Hello everyone… Thank you so so much for the comments on the previous chapter. Your love and support makes me feel amazing. So… The countdown has begun… Only five chapters are remaining after this… I am sorry in advance… If you don’t like it… I have already told before.. This one isn’t a typical love story… For those asking for Shravan’s point of view… I will try my best to give you all a bonus chapter from his POV. Silent readers.. There’s no reason for you to not comment… So please do comment… I am not sure that i would be able to finish this up by 31st dec or 1st jan… So now enough of my comes chap-15( P.S- its very short and may seem unimportant to you)


So it is December now. Its a nice month you know? I like it. There’s a mood of celebration in the air. But I never get it, do we celebrate a great year that has gone by or await the interesting one which is coming our way?
I am in company of Mr. Shravan Malhotra.
Actually its a photo of him in my phone. He is flashing that cheeky smile of his. He is on the floor, looking up at me. I took this photo while we were returning back from a friend’s birthday party. There’s another photo of him. And here he is giving that typical Mr. Malhotra expression. It kills me yet again.

Okay, so I am planning something. Something which I guess would satisfy me? Its almost another year before I leave this place and I know what I am going to do. I am not sharing the plan right now. Com’on give me some time. I have to do it with great care. ‘I need to do something’, that’s all I know for now.

I keep my phone in my bag and leave the lake.
I am already late for my lecture. I rush to my class and take my seat. I don’t know why but the lecture doesn’t interest me. I mean it isn’t that it doesn’t happen very often but today my mind was not feeling bored, its just that it was occupied with something else.

I start drawing on my bench, thinking about my plan. I don’t want my timing to go wrong. I will have to wait for our graduation. I see that I have drawn an eye like always. I don’t know why, but the first thing I come up with to draw is an eye.

When the lecture gets over, its a relief for me. I start moving to the canteen to meet my friends as its recess now. I find that my friends have saved a corner table for us. The canteen is flooding with people and I just take a random look around. Just as I have taken my seat, I see him. He is talking to some ‘girls’. He doesn’t care that I am here and looking at him. He continues with his work. Had this been the situation two months ago, I would have felt attracted to his sight. I would have felt that urge again but right now all I feel is to get away from him anyhow. I don’t want to be near him. I convince my friends and we move out.

At times, I ask myself in the deepest parts of my mind, that was this man even worth it? Was he worthy enough for me show him my diary which had my feelings? Was he worthy enough to get my care? Was he worthy enough for me to dream about him? And last but not the least, was he worthy enough to be loved by me?

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  1. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey niyati !!!! Again an awesome chapter .. u r amazing .. keep updating .. Lotz of love ..

    1. WeirdSister

      Thnx Fatima..!
      Love u loads!

  2. Woah! It was way too much interesting. Loved it. ?
    You write amazingly well ? ? ?
    Post the next one soon please πŸ™‚

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks zainab!
      M going to post the next chp today itself..
      Love u loads

  3. hey niyati awesome episode.
    nice yaar, mind blowing.
    post next one asap.

    1. WeirdSister

      Thnx reema
      M going to post it today itself..!

  4. Hey! Hw r u? Hwz exams? Still going?
    I don’t feel lyk using those cheesy words to express my love towards ur ideas over this plot…but I don’t hv any other source to do so n even if it ws der it wudnt hv been enough….afterall true feelings cannot be expressed with a mere word limit.
    The chp ws important atleast fr me.
    Atleast nw I’m sure sumo loved him and maybe is planning that *something* fr shravan (hope so).
    Ladyyyyyyy……u don’t need to be made special all the time okk??
    I reallly hope u keep on writing this way. πŸ™‚
    Oh n yeah……I cudnt find u on wattpad πŸ™
    I tried sooooo much but my luck πŸ™
    Is der any way out of this?
    U must be thinking —
    “Ye toh peeche hi pad gayi hai”
    But that’s all ur fault okk…. y do u hv to be soo charming as in personality that I wnna be tht person who can boast around saying I hv a buddy lyk *YOU* who’s just irresistible :-p ????
    Againnnnnn a longgggg comment na??
    Ur fault againnnn!!
    Next wed/thurs is gonna be soo long to wait……wht is sumo planning fr??
    Welllll patience I guesss!!
    Will wait!!
    Till den…..tke care!!!
    Loadzzzzz of love β™₯β™₯

