Huh! Finally I managed to complete this. My apologies for being late. This one is hell long… Like very very long… But please do read it.. After all its the last chapter… I won’t do much blabbering now.. I will post an acknowledgement for that soon..
p.S- this one is quite unedited.
So.. For one final time.. Here comes..


And its my graduation tomorrow. After that, I say goodbye to this place. Strange, how time passed so quickly yet there are millions of moments stored in my mind right now. It was like a quick rollercoaster ride. Fun but a bit scary at times when the turns came. There were unmeasurable heights but then there were moments when the ride came crashing down and you felt like you would die, but just at the last moment, you found your track and the journey went on. It still does. How queer it is that life can be compared to a rollercoaster ride. But it is what it is.

So yeah its graduation tomorrow and I have had that irresistible urge to talk to Mr. Malhotra. I know that it won’t be of any good but still I want to talk to him. There are a few face to face kind of questions and confessions I would like to do.
Just to catch his reaction you know. That immediate expression which comes on his face.
You know what? I even told him to meet me because I had to talk about something important and he agree also. I had finally agreed to tell him about my dreams. I was just so much tired with that burden over my head, that I wanted to tell it someone and since he was the only person I could tell to, I decided to talk to him. Imagine if I go to someone and tell, ” Hey you know? I have been having same dreams for the past one year.”
I would definitely be advised counselling or something of that sort. I had debated two months you know? Whether to tell him or not. Finally when the day came, an important work came up and after that I changed my mind.
Now that I am with my thoughts, I wonder what would have happened, if I had told him? It certainly would be very awkward from my side. But what would be his reaction?
But isn’t that what the story is all about?
What goes on in Shravan Malhotra’s mind?

Anyway, so here I am, near the lake for the one final time. Huh. I will definitely miss this place. It carries so many sweet-bitter memories. The view is as beautiful as ever but I don’t know why, maybe I am hallucinating, but everything seems a but dull. Its like, everything is broken and you know sad. I am definitely hallucinating. Huh.

And its just tomorrow, and my story ends!
Well a part of it does.
So are you still expecting, that I will run into his arms and confess all my feelings and he would cup my face and kiss my forehead and tell me that its okay and we would live happily ever after?
If you are, well then you would be disappointed.
Expectations ruin everything anyway.
The feelings!
You want to know what the truth is?
I do not love him.
I love what remains of him in my head.
I don’t know what he is now, but he is certainly not the man I loved or love.
Its like I have sketched up a character and its all fiction. But that’s actually the ‘him’ I have created inside my head with the help of the moments we shared. If somebody will point at him now and ask me, ” Do you love that man?”
Then my answer would be a ‘No’ because I don’t know that man. He is a stranger to me now.
Love happens not when you just look at the person and say how beautiful he or she is. It happens the moment, when you look into their eyes and you can find everything you have ever searched for.
So, how can I love a person who doesn’t wish to meet my eyes? How can I read those eyes, when they refuse to meet my gaze?
Yes, Shravan will always be one of the most special person in my life because I have had many of my ‘firsts’ with him. If he ever needs me genuinely, I will always come running to him. If he ever forgets his way out of darkness, I will always be there to bring him out if he he wants me too. But.
There’s always a but isn’t it?
But I won’t and can’t walk holding his hand throughout. I can’t intertwine my fingers in his and stare into his lovely brown eyes and lead the way for him. Because our destinations are not the same. So the place I would be leading him to, would be where I wish to go but it won’t be his wish. Opposites attract. Its a famous saying isn’t it? But what happens when the magnets are placed far away from each other? There needs to be some closeness for them to stick together. The walls need to be put down for the distances to close.
But between me and him, the walls will never break. Although, we may love each other and how much ever we wish to be together,if the walls don’t break then it won’t be possible.

Oh its late, I realise it now. The sky has turned dark and amidst the darkness, a ray of silver light paves its way out. Its the moon. So close, yet so far. Huh. Let’s go.

