…
      anyway thank you so much..
      nd yaah my exams r also starting from 16..
      all the best
      luv u too

  3. Nice os yaar
    it was too good.

    1. WeirdSister

      not an os reema..
      but thanx a lot..

  4. Awwww….I’ll miss your ff sooooooooooooo much!! Please do try to be back soon!
    Moreover, the episode, as usual, was FAB!!!!!!!!
    Loved it to the core!!!<3
    The way you show the character shade is……waaaaooooww!!!!
    Please be back soon!
    Love you!<3

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey anshu..
      Thank you so much..
      Will try to be back soon..
      Love u too..

  5. Beas

    It was very nice ? di. I can understand ur problem but see to it and try to post it soon as u know I keep waiting for this one.

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey .
      Thank you so much..
      Will try to be back soon..
      Love ya..

  6. Prettypreeti

    Hey niyo.
    Tune pagal krdia is ladki ko.
    Yaar itna sweet itna aacha itna expppressfull koi Kaiser likh skta hai.
    Meri jaab lovely one.
    Lots of luv.
    All the best.
    Post soin

    1. WeirdSister

      Aww preeti..
      Thank you so much sweety..
      Love ya..!
      Will try to post soon..
      But can’t guarantee..??

  7. Ariana

    Do u wanna make me cry? No more regular updates? Seriously???? U can’t do that ???? please….this is one of the best ff I’ve ever read so far….I’m obsessed with it and udk how much desperate I get thinking of the following updates. Sooooo much to unfold and now ubr taking my patience test ?but fine I can wait for even 20 more years to read such brilliant wrote ups.
    Now coming to the epi……girl uk ur work makes me love u even more each time. I can’t stop myself from envying u for even a sec. From the very beginning of Noise I was sure it was Sumo who screwed up but u just flipped the coin. Shravan being possessive!! Never even imagined it. U rock. U r like a firework with hidden beauty which is being revealed with each chapter of ur story. I’m being addicted to ur writings. K I’m too crazy. Now ignore my obsession ?
    Pls try posting soon
    Love u sweetie
    Take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh my sweety…
      I would never want u to cry..
      Even I want to reveal everything smoothly nd quickly..but circumstances huh…!!!!
      Anyway…now u r d one buttering…?
      Thank you so so much..
      Love u too sweetheart..
      Will try to post soon..
      Till then..u too take care.
      P.S- eagerly waiting for ur next chp!!

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Niyati yar !!!!!
    It was fantabulous one … As usual u rockkkkkked it again ????
    Nd no problem if u r not able to update ur ff for some days .. it’s okay .. by stay connected ????
    Take care ????
    Love ya ????

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much Fatima..
      Love u too..
      Thnx for understanding..
      I will stay in touch dear…
      U too take care..

  9. Nikita

    You flipppppedd it!
    It wasn’t Sumo, it was Shravan!
    Ugghh, you’re not going, are you?
    But tbh, I’d wait for the next part, I can wait for a month, but just promise me you’d try.
    Anyways, coming to the part..
    How can you write such mind blogging stories… See, cause, I read all ff’s at night, and now I can’t sleep.. My mind was basically set that it would’ve been Sumo who actually screwed up, but it wasn’t!
    It was Shravan, or rather a possesive Shravan! You wrote it amazingglyy well..
    I’m gonna miss you, and remember, I’d be waiting, right here.
    The part was amazinggg.. Hopefully waiting for the next part!
    Love youu loads..
    Ps: take your time! No pressure 🙂

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh Nikki..thank you so much sweety..
      Nd yeah..m not going anywhere..m here only…nd I will seriously try to post d next part soon…
      Love u too sweety!!!!
      Thnx for understanding…
      Take care..

  10. Alina

    Niyati..u took my heart yaar..
    2 or 3 days back I saw your post chap 8 I read it but was not able to understand the went back searched 1st chap read it then also I was confused then I noticed u r writing part 2 of ‘ the choice ‘ then I started reading all episodes of that..i was in search of comment box in every episodes and huh finally got here..
    Niyati u r not only writer…i must say u r writer,producer,director everything…how beautifully u explain each n every scene ,every action is put of this world yaar..while reading ur ff I feel like I am watching it..n one more thing u know because of ur stories I come across many new words..which I add in my vocabulary.. U r just amazing yaar..even u r better than our EDKV such a small age u writes like this so when will you reach his age u will definitely become a professional writer..gud luck.. OK enough of buk-buk..i should leave now..kuki 8 episode b to read krna hai..dekhu where is shravan ??

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh alina..
      Thank you so much sweety!!
      R u there on wattpad..?
      If yes then PM me..ur id.
      Love u loads!!
      Take care

      1. Alina

        No I am not there..
        When I will make an account I will inform you..
        BTW Niyati.. From where u r..i guess you r not from India??

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