A very happy new year guys… Hope you had fun on new year’s eve. Lots of love to all my readers… Coming to this chapter… This is very short..but important.. So i guess that i have given you two reasons to read it. Comments are going down again and i hate to say it that it does frustrate me. See i want that either you be a part of my story throughout..or you don’t be. Straight and simple. I am not being rude. I understand that some of you have really important and serious reasons..and i totally understand and accept that… But others…huh… I am telling you all right now..that only last 4 chapters are left… So please be regular and do a favour on me.
Here comes…


Its jolly January now. New year’s eve was a blast. I had fun with Ananya. The ‘urge’ was there at its most. Somebody did look good and I must say ‘very happy’ in light green shirt and jeans. I just wish even I could leave behind everything. Anyway!
So, today is the day when I talk to Mr. Malhotra. Huh! Let’s get ready.
I put on a red shirt and black jeans. And as a routine, I tie my hair in a ponytail and apply some gloss to my lips. This is me and I won’t change for anyone. Anyone.

After I finish with my lectures, I try and find him. I wonder where he would be. Finally I do. He is near court. He is wearing bright red shirt and olive pants. I hate that shirt colour. I hate it. Its too bright. Anyway, like other things I have got to deal with it.

I start walking in his direction. He sees me and thankfully doesn’t run away like he does mostly.
” Can we talk? Before you give me that bored expression, let me tell you, its important.” I justify before he even asks me to. His expression makes me want to go back. Even if a person hates you, he would have little interest in what you have got to say. At least he would say like, ‘ what rubbish are you talking!’. But this person in front of me is from other planet itself. He has no interest. Like zero interest. Calm down Suman. You need to get through this.
” So where shall we go?” I ask.
” Lake?” Good choice.
” Yeah let’s go.” I happily agree.

We reach the lake in five minutes. The view is as usual breath takingly beautiful.
We settle in our usual place.
” So, do you have a girlfriend? ” I ask surprising him.
He doesn’t reply so I repeat my question.
” Yes.” He replies. Okay.
No expression from my side.
” Have you got an email Id?” Oh I forgot to tell. Mr. Malhotra hasn’t got an email Id. He is not on any social networking site and he thankfully has a phone which is able enough just for calling and receiving calls. My poor luck. Huh.
He shakes his head. I knew that.
” Do you remember I created one for you?” I ask again. Its like a question and answer round between me and him.
He shakes his head again. Its irritating me. How he can’t speak up.
” Will you please use your mouth to speak? I guess you have got a voice.”
“Okay.” He says.
“Well let me remind you. It was [email protected]
” Yeah I remember now. ” sigh
” Good. The password?” I ask with a hope.
” No I don’t.” Really? He has got the memory of an Alzheimer’s patient.
” Okay. You will figure it out when the time comes.” He raises his eyebrows at me.
” That’s it. Done.” I get up to leave. I am sure he would be hell confused.
I start moving. But then I remember something so I turn back. I see him facing the sun.
” Hey Shravan! ” I shout.
He turns towards me and the setting sun is looking like a crown on his head.
” Choose wisely.” I say and start moving to my den.

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  1. Interesting

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanx a lot!

  2. _Rida

    Okayyyyy i had read ur whole story in a day and i must say girl! Its beautiful,something different from other books ‘novels’ and somewhat unique from my crapy imaginations that i write down,its realastic not typical fiction type and i loved it..
    And uk in start shravans character was charming it took away my heart but it slowly has turned bit odd,and sumo is awsoooome from start till today.
    Hats of to u that u had develop such characters.

    Ps:sumo left me confused in this chap!

    Post soon

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey rida…
      Thank you so much…for taking so much effort..and reading all chaps….
      It means a lot to me..
      Will try to post soon..
      Love ya!

  3. Nikita

    I got confused… anyways, it was still a fab work! Im just asking you, what happened today? I mean it just snapped about it, and im sitting confused that why did she ask all those? And Shravan has a girlfriend? Does he refer to Sumo or……. we never know.. and choose wisely???
    I loved it though.. you nail it everytime!!


