Hello everyone…this one is gonna be really short as i told bfr….but its d beginning of d past…so mysteries r gonna be revealed in d upcoming chps…
If anyone did not give me their wattpad ids..then plz give…
One more thing…
I want to say something…
There’s one person here who has always been there for me right from d first epi of my very first ff…nd thats ‘SONA’….she has never missed a single update of mine…so today i want to thank you sona…from d bottom of my heart…love u so so much…!!! P.S- waiting for d day when u will start ur own ff…!!
Okay now…


I finally reach the lake. The view is as usual breathtaking. The orangish glow provides beauty to the place. I move over to the mango tree,it has grown old but still for me, is the best place to refreshen my mind and the memories playing inside it. I touch the grass where he once laid, with his arms stretched out and that charming smile covering his face. How relieved he was that he has finally let out all his emotions,not fully but yeah most of it. It was so easy for him to just let out everything, I wish that if I had done that, he would be right here sitting beside me. There has been a long gap of emptiness, loneliness, livingness etc etc.

I wouldn’t say that I have moved on but I have learnt that you need to catch up with life before it picks up speed. At times I wonder, if I was at fault? If I was not fit to be there? But I know that all of that was meant to happen. I know that deep down, it was nobody’s fault. But the mind thinks it all, what to do of this heart? Heart is an emotional fool, it refuses to let me move on. It still is looking for that one chance to bring everything to where it was. The heart still aches for that one smile. I know that I can’t make everything like it was but I want to prove myself wrong, the heart wants to prove the mind wrong.

So now just on my heart’s saying, I finally get ready to hear the noise of the past, to go down the memory lane and to once again try and find a solution to calm this heart.

Shravan Malhotra. The tall, hot guy who changed my life. He is what my past is all about. He is all that makes the story of my life. He is the man of my dreams, like technically. He is the man whose face I can’t forget. His are the memories that haunt me. He changed me. He taught me about life. He was the man who loved me. It would sound really good to anyone if I say that we loved each other madly. But I am afraid, there was no ‘we’, there was only ‘he’. Because he was the guy who loved me and I was the girl who couldn’t make a choice. A simple choice. Why?

Because I was afraid. How can somebody be afraid of saying yes or no? I know that. But they aren’t just two words right? Choosing one of them would have changed my life. But me being me, I chose another way of changing my life. This is how it all began. It all began with a name, Shravan Malhotra.

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  1. Sori..I don’t have watt pad I’d..I didn’t created yet.when I will create..I will give it to you???
    Aawww..special thanks for me..??
    No need of it..dear..I’m just one of those pupil..who were become fan to your writings ??and in actual terms..u gained me as ur fan..?????
    U r welcome ??

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey was needed dear!!
      Nd yaah come on wattpad soon…at least come by next year…coz next year I would start writing there….!?
      Nd yaah thank you….!!
      Love u loads…

  2. Oops..I didn’t mention about the episode.. was added some more the last can’t b complete.. can’t b ignored..
    It was always???

  3. WOW!!! That’s all I can say after reading this!
    Yes, it was short indeed but soooo amazing!
    The way you describe stuff is so cool man! I’m seriously a HUGE fan of your writings!
    Post soon!
    Love ya!?????

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey anshu…!
      Thank you so much sweety..
      Love u too..
      Will post soon…
      Take care..

  4. Awwww….
    Chhotu chappy!
    Not right??
    Jaldi post karo…
    But one thing…
    This was tooooo fab!
    Love u?

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you laddoo…
      Aww..I m so sorry dear..
      Will post soon…
      Love u too..
      Take care..

  5. Awwww….
    Chhotu chappy!
    Not right??
    Jaldi post karo…
    But one thing…
    This was tooooo fab!
    Lwove u?

  6. Nikita

    You’re so goood!
    It was short, but it was amazingg!
    Suman’s POV <3
    I loved it!
    Love u
    Take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much Nikki..
      Love u too..

  7. Hey! A completely new soul here to this site. I don’t really get time going thru ffs cuz I keep myself engrossed preparing fr mbbs. Somehow I got to this site n d first encounter was ur ff n trust me it left me way too desperate to scroll down pages to get to the first chp. Pheww! Loadz of hardwork but it ws damn worthy. U cn add me up to yet another admirer of urs nw. Amazing concept n just love the way u let out one’s emotions! Infact I’d luv to appreciate each n every talent here on this site giving soo much to readers lyk us. I dnt really remember names but yeah….wid lyk to mention few – *Ariana* (u’ve just stolen my heart away babe….u better post ur article soon)…..*Aaribha*….*Fatarajo*…..*Maria*….*prettypreeti*…*ufaaq*…..dts all I remember going thru fr nw 🙁 . Well hv gt loadz to praise fr but m in lack of tym ryt nw…. will wait fr ur next post!!
    Thankyou once again fr such beautiful pieces 🙂

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey ruhaani..( I love ur name)…welcome to our family…
      Nd oh my god…
      Thank you so much for ur sweet words..
      Nd yaah there r some amazing writers here..
      Btw to help u in future..let me tell u..that if want d chps of a particular ff..then just go above nd type d name of d ff in d search box..u will get need to scroll down..?
      Love u loads..
      Take care..
      Nd I will post soon.

    2. WeirdSister

      Oh my god ruhaani..
      Thank you so much…!
      Nd yeah there r some amazing writers here…
      Btw…to help u in future..let me tell u..that if u want get all d chps of a particular ff…type d name of d d search box above…nd u will get it…then no need to scroll down..?
      Love u loads..
      Nd will post soon..
      Take care..?

