Hello everyone..thank you so much for the comments on the previous chapter.. They mean a lot to me.. I will not be able to finish my ff till 1st.. Last 5 chapters are now on way..! So show your full support.. This chapter has ‘something’ if you get it. Otherwise it may not interest you.. Here it comes..


About the questions, I guess I have that sides’ theory coming to my rescue again. Okay, so I feel there’s a side of me that loves him and there’s a side that refuses to believe so. Complications huh? Life’s nothing without them.

I start executing my plan. You know, I always used to give him books. He always wanted the books I read. So I guess the books would help me a bit now.

I guess I need to catch up with him. I mean, I need to force him one more time to talk to me. But this time there’s a purpose I am doing it. Its to fulfil my necessity not the hunger. But before that there’s someone else I would love to talk to. My bestie. She is not a part of all the complications in my life but she is there for me.
So I call her.
” Yeah tell what happened.” She picks up the phone saying this. I know she is having that expression on her face which tells that she knows what’s coming.
” Is this a way to pick up a call? No hello hi?” I say annoyed.
” You want to talk?” She sounds bored.
” Huh!! You are too much you know. Anyway meet me in the eve.” I say.
” Okay. I will tell adi. He has been asking me for a long time. Its okay with you right?” She now sounds concerned.
” Yeah okay. So after the classes?” I ask.
” Done!” She says and cuts the call.
Me and adi are normal now. At least we pretend to be. Ananya has been close to him for quiet a time now. Although she won’t accept, I think she has got some feelings for him. She will slap me if I say so to her. Meanwhile, Adi is busy with his girls. He has got a girlfriend I guess? Yeah. I am happy for him. But I want him to choose someone good. Not anyone. I want him to be happy, genuinely happy.

I am back in my hostel room after some fun time with my friends. Mr. Malhotra passed by while we were sitting and talking. As usual. No expression. Nothing on the face. I don’t know about him but I know this about me. Now days I start getting restless seeing him. I want to get away from his sight. Something’s happening and I fear what’s coming. I put my headphones and crawl into my bed. Its dark. And maybe a bit cold too. I pull up my blanket. I love winters. Its my favourite. I feel sleepy now. I remove my headphones and get lost in the darkness only I know.
I get out of the darkness and bright sunlight penetrates my eyes. I jog to my hostel and find my friends near the stairs. I start talking to them when I suddenly see him approaching me. Although his figure is blurred, I know it’s him. He keeps coming towards me and I realise he grows bigger and bigger as he nears me. Finally he fills my blurred vision. I wake up to find the real sunlight coming through my window.
Dream again. Huh!
And I wonder if my fear would turn true?
I am starting to fear, that these dreams would soon become nightmares and the man I loved would be the one I would never want to see.

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  1. Plz post next chap soonnnnnnn

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey sanju.will try to post soon

  2. Beas

    It’s breath-taking. Post the next one soon.

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks beas..
      Will try to post soon..

  3. Superb!

    1. WeirdSister

      Thnx Christie

  4. Hello!! I’m glad ur exams went gud.
    Tke rest and enjoy the days u hv fr now.
    I’m 18 n am going to give neet 2017.
    Know I’m too older to u bt I guess tht doesn’t really matter in frndship. (I don’t know abt ur views)
    I soo thought tht sumo is finally gonna tell him abt her feelings bt thts too far frm wht I nw think she’s planning fr.
    And thats Is one thing I really luv abt ur fiction is. Entirely different and absolutely real. Uk I lyk reading n hv read hundreds of fictions. Those same fantasising love stories and predictable plots.
    I might hv told many tyms but I just can’t get over the fact tht u bring soo much of realistic emotions in ur characters.
    U are soo much more than those authors who let out their part of story with soo much of complicated vocabulary tht it gets difficult to understand their point.
    And theirs actually no point of writing stories when u cannot reach common ppl with ur ideas.
    I hv never thought of putting my views over a plot but I do admire a lott of hw u manage doing so.
    To be honest there’s always a *wow* in ur chp even wen it consists of not soo important contents sometimes.
    When I say I’m completely obsessed over knowing u more I’m honest. I hv never come across someone who’s touched my heart with just a mere story. I’m sure a person lyk u who understands relations n
    Emotions so well and hs soo much of depth in every word she writes can be the most amazing buddy I crave for.
    I reallllly luk forward to ur views over this coz I understand not everyone is as crazy as am I and I will totally understand if there’s any issue over the age difference factor. 🙂
    Wattpad id – Ruhaanie
    I luved the chp and am looking forward to sumo’s plan.
    Tke care and hv fun in ur holidays
    ♥ u loadzz