Its bed time and for one last time, my room would be the only witness to my emotions.
I lay in my bed. I think of the future.
I would be a lawyer soon. I know you must be thinking, where did this come from? I always wanted to be an artist right? I still am, though I don’t paint and draw much but still whenever I get time I do. Law was never my first choice but definitely my second and mom and dad wanted me to do something secure and reliable. So here I am. I had all the subjects of law from the beginning. But I chose to take painting and drawing as extras. But my plan of doing freelancing hasn’t changed a bit. I want to experiment with different things in my life. I don’t know how my life as a corporate lawyer would turn up but they pay lots of money I guess? And I think a chuckle escapes my mouth.
So the thing is, I am both nervous and excited about my life outside college. I have got my placement, its a good firm.
Everything sounds good and fine. But I know that it isn’t going to be as easy as I expect. But it would be change and it can’t be stopped.
So many thoughts, that my mind is starting to get tired. Sleep is finally creeping its way to my body.
The last thought which crosses my mind before I fall asleep is that tomorrow, I leave everything behind. Everything.

So finally the day has arrived. I sit up in my bed and move my hands through my messy brown hair. I find my clip on the table and pin up my hair. After I put on my spects, I jump out of the bed and start getting ready.
So after one hour, I am finally ready in my graduation robes. The feeling is so surreal that I just can’t express. The time is 9:47 am. The ceremony starts in 13 minutes. I lock everything up and make my way to the auditorium. At first glance, all I can see is black but then I look around and manage to see everyone. I see my mom and dad waving at me happily. I find Shravan too, in robes that are quite similar to mine. He is already looking in my direction. I give him a small smile and he returns it back. It feels to good to see that smile. I raise my hand and give him a thumbs up and he returns it back too.

I find my place in the queue and the ceremony begins. One by one the names are called.
Sanaya Mehra.
Sara Zafar.
Samira Irani.
Simran Singhania.
And my heartbeats pick up speed and everything starts spinning around. I find it difficult to hold my balance on this ground. But finally,
And its my turn at last. I take one final look around and move towards the centre stage. Our headmaster is standing with a smile on his face and my degree in his hand. The sound of clapping starts echoing in my head. I manage to bring myself to stand at the place I am suppose to be standing.
” Congratulations Suman! You are definitely one of the best students we have had. God bless you.” The sound of my headmaster’s voice brings me out of my dreams and thoughts.
” Thank you so much sir. It has been a great journey.” I reply smilingly.
My degree is handed over to me and some photos are clicked. I steal a glance of mom and dad. They look extremely proud and happy of course. Dad is clicking pictures while mom is completely focused on the actual ceremony. I even try to find Shravan in the crowd and I do find him. He is also smiling and clapping. For a moment I think that I have got my old Shravan back but then reality hits me. He turns his face away and gets busy with his ‘friends’. Huh.

So its finally time to leave this place. I have locked my room and handed over the keys already. So there’s one final thing left.
I have written the mail but for him to read it, he should be able to access his account right?
I search in the crowd for the ‘Man of my dreams’.
I find it. So here I go for the one final time.
” Hey Shravan. ” I tap him on his shoulder and smile at him.
” Congrats!” I continue.
” Yeah. To you too.” He replies.
” So…” I trail off.
” So?” He raises his eyebrows and gives that typical expression.
” Goodbye Shravan. The time I had with you was really special. You have given me a lot. I am always there for you if you need me. And know this, You are special to me. Very special. I care for you. And I will certainly miss you. Take care and please make good girlfriends, okay ?” I say, barely holding back my tears.
He laughs a bit and then says, ” Yeah. Sure. And even you should know that I do not regret those moments with you. And even I care for you a lot. Even now.” He says with a smile that was long forgotten by me. I nod.
” Okay then, I hope that our paths cross again. But for now, I guess its a goodbye.” I say forwarding my hand to him.
” Yeah. Goodbye.” He holds my hand.
And for the one final time, we both relive the sensation our touch caused to the other, the first time we shook hands.
” Oh! This is for you.” I give a very small piece of paper in his hand.
” What’s this?” He starts opening it.
” Not now! After I go.” I hold his hand to stop him.
” But why?” He asks.
” Because then, the urge will find its way back.” I say and without listening to his reply, start pacing away from him. I hear him calling me but that’s all he does. He doesn’t follow me. He won’t chase me now. The time for that is gone. I find my way behind a wall, from where I can get clear view of him. I see him opening the paper. I have taken a really big paper and folded it into half the size of my thumb so that some time is taken. Silly yet smart! For a moment I think he will just throw the paper because he clearly looks frustrated but he keeps unfolding it until he finally gets my message. Its written in the centre in a very small handwriting.
The message says:
‘ The date of confession always makes up a good password doesn’t it? In case you have forgotten- 13July2014. And something is definitely waiting for you behind the lock. Good luck finding it.’
I wait for his reaction. He looks up and searches around frantically for someone. Its me I guess.
Without wasting another moment, I start leaving the campus before he tracks me down and asks me to explain my doings. I take in as much as I can of the college. I already bid goodbye to everyone else before meeting Shravan. My parents have left for the hotel already to take their bags. They will meet me directly at the airport. I step out of the campus and I didn’t realise, when tears made their way out if my eyes. I am crying badly, I notice. Huh. Emotions.
I turn back to look at it for one final time before I take a cab and leave the place …. forever.

I am sitting at the airport lounge with my family.
Still expecting that the hero will come rushing to the heroine?
It won’t happen.
Because ours was not a ‘Happily ever after.’
Because ours was not a ‘ Two bodies one soul kind’
Because ours was not a ‘ Made for each other type either.’
Ours was about ‘ The Choice. ‘
And I know one thing,
” I could always become what he wanted me to. But I would have destroyed ‘Myself’ in the process of becoming ‘her’.” I chose to save myself. I chose to let go yet hold on.
So as I always say, its always about the choices you make and not about the story that follows.

I know many of you are disappointed.
But I would be more than glad if you understood the concept.. I mean what the story was ‘actually’ about.
I know you don’t have much time.
But please do leave your frank opinions on this story.
Criticism is welcomed because it will help in future.
You people have been great.
I have got a lot to tell you… Some important things too..
But you will have to wait for the acknowledgement for that..
Till then..
Take care..
Love you all loads and loads..

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  1. Beas

    It was indeed great !!! The story is more like a jigsaw puzzle where we have join all the pieces to complete it. Idk about others but it seems like that to me. I have been a constant reader of ur ffs since when you started writing about ShraMan ❤ . So I feel very bad cause it ended. But keep in mind that you are a greeeeat writer and one day you will definitely shine.
    Loads of love ❤

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh beas..
      Thank you so much..
      And yeah.. It was indeed a jigsaw puzzle..
      But a kind where the pieces you select are yours..
      It was a story.. Where its upon you.. How you see the characters and their stories..
      Love you loads..
      And you keep writing…

  2. Nishita (Nikita)

    Ughh! Dudee….!! I’ll be frank .. for me, this story us complete, yet incomplete.. actually the point is, I always knew that I’d get sumo’s POV only; but I neeed a real bad shravan’s POV.. I want to know.. but *REALITY CHECK* this is not a fairytale. I loved it WS .. im so gonnaa miss this ff, this beautiful piece of work! I loved it.. hoping for more of your work.. and reaching this part, I realize that no one exactly screwed up , either both or none… and I lovedddd it.. I have no words. I mean, so beautifully written, reality has never beeen so beautiful for me! I loved it… The letter, the last smile, the black robe! Ugh, it feels so disgusting and sad to say goodbye to such a beautiful story! But all good things come to an end.. how am I gonna cope up now?
    This is reallyy amazinggg..
    So here I write, the last comment, the last love, the last smile, the last part of ‘ The Choice’
    You knoww, im really happy with this ff, this ending. I know I said that I wanted shravan’s pov; but still.. its complete. And, im glad I could experience, Sumo’s part…! So miss niyati/WS… you have earned a biggg fan of yours today.. so here im typing the last comment..
    Please come back with such wonderful stories.. I know I haven’t praissedd a lot, the praise you deserve, but im sorry. . Im literalllyy out of words.. my mind is just upset with the fact its ending. My waterline is filled with tears.
    Im seriously gonna miss this ff..!

