Thank you everyone who commented on the previous part… I m thankful that at least ‘you people’ are there to encourage me…its just for the sake of you people that I have not stopped posting my story yet….because my frustration level(for an obvious reason) is so high that I can’t tell u… Anyway here comes chapter 14… Read it if you find it worthy enough….


So its mid November now. My exams went pretty well, though they could have been a lot better. The post exam holidays were like heaven for me. Going back home was a perfect remedy for my broken, actually not broken but surely wounded heart. At times, spending time with your family is all you need to forget about your problems. I love my family so so much. I would be so incomplete without them.
Okay so now, I am standing right in front of Mr. Shravan Malhotra who is exactly 10 feet away from me. Before going home, I actually had some talk with him. Like some real talk, which I wanted to have for the past few months.

Was it real?

I take him to our usual place, near the lake. I know the lake had been craving for this view of us together but it doesn’t see why we are here. Like always, I wanted to talk.
We go and sit under the mango tree. Huh. Memories.
” Okay so Shravan, let me get straight to the point. I have been trying to understand your view for quiet some time and believe me when I say so. And I have tried mending myself and our relationship in every possible way but it just isn’t happening. So, that means that I have not understood you. So please help me out here. Why are you ignoring me?” I take out everything.
” I am not ignoring you. I am always ready to talk to you.” He says.
” Yeah, those forced conversations which I always start. I know about those. You never come to me and talk. Its always me. Why can’t we talk like we used to?” I needed my answers today.
” Look Suman, I never talk to anyone in our old group other than you. Isn’t that enough?” Seriously dude? Like now, I am just one of them?

” Yeah, because they have their self esteem. They don’t go around begging like me in front of you to talk to them. I am just a single faulty piece available. ”
And I see that old him now. That expression which he makes. Its that typical ‘Shravan Malhotra expression’ which is full of innocence. It kills you, you know?
” Did you even love me?” I ask and I don’t believe my ears that I am asking this. I never brought this topic up. But now I think its the only way.
He just gives that suppressed smile of his.
” What, like sisterly love? Because that is what I think.” And again I get that expression back and its killing me.
” Was it real for you?” I am flooding with questions.
He nods.
” Then how did it get over like this huh?” What the hell! Did I seriously ask this? I wanted to shout on myself- ‘ because you told him to finish it dumb’.
He does not answer. I change the topic.
” Do you remember the last time you came and talked to me? Like ‘you’ walking over to me and talking?” I take out all my frustration.

He gives a look which answers the question- No.
” Okay, let me help you out. It was nearly 4 months back. And do you know what you said? I was waiting for Ananya for a long time and so you came up to me and said-‘ she is waiting near the court.’ That’s it. Done. That’s the last time ‘ you’ talked to me.
He now remembers it I guess. Because he stares at the setting sun and nods.
” Please answer honestly. Do you care about me or for me?” This is what matters the most.
” Yes I do.” He says without hesitating.
” No, I don’t think so. You have been harassing me and you say that you care.” I look away now.
“Hey, I still have the friendship band you gave me. I have kept it safely with me.” He says. Let me tell for a matter of fact that he was ready to give this band back when I asked. He didn’t hesitate. I was just testing him and he said ‘ okay’. And when I told him that I was just testing him, he said, ” If you are asking it back, why should I deny?” Anyway moving on.

” That doesn’t mean that you care for me.” And he scratches his head.
I didn’t notice but over the time he shifted close to me while talking. He shouldn’t be close to me. He shouldn’t be.
” Now can ‘I’ ask you something? What do you want from a man? Any man? Even if he is your friend?” He asks a question for the first time and I have an easy and and honest answer for this.
” I just want an assurance from him that he’s there for me.” He makes an expression which says, ‘ Okay’.
” So, what do you want?” He asks leaning his face forward.
” I want us to be normal. I want us to talk like we used to. Behave normally.” I sigh. I rest my case but he is in no mood to be serious.

” What! You are talking as if we are in a crisis or something.” And that contagious smile of his plays on his lips.
” Stop using that word. We are not having that debate of yours which you are so interested in. You don’t understand, do you? You don’t even try to.” And this time instead of him walking away, its me. I have had enough. I have tried my best.
I think it was just one of the many relationships he had had. I know that anyone would be frustrated and give up if you don’t answer him for one year. But if a person really loves you, he won’t let go. And even if he would, he would still hold on to you. Like me. I have let go and am yet holding on to whatever I have of him and I think its enough for me. I know that even if I try, I can’t move on. As I said I am one of those faulty pieces. But the conversation with him left me with just one question- Was it even real?
God! I always bore you with my past right?
But what do, I am not able to come out of it.
Is there anybody who can help me?

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  1. Hey Niyati di!
    Firstly, I’m soooo sorry for not commenting at all in the previous parts! I’d been down with fever and stuff, at first. Then, I also had all my inter-house and inter-school basketball matches lined up earlier in the month. So, I’d only been catching up with KRPKAB all this while.
    Secondly, I’ve been reading your FF silently, though, since no doubt, it is my favourite one over here.
    Thirdly, all these parts were amazing, including this one. Your writing skills are just too fabulous, really. The way you describe each and every scene and emotion is spectacular. Trust me, I’ve deeply fallen in love with your works, yes I sure have.
    Fourthly, frankly speaking, I never get bored reading the past, you know. It’s all so interesting. And, it’s so damn on the point.
    Please post the next one soon, if you can.
    Loads and tons of love<3333333?????

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh anshu…
      U have made up for ur absence…but I really wish…that u keep commenting…now that…only few chaps are left…
      Thank you so much for the sweet words..
      Love u loads..
      Will try to post soon..
      Take care..

  2. I just opened this site to take a break from studies and here I got your episode ?
    This episode made me speechless, yet again. It was amazing. He actually talked to her ? That was so unexpected.
    Loved this so much. Keep writing such amazingly well. Waiting anxiously for the next episode.
    Much love ?
    Take care ?

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey zainab…
      Missed ur comment last time.. But m glad that