    1. WeirdSister

      Now seriously girl.. Will you please stop melting me..???
      If you keep writing such sweet words… I might not be alive to write the next chapter!!!?
      But on a serious note…your words really mean a lot to me… And I feel extremely happy when I read them..
      Age can never be a problem in friendship..
      I am 15.. Going to be 16 in no probs!
      Thankyou so so so much for all the love you have given me.. I feel blessed to find such an adorable friend like you…
      I messaged ‘ruhaanie’ on wattpad.. But I don’t know whether its you..
      Love u too!!!!
      May you have a wonderful next year!

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey niyati !!!! Really loved this chapter ♥♥♥♥
    Post soon ..
    Take care ♡♡

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks a lot Fatima..
      Will try to post soon..
      Love ya!

  6. _Rida

    Simply awsome girl,this part is just wow..
    so beautifully written
    i would love to explore its previous parts can u plz tell me where i,ll get whole story?

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh thanks a lot rida…for taking interest in my story..
      U can find the previous chaps…by typing d name of my ff in the search box given above..if u don’t find them..just message me.
      Love ya!

  7. Rukhsar

    Hy niyati first of all toh sorry for my what o said in the last chap i read my comment again and i felt that i said too much to u so basically the theme of comment was to tell u mthat u r such a great writer that u portray the real world and now comming to this epi i know why but i feel restless reading the chap i feel like something major is gonna happen and that’s increasing my curiosity i m mentally connected to ur ff after reading ur ff i kept on thinking for a long time that what will happen next……so plz post soon i just cant wait to know what sumo has planned so plz post soon and i have a complain to u this chap was really short so post next one long plzzzzzzzz
    Ok bye take care
    Lots of hugs to u
    Bye love u ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey naina..
      As I told before…there’s nothing wrong about expressing ur feelings… So don’t be sorry..
      Nd thanks a lot for all the sweet words!
      Will try to post soon..
      Love u too..
      P.S- m still waiting for d next part of ur ff..!

  8. Ariana

    It was a double surprise dude!!! 1st a quick update n 2nd the news tht u rn’t ending this wondrful ff this year
    XD I’m mad
    ignore but trust me I’m super happy. I honestly don’t even want this ff to end. How can you wish for the best thing to finish on the first place? It is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good and i honestly feel blessed for both getting chance to read this and getting to know the sweet author. You are such a smart af that I’m now literally tired of spelling now amazing you are. Don’t ever dare to think I exaggerate coz I don’t. When you praise someone from your heart u can understand it by their words n look though mines, I’m deeply in love with ur story line, the way u explain stuff, those wordings, the writing style n hell everything!!!You must b tired of reading it but I’ll type it up till ur last post that this ff is the most realistic one I’ve read till date on this site and that make me admire you like hell alllloooooottttttt. You r beyond words with ur talent. Sometimes I stay proud for knowing such an amazing person as you. Honestly, before my literature exams, all I think of is you and ur beautiful writings n it just inspires me. I mean all my words n I do love you as much as your brain
    always stay blessed
    thanks for giving me such a beautiful gift with ur ff
    it’s one of the best things that happened to me this year
    love ya honey
    take care
    and an advanced new year!

    1. WeirdSister

      ey arianaaaa!
      Gosh girl… U seriously will take my heart away someday.. Like literally take it away.. Because my heart can’t resist for too long you know????
      Thank you so so much for all the love and appreciation…they mean a lot to me..
      I must say.. That you make me feel like I am someone greater than who I really amam
      Nd that feeling is wonderful..
      I feel totally blessed to have such a sweet friend like you… U really are one of best writers I have come across.. Nd I am not saying it for the sake of saying..
      Love u too sweety..
      Nd an advance happy new year to u too..

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