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh my gosh girl!
      Thank you so so much..!
      My exams r over..they went pretty well..
      My holidays r short.. But I m trying to make d best out of it..
      For d wattpad problem.. U tell me ur username.. I will message u!
      Nd no no I don’t think that..
      Nd as much as u want to make me ur do I !
      U r just so so so sweet!!!!
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      Love u loads!
      P.S- can I know ur age?

  5. Again, this was spectacular! Sooo damn amazing! Like, look at all those emotions, man! Eagerly waiting for the next one!!

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks a lot anshu!
      Will post soon..
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  6. Nikita

    Loaadss of emotions…. another FABULOUS piece by you..
    Loved it..β™₯

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks nishu!
      Love u loads!

  7. hey niyati i i am back after a loooong time… lovely update.. looking forward to suman`s plan and also whats shravu is up to.. actually i am too busy wid my school work class 9 and 10 studies r being done simultaneously.. loads of love to u and sorry for not commenting for soo many days .

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey deotima!
      Gals to c u..
      Thanks a lot.!
      Nd its okay..I understand..
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  8. Rukhsar

    As usual another perfect chap………u know what these words seem very little to appreciate ur work……..u are beyond the world…..u r a fabulous writer… me…..and one more thing i wanna answer sumo’s questions i.e. shr was not worth of her love, her care or even her friendship…..he doesn’t even care for her she needed time so he would have given time to her but he only wants his happiness…..he doesn’t care for her at all so in that case she did right to leave him…….thus is the reality of life guys nobody cares for others except ur blood relations….there is no such thing like love in today’s world and if there is any such thing then it’s overpowered by selfishness……..

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey naina!
      Thank you so so much..
      And its totally fine If u bring out ur feelings nd put ur views.. There’s nothing to be sorry abt in this!
      Love u loads!

  9. Rukhsar

    Pardon me niyati for writing such thing about love that was my point of view about love don’t get me wrong actually i was so mad at shr behavior that i typed all that but that is what in my heart that is what i feel about love and i m glad that u r showing every one the real world

  10. LogaMegan

    Hi WS how are u dr?hope u r you remember us this is Loga and Megan.extremely sry for not commenting and reading ur previous chapters we had exams so we were super busy.sry for late post too.we read this chapter it was as usual amazing but we don’t know what happened in the previous chapters. So pls send the link for the previous chapters(from chap 4)or send the summary.
    Take care
    With lots of love Loga-Megan❀️

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey loga nd Megan..
      Of course I remember u ppl..that’s not a question to ask..
      Thnx a lot..
      U can get the previous chaps.. By typing the name of my ff in the search box above..
      Msg me if u don’t!
      Love u loads!

  11. Hey niyati
    It’s been a long time since I have commented
    I am really sorry girl ??
    Talking about this chapter,it was way too fabulous
    Keep going
    To keen to read the next epi
    Yours lovingly

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey YB..!
      Its okay dear
      Thank you so much..
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  12. Ariana

    A very late comment
    but guess wht? Finally my holidays started so I’ll b free for the nxt few weeks. No more late comments for a while again
    girl it’s Christmas so MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! hope u r having fun
    now coming to my fun part-
    this chap like all others was breathtaking n u r completely aware of it
    I wonder how can u manage writing so many creative pieces back to back
    u see u r so awesome that even creativity loves hanging out with u.
    n hi5 to Sumo, I always draw weird eyes all over my notebooks during boring lit/french classes. It’s the story of my life too XD
    I can’t stop admiring ur words of love
    honestly I’m not a person with all wonders of love and those feelings but as per my friend’s words, ur writing seems waaayyyyyy realistic
    it’s so coooooolllll hw u can explain feelings
    love ya girl
    stay blessed
    post soon
    take care
    again a Merry XMas

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey Ariana..
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      Nd merry Christmas( belated)

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