Hello peeps….m back wid my next chp….thank you for bearing wid me till now….but let me inform u..that u hve a lot more to bear….coz i told in d beginning that this will need patience…so mysteries will be revealed wid time…..i know u want Shravan’s entry..but u need to wait….coz d actual appearance is a bit later…though flashbacks of what actually happened r coming up soon…okay i guess i hve revealed too much….but i know it would have been unfair from my side to keep u in d dark for such a long time….

So readers this one needs patience…
And yaah plz do tell me frankly..if u find it boring….it would help me to know my mistakes …love u all so much…now here comes….


I am still taking the practise and roaming around here and there when I see Priya scribbling something in her notebook. At first I think it may be something related to the programme or studies, but her expressions tell a different story. She is fully into it, as if reliving something, as if she is in a different world. I move over to her.
” Hey Priya?” I say and she jumps in her place. She immediately closes her notebook as if it contains a top secret information which I might steal.
” What were you writing?” I ask her thinking she might not want to reply to that but she just smiles at me and says,
” That is my personal diary.”

” Oh.” I can get only one word out of my mouth.

” Do you have any?” She asks me out of curiosity.
” Umm, I used to maintain one.” I reply not wanting to say anymore but she insists, ” So?” She asks.
” Nothing, now it might be lying in some dump yard or maybe not even there. I threw it a year back.” I say.
Her eyes grow wide listening to it.
” Hey that was just because I found it silly and I didn’t want anyone to read it.” I lie.
” But its a really good habit you know, maintaining diaries and letting out the emotions. Your diaries are the only ones who listen to you even when you talk nonsense.” I grin at her.
She grins back.
” Okay now, be back for practise soon.” I say and leave fearing that I will blurt out the truth.

Although it has been long since I threw my diary but I don’t know why I mostly remember all that I wrote in it even though I don’t want to.
I have vague images of those pages stored in my mind and even the memories related to it.

I feel suffocated. Out of air. Not able to concentrate. I feel sick.
I have to wrap this practise really quickly before I loose control of myself. And suddenly Shreya’s question from the morning echoes in my head, ” Where did you get lost?”
Where did I go from where I feel that its impossible to come back? Its like even though I have returned from my journey, the journey still remains incomplete. Its like I have left some part of me behind which is calling me back to it again and again.

I take the practise one final time and just storm out of the auditorium. The evening breeze hits my face. Its evening, I realise. My time. But today I feel the need of being alone even more, because wherever I go or whomever I meet, I am forced to walk down the streets of my past.
I decide to go the lake today. It has been a lot of days since I went there. I start to walk to my once favourite destination. Even now it still is but it has lost its charm. Its like, just like me even the lake has left a part of it in the past.

I jog a few miles before I see Adi standing there with his friends. Some seniors whom I know and some whom I don’t. He turns his face in my direction. I look back. And then I move. I here the chattering among them and I feel their eyes on my back. This forces me to start an altogether different story of my past in my mind.

And I do begin.

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  1. Hey..its not boring…yaar..??
    May sumo lost her charm..???
    And may that fav place lake .. she used to go..????
    But..ur ff can’t loose its charm until u stop writing????????
    And patience…I have a lot…??
    Actually.the most favourite..
    Idiom..I mean muhaavra of my life..????????
    Intzaar ka ful meetha hota hai..?????
    So I will wait..???
    Love u???

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh sona….
      Thank you so much for understanding…!
      I hope that I won’t disappoint u….!
      Love u too…
      Take care..

  2. Nikita

    Di, it ain’t boring
    I’m loving it infact..
    The way Suman’s trying to run away from her past and lead a normal life, but she couldn’t..
    And as per regarding Shravan’s entry, of course i’m excited for it, but since he’s our hero, i’d love to wait for him..
    And regarding today’s episode, It was short, but it was nice,,
    I loved it..
    Post soon
    Take care!
    Nikita 🙂

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much Nikki…!
      M glad that u r trying to understand…!
      Love u loads..
      Will post soon…

  3. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey niyati !!!!! Nice one ..
    Bt frankly speaking dear !!!!! yess I do find it a lil boring .. ?
    Bcz I hv a lil low patience factor .. bt as u said truth will be revealed in further parts so I will wait for it ..
    Till then take care ..
    Post soon ..
    Lots of love ???

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh I am so sorry Fatima….
      I will try to make it more interesting….but can’t guarantee…..coz its written in book style…so it will be boring in d beginning….
      Love u loads..
      Will post soon…

  4. niyati di its not at all boring.. u cant reveal everything in a go ..a story needs time to build up.. i have patience for ur ff and for nothing else as i love it to the core

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much deotima…
      For understanding….nd for ur patience…!
      Love u loads…

  5. It’s not boring at all. In fact it’s so so soooooo interesting. I love it so much.
    I loved this episode too. It was amazing. Post the next one soon. Much love. Take care ?

    1. A part of my comment didn’t come .-.
      So here it is
      I really want shravan’s entry but obviously the story has to go on step by step. All of it can’t happen in one go. So I’m waiting for it to happen. You write amazingly well and your story is veryyy interesting, thus I am waiting for the past story to unfold.
      I love your ff soooooooooooo much.
      Much love ??
      P.S ignore any silly mistakes up here as I didn’t read it again, studying rn and got classes tomorrow too .-.
      Bye. Take care ?