  8. Ek duje ke waaste is a very different serial. This is not a saas bahu drama. So i like this and please saas bahu drama is serial me mt lana.

    1. WeirdSister

      Sadhu…this is a completely different concept…so no comparison…nd I don’t write saas bahu drama?
      Btw thanx…!?

  9. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey niyati !!!!
    Yar it was breathtaking one .. indeed short bt awwwwesome ?????
    Post next one very soon ..
    Take care ???

    1. WeirdSister

      Thnx Fatima…
      Love u loads..
      Will post soon…

  10. Woah!! It was amazing. Loved it so much.
    Post the next one soon please. ?

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey zainab..
      Thnx dear…
      Love ya..
      Will post soon..

    2. WeirdSister

      Hey zainab…
      Thank you so much..
      Will post soon..

  11. Prettypreeti

    Niyo I m dancing CHLO now ur secrets will be enrolled.
    I m solo happy reading it.
    Chota but cute..I liked it.
    Sumo is sweet.
    Lots of luv .
    Post soon

    1. WeirdSister

      R u really dancing??
      Thank you so much sweety…
      Will post soon..
      Luv ya??

  12. Khushi

    Ohk so m commenting after ages I know that and I know that u will be dead angry with me
    I didn’t comment that doesn’t mean I don’t read it could I manage to lose this master piece I read every episode darling its just that there was some family prob and so so on I will tell the reason in my next post darling

    Wow what an episode u know what in ur case the length don’t matter coz u just fill all the emotions in few words only I just love ur writings u r a born writer I would love to c u writing a book very soon and mark my words I will be the 1st one to buy it love u so much

    Gosh so much is yet to be unfolded waiting madly for it yr plz try to post soon and yeah love u loads hope u will forgive me

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey khushi…
      Its Ok dear….!!
      Nd thank you so much…
      Ur sweet words flattered me so much..that I forgot abt my anger…
      But u better stay in touch now…!
      Love u too..
      Nd I will post soon…
      Take care..
      Eagerly waiting for ur next post…??

      1. ahhh, di!!!!! apne mujhe to maf nahi kiya tha. u said u r narazzz!!!! jabki mere exams chal rahe hai isliye mai nahi a payi. I am vry naraz ha ab agar Justin Bieber ko bulakar v agar sorry gana gayouyenge na toh v mai nahi bmanungi, HuHhhhHhhh!!!

      2. it ws really interesting di, mujhe mar daloge kyaZ??!!!! itna wait kiu karwa rahe hai, mai mar jayungi na!!!! upar se itna chota epi!!! jo v ho, bt pst soon warna mai mar jayungi. nd yeah di pls pst a special epi on 1st Nov, ok

  13. Ariana

    Hey girl look I’m alive! Though u can count me dead as I’m bad enough to comment soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo late. SORRY!!!! Pls forgive me
    now the chap….it is freaking awesome. Finally the story is unfolding!
    I really can’t wait. Sumo’s POV is great but makes the stry so biased tht I need patience for the scenes to get revealed. Just can’t wait longer. I’m going all hyper nd only u can save me
    pls pls pls pls pls post soon
    Don’t worry nxt time I’ll comment on time. Enough drama of me being late!
    take care
    love u

    1. WeirdSister

      Yeah Ariana I know u r not dead..?
      Well…next post on Wednesday…usual schedule….so u will hve to wait a bit…
      I was waiting for ur comment…
      Nd I was like..did something happen to her?…I thought that I will PM u..nd ask is everything well?..
      But here u r…
      So huh…relief..
      Nd I hve always said..I can wait for any amount of time for ur plz don’t say sorry again nd again..
      Love u too..
      Nd I will come to ur rescue soon?

  14. Angel20

    Finally completed reading all the parts just now!?? And it was just amazing! Today is Sunday and I utilized it by reading this! All together, it was fun yaar! And it was awesome, spectacular, perfect?? I really don’t have words!
    And now I’m just waiting for Shraman’s entry. Btw I loved the title and I think it could not be any better! THE CHOICE! Really very different and the story too was very different! Loved each and everything of it!! Thank you so much for telling me to read all the chapters otherwise I would not have experienced your amazing style of writing! And I also read that you had written another ff! I will definitely read that one! As I have vacations now yaayyyy✌✌
    And I’m done, I just want to say please please post the next part soon! And one more thing sorry for making you read a long comment, ok so the last thing is, does Suman love Shravan?? I guess yes because she hears the noise of past but still please make her realize soon!!!
    Post the next chapter soon!
    Love you❤
    Take care…

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh maria…
      Thank you so so much dear…
      That was really sweet of u…
      Nd I feel glad that u thought my ff was worthy enough for u to read…
      I will post soon..
      Love u too….
      U will get ur answers soon..
      Take care..

  15. Malika

    Ooooooh weird sisters I’m really really sorry for latest reply. Please forgive me. And this ff from start I love it a lot. Day by day I’m really really addicted to it. I love this ep a lot. And yes I’m on wattpad. Please tell me you I’d. I would love to follow you and do you write story there. ???one more thing I miss you a lot….

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey malika…
      I m right here…no need to miss me..
      My wattpad id is WeirdSister…same as here…
      Abt writing a story there…umm that will take time…next year probably??
      Nd thank you so much..
      Stay in touch..
      Love u loads..
      Take care..

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