    1. WeirdSister

      Hey nishu..
      Thanks a lot..
      All your confusions will be cleared soon..
      Love u loads..

  4. Beas

    First of all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR ?
    Coming to the chapter… was superb??….only 4 to go…I m damn excited as well as a bit sad ? as I’ll miss this wonderful ff a lot. Plz post soon if possible ✉ ?

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey beas..
      Thanks a lot sweety..!
      Will try to post soon…
      Love u loads..

  5. Happy new year di.. I thought sumo will cause shravan but u never fail to surprise me
    I am totally post asap

    1. WeirdSister

      Happy new year to u too deotima..
      Glad to c ur comment..
      Will try to post soon..
      LovLove u loads..!

  6. Sorry typo error I meant acuse and not cause

  7. Plz post it asappppppp

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      Will try to post soon sanju..
      sorry to keep u waiting..!

  8. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awesome …

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      Thanks Fatima..!

  9. Very confusing chapter. Hey am sorry 4 not commenting on ur previous chappis. But what to do yr 1st my paper held after that mujhe dengu ho gya so islye cmnt ni kr payi

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey sumo…
      Hope u r fine now..
      And no need to be sorry..
      As I said..some reasons r acceptable..
      Will try to clear ur confusions soon..

  10. hey happy new year. the epi is just amazing. I liked it.
    its pretty good. & ya interesting also.
    so post next part soon
    take care.

    1. WeirdSister

      Happy new year reema..
      Tha ks a lot..
      Will try to post soon..
      Love ya

  11. Ariana

    Happy New year!!!!!
    lol Shravan’s jerkiness. He is actually an ass but I wonder wht Sumo opened in from of him.
    girl I loved how this year brought an awesome twist on story. The way u ended this chap- muuuuuaaaaahhh! Impressive!!!!
    Ik all i can do is wait n wait n wait…. uhhhhhhh I hate this part. Post soon I seriously wanna know all- ALL- of it.
    love u till the end of pi
    take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh Ariana..
      Thanks a lot girl..
      Love u too..
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  12. Heyyy….I’m extremely I just didn’t get time to go thru this site….so got late!!
    Well!! I’m actually confused abt their convo but I’m sure it’ll be clear by the next chp.
    Only 4 chps left????
    Lyk seriously???? 🙁
    Extremely disappointing but I guess every amazing thing has to come to an end soooo…..okayyy but then I’lll wait fr the next more amazing beginning and I’m sure u will not disappoint me. Let it be after march or april or may I desperately will expect something more from that brilliant head of urs 🙂
    Love u loadzzz
    Tke care!!♥♥♥♥♥

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey ruhaani…
      Its okay to be late..!
      Thanks a lot..
      Will try to clear ur confusions soonsoon..
      Love u too

  13. Rukhsar

    Whoa girl u r amazing……first of all toh sorry for late comment….i think we both are on a trip of role reversal….sometimes u r late and sometimes i m ……well any ways the epi was as usual marvellous u never leave a chance to amuse us and u did the same thing today again the best part was the last words of sumo ” choose wisely”……finally she got some sense…….eagerly waiting for the next part post soon take care love u

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so so much naina..
      Yeah..role reversal..
      Love u too..
      Will try to post soon..

  14. Love_forever

    Surprise!! See who’s here? Pehchano main kaun hu? Bohoooooot dino se aap se baat nahi hui….let’s see aap mujhe pehchan skte ho ya nahi…

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      Hey I am really bad at guessing..
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      Nd I would love it if u stay in touch..
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        Heehee…love you n realllllllyyyyyy miss u??

  15. *knock knock*
    Hey it’s me!! I’m so so sooooo sorry for not commenting on your chapters and being soooo late on this one as well. Just read the previous ones, which I have missed. I am really busy nowadays so couldn’t get time to open this site.
    The story is going soooo amazing and this chapter left me speechless and confused.. Loved it sooooo much.. Can’t wait to read further. I won’t ask you to post soon though because I don’t know when will open this site again..
    Much love. Take care :-*

    1. *when will I

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      Hey zainab..
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