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh my god nishi..
      Thank you for such a beautiful comment..
      Really.. I felt so good reading it.. And kinda proud too..
      And don’t tell that you haven’t praised me enough.. You have given me more credit than I deserve..
      And I am so so glad that you found the story and the concept nice enough for you to read and actually like it…
      Love you so so much..
      Take care..
      And as for my writings..
      I will post an acknowledgement soon which will give you the information about my upcoming writing ventures…

  3. RANdomfANCreationz

    Wow i actually liked ur overall story as I said and though the ending was sad i will say as a Shraman fan , i think it was quite logical and unique too. But as a person I will say the ending was not at all sad because I totally agree why would want sacrifice herself to get him. Why does girls always have to sacrifice hats off to your thinking. i loved the story a lot. And so Suman may had love Shravan but now he is just a noise of the past for her. Really loved the way u justified ur title.
    And i was waiting for someone to post a ff on EDKV last few days i was a bit disappointed as no ff’s were posted but i understand. Even I m Super duper busy . I will be free after my exams end which is end of Feb ? Can’t wait for ur next story

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh fatarajo..
      So glad to see your comment..
      And thank you so much for liking and actually understanding the story..
      Your words mean a lot to me..
      Yeah.. Everyone’s busy… Huh!
      You take care..
      And please keep writing..
      Love you loads..

  4. Woah! This was totally amazing. Loved it.
    Uniqueness of your storyline and the way you’ve written this beautiful, wonderful and mind blowing story can’t be explained in words tbh. I really loved your idea. You’re an amazing writer.
    I’m gonna miss you and your ff. Do write more because I love you and your writings.
    Much much much love ?
    Take care ?

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much zainab..
      You have been one of my first readers..
      And it feels so good to see you comment even now..
      Thank you so much for all the love and support..
      You too take care..
      Love you loads..

  5. hey…..
    how are u finally you posted. I waited for it since very long time. this is just super awesome yaar. its very emotional it has all the emotions in it…
    happy, sad, hate , jealousy etc…
    I just love the whole fact that life is depends on choice
    its sooo true. & you describe it fantasticly.
    now when I read this belive me I don’t have words to describe it. now I am fan of your writing….
    please keep writing. & post new type of this.
    so now I am done.
    loads of love…..
    take care dear.
    most important thing keep posting in this site.

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh reema..
      Thank you so much dear..
      You have been such an amazing reader to me..
      May god bless you with loads of happiness..
      And take care..
      I will tell about my writing ventures in the acknpledgement which I will post soon..
      Love you loads..

  6. Superb!

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks Christie!

  7. Prettypreeti

    Ohhhh my god..i just say i wanna miss it ……it is just on to the point..this story is a true life story..i m very attached to it..i really liked it..i m filled with emotions..i just loved it loved it..the ending was great..i m sad but ur ff showed reality which i liked upto the point…ufff…one more ff over..i m hl sad but i just think u wrote very beautifully…
    Every scene u describe was awesome..i was really filled up with emotions..i think i just felt in love with this hands arent stopping writing.i want to xpress my every feeling….
    U just rocked..
    U nailed it..
    This ff was amazinggggggg…..
    Superbbbbb.too good.the ff was as it was supposed to be.u described every aspect very nicely and always made us curious to know the nxt epi…u described the life and the reality..
    Plsss write some more.
    Too good..
    My weirdy niyo u r too rocking and ur ff r awesome always…
    Love u alot….
    Post more..
    Love uuuuuuuuuuuuu……

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much preeti..
      For such a sweet comment..
      You are a sweetheart..
      Thank you for all the love and support..
      Our journey together.. Has been phenomenal..
      May god bless you with all the success and happiness..
      Take care..
      Love you loads..

  8. Aparna

    Hii dear. First of all a very big SORRY coz I didn’t comment on any of the posts before but I was a regular reader of ur story. Due to busy schedule I couldn’t come to this site regularly. So once while I was just going through the fan fictions I just saved one of ur episodes. After two weeks I read it. And I just loved it. Then I went through. the story “The Choice” and I was flabbergasted. It was just amazing.
    Then from that day onwards I started reading all the episodes.
    It was just making me mad coz u were
    posting late but I couldn’t comment. So after the end of the story I thought to comment.
    U story will always remain one of my favourite story in this site coz the story is real. Even I could compare it with my own life and yes what Suman thought of doing was the right choice and also I m going to do that. The only difference is that I m a little younger than the character Suman.
    A big thank you for posting such a story. I really loved it so much.
    Anyways if u r going to post new stories then plz do it. I live the way you write. Plz plz
    Ohk girl take care. Bye

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh aparna..
      Thank you so much for such a lovely comment..
      But I won’t lie and tell its okay.. Because I really wish that you commented on more parts.. I would have loved to know your views on every chapter..
      But anyway.. Its fine..
      And if you don’t mind..
      May I ask something?
      You said.. ” Even I am going to that.”
      In which context is it in?
      I am sorry if you feel I am interfering in your personal space or something.. Its just that..I was curious to know.. That what effect my story had on you..
      And once again..
      Thank you for all the love and support…
      Love you loads..
      And I so loved it.. When I saw that lone in your comment.. ” I love the way you write..”
      That’s one if the greatest compliment I have got..
      As for my writing ventures.. Please check out the acknowledgement when I post that..
      Love you loads..

    2. WeirdSister

      I am sorry for the typing error..
      I loved the line in your comment..
      ” I live the way you write.”
      Thank you so much for this..!

  9. Appologies for being late…..
    Girl! Did i just read last page of this story????? I mean seriously…u know if this was a fairytale type story i had expected a happy ending but from the start this story was sort of real so i wont mind this end which left me with the feels of incompleteness…
    U know ur speciality that u work on ur characters very deeply and so the readers can relate and connect with shravans character caught my intention fully from charming to odd one….and i had a great desire for his side of story so without that idk y i feel this story is incomplete……..anyways
    Do write more plz and let me know where ever u write coz ur writings are simply awsomeeeeeeeeeeeee???? i cant explain how much i love to read ur simple stories those have grest deepness….
    And one more thing last sunday i went through ur all posts like from kahen teri khamoshiyan then there was two shots and that night changed my life 5shots(That was most fv8 among ur writings) and i traced lines of improvment in them u have improve alotttttttt…so keep writing as u hv great imaginations and we love to read it………
    Anddd thats it
    Quite long huh!

    Take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh rida..
      first of all.. sorry to have not given you Shravan’s point of view..
      Firstly it was not meant to be there..
      And secondly my hands were full..
      So sorry for that..
      And now..
      Thank you so much for this lovely comment..
      Even I think that I have improved a lot..
      And yeah.. Its clearly traceable…
      Love you loads..
      Thanks for all the love and support..
      Please do check out the acknowledgements when I post them.. If you want to know about my future writing ventures..
      Take care..
      Keep writing..

  10. Rukhsar

    Finally……you made it girl… made it till the very last chapter…….it was fab, amazing, supeb, brilliant, spectacular, incredible, and what not ….i seriously don’t know what to say…..u remember niyati a few chaps ago u have said that this story is never meant to be complete……shr and suman will never meet so at that time i thought that either one of the wil die… stupid of me….but i never thought that u will give this shape to the story………i always loved love stories…..either its a happy ending or a sad ending but now i wanna tell u that this is the first story out of my liking zone but i loved it a lot……it was always special for me and will always be coz i have learnt so much from it and i wish to implement it in my real life and i wanna thank u for the love and friendship u have given me……u r such a great fellow….and now the best part of today’s chap athough i love the whole chap a lot ut bestest parts were the last few lines of suman and the graduation part also as i am also gonna face the same situation after three more months so i think i m also gonna feel the same……and lastly sorry for being soooooooo late my second semester has started and i m very busy from the last few weeks and also i was feeling really low coz i was missing my friends so i just remained very minimum on the cell and now i m sick…..this flu is getting on my head but anyways thought to comment so it don’t get delayed much…….so bye for now
    Hope to meet u soon
    Till then take care
    Love u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh my god..
      This was just so flattering..
      I mean.. Girl.. I love you so much..
      Thank you so much for such a beautiful comment..
      You have been with me.. From the very beginning.. And it feels so amazing to see you shower so much love..
      I don’t think I will ever be able to pay back all the love and care you have bestowed upon me..
      And thank you so much for liking and understanding the story..
      All the best for your graduation..
      I am sorry if its too early to say that.. But I don’t know the exact date.. So its okay I guess..
      Hope you are well now..
      Please take care of yourself..
      And keep writing..
      Love you more than you can imagine..

      1. Rukhsar

        Love u loads niyati everytime i talk to u i feel that i m the luckiest person on earth to get such an amazing loving friend ????????? u too take care hope to meet u someday

  11. fatimagulesarfraz

    Apologies for being latttteeeee….
    nd it was indeed an awesome ending plus a great ff too … i really really like the way u write .. it is really very close to reality …
    So …………. Yeah i do was waiting for the hero to come rushing towards the heroine .. haha bt no worries it was Marvellous ending .. i loved it a lottttttt …
    take care ..
    stay blessed ..
    nd come back soon ..

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey Fatima..
      I was waiting for your comment so eagerly..
      And finally you commented..
      Thank you so much…
      Your support has been really encouraging..
      Love you loads and loads..

  12. Hey W.S aka Niyati…
    All gud…???
    m really disappointed yr…
    bcoz u ended ur ff…
    it was so Amazing nd real…
    from the starting only u have told us that it was not fairy tales type of story … we were completely fine with this but sach m yr i so wanted to read Shravan’s side of story …
    I really love every bit of ur ff…
    And yes promise me that whenever u will write any ff on any page plz do tell me…
    ur writing style ur story everything was superb …
    Now i have no words to describe how amazing ur ff was…
    Will miss you nd ur ff too…
    Nd Sorry for being late…
    take care
    Love You!!! <3 <3

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh thank you so much ruchi..
      And it had to end one day.. So can’t help it..
      Thank you for the love and support..
      And sorry that I coudlnt provide you with Shravan’s point of view..
      Please check out the acknowledgement when I post it to know about my future writing ventures…
      Love you loads..

  13. Angel20

    First of all sad that they didn’t unite! And secondly because your beautiful FF has ended! This episode was great! Truly enjoyed reading it!

    With Love ❤

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey maria..
      Thanks a lot..
      Love you loads and loads..
      Take care..

  14. Ariana

    No word would be new. No compliment would be unknown and no feelings attached to this comment would be faked. With true heart I wanna say those ancient words yet again coz first, I knew my creativity level is somewhere in the negatives and secondly, you are awesomely talented and never fail to make me speechless. So being the point- I’m certainly again mesmerized with your words. The power those simple oriented letters carry isn’t in my illiterate dictionary for being explained. I am at the edge of my words and u can feel like from my useless blabbers so far but I’ll just let you know this much in sort- you are what can be defined as the true talent. Or I might say talent is a short word for you since I believe hard work is always a major key to anything beautiful even if it holds the least of value. I admire your work as much as I admire you. The sense of reality in ur work makes it far more unique than any other ff I have read here. The originality and deep message that it carries can easily gratify anyone easily. Wonderful job girl. Tho we never came across each other in person but I think sometimes some relationships hold a stronger bond at its own distance. I know we encounter each other here in a very childish way of me being blinded by you prev ff’s last chap (I still remember that emotional letter) and you flattering me with those 99% concentrated buttery words- but all these similarities in choices we have created a bottomless feelings for u on my heart. I really can’t with any words explain my pleasure of coming across such a great ff. It is one of those life changing book type: Those with huge morals. Although I must be apologizing first for commenting so late. It is not at all acceptable. I also promised u back on wattpad to read asap but here I broke it. I had been a rush n won’t lie telling I’m free now but honestly I wanted to read the last masterpiece peacefully without the stress of workload so I took off. But now I feel like it’s worth all those waiting for nearly ages. This had been an awesome journey together. All along I have personally learnt so much from you. Like in tons! And I am highly grateful for that. I would for sure cherish all those delightful memories and your strong works. Hope you come up with more work soon. Keep writing wonderful masterpieces and do remember- your work has great influence on others.
    Always keep smiling
    Take care
    My best wishes r always with u
    Stay blessed and happy
    Loads of love

    -Your crazy little fan

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh my god…
      Like seriously….!!!!!!!
      You are so damn creative… If you can write such nice words for a person like me…
      Girl.. That was just….
      An overdose of sweetness and love..
      If you are going to do this every time… You are late.. Then you better be late..?
      On a serious note..
      Thank you so so much for all the love..
      I really really wish to meet you some day..
      And I am glad that you read my first ever story..
      You are an amazing person and you bring in a lot of positive vibes for me..
      I would really love to continue this friendship until my death..
      After all… Not everyone gets a friend like you.. Who is so smart and humble..
      Thank you once again..
      And I really hope that you update soon..
      Stay happy..
      Stay blessed..
      Love you more than you can imagine..

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