      1. WeirdSister

        Oh zainab…thank you so so much dear…!
        I feel relaxed knowing that u r trying to understand..
        Love u loads..
        M glad that u read at least…!?
        Take care..
        Will post soon…

  6. Hey di!
    It wasn’t boring a single bit!???
    Loved it! I simply can’t believe the way you express all emotions so majestically!☺️☺️
    As for Shravan’s entry, I’m eagerly waiting for our hero to enter. However, if his late entry can sure add up some spice to the story, then I definitely wouldn’t mind waiting?? After all, the fruit of patience is wonderful, isn’t it?
    I’ll be waiting for the next chapter along with the unfolding of the secrets of the past of our dear Suman☺️☺️
    Post soon!
    Loads of love!??????❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    1. WeirdSister

      Anshu…dear..I love u so much..
      Thank you so much for reading nd understanding…!
      I hope that I won’t disappoint u…
      Love u loads..
      Take care..
      Will post soon…

  7. Ariana

    I’ll not talk to u if u keep saying all these wonderful write ups boring. How could u? I’m angry now. Uk this is one of the sweetest ff I’ve ever read. It’s going so great! I love how u r building up the suspense and letting it reach the pick b4 u unfold the mystery. It’s NOT boring so u better get that in ur brain. Don’t ever again call it boring okay? It’s my order. lol I’m not that strict…. So Adi is back nd things r going waaaaaaayyyyyyyy more interesting than I could’ve imagined. l can wait for the secrets to get revealed bt I can’t wait for the nxt part. I’m gonna go crazzzzyyy. Post ASAP. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Love u
    take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Okay Ariana…Sorry!! I will not say that…but I hve one condition…even u will not keep on underestimating urself…u do that a lot..nd I hate it…??
      Thank you so so much for understanding…
      Love u more than u can imagine…
      Will post really soon..
      Waiting for d next chp of ur story…!

  8. Angel20

    Hey WS! Hows u? So I came across this ff, and saw that it is written by you! I was very happy seeing your name! But I don’t know the story so please give me brief introduction yaar! Please I don’t have much time otherwise I would have read all the episodes! Hope you understand!
    Love ya..
    Take care!

    1. WeirdSister

      Okay so maria…
      D first part of d story was titled The Choice..
      Let me give a summary of that part….
      D story begins wid an evening scene….where a simple tall girl…is moving quickly among d crowd….when someone calls her name…Suman…that turns out to be her best guy friend Adi… They both r really close…they go to Suman’s fav place…which Is a lake..away frm d college noise…sitting under a mango tree…Suman recalls her journey till has been just a few weeks since she came in this college…she nd adi r school frnds…so she was glad when she got to know that he also got adm in d same college…
      She wants to become n artist..she is a natural at that…nd she dreams to work as a free lancer…
      As d story progresses…we get to know that adi has proposed Suman is d past…nd she accepted d proposal..only to find after a few days that this was her biggest mistake…coz she gave him false hopes…
      Then Suman gets a request from her dad…that she should help his friend’s son who will joining d college soon…
      That frnd turns out to be Shravan…
      At d first meet only .they feel some connection…
      As days pass…everyone gets busy wid exam preparations…
      Then one day adi nd Suman hve a fight…nd Shravan decides to help her out…
      During this process..they grow close nd Shravan confesses that he likes Suman…
      Suman just laughs at d fact…not taking in d seriousness…as she thinks that this is just mere attraction which will vanish wid time….
      But one day…while they were playing badminton..they come out of d court for a break…nd Shravan tells her that adi is thinking to talk to her….
      Suman jumps in happiness..that finally everything is fine… Just as they were going back in d court…Shravan stops Suman and says that he loves her…
      Suman just smiles at him… Nd walks inside….
      She walks away from The Choice…not knowing how this will affect her future….
      So this was what The Choice was all about…
      Here ends part 1.

      For part2 that is noise of the past intro….u can just type in d search box…I hve posted d intro…

      Hope I was of some help…nd all this effort taken by me will not go wasted…
      Feel free to critisise if u wish to…

      Oh god..such along comment..I m not really good at this summary thing…I can’t explain anything in short…
      I miss out d details…so I would urge u to read d parts if u really want to catch up on d story….when u r free…

      That’s it…
      Love u loads..!

  9. ?????
    Noe what!!!
    U left me all dumbfound!!!
    I am jus so speechless!
    Just post soon!
    Love u?

    1. And if you’re my di, you will not call this ff boring.
      If you do call, I won’t talk to u ever?

    2. WeirdSister

      Oh laddo…
      M so sorry…!?
      I will not say that…!?
      Thank you so much…
      I will post soon…
      Love u too…!
      Take care…

  10. Prettypreeti

    Niyoo boring haan boring r u mad itni aachi ff ko boring.
    I m not happy on dis saying.
    I love this ff.
    2day epi was short but cool I loved it.I m glad reading it.superb.
    Lots of luv.
    Keep posting

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh preeti…
      Thank you so much dear..
      Love u loads..
      Will post soon..
      Take care..

  11. LogaMegan

    Hey niyati it was nice dr it was not boring
    Excited for shravan’s entry
    Sry for late comment we read this part together
    Post ASAP
    Love u

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey loaf nd Megan….
      Thank you so much…
      Love u too..
      Take care..
      Will post really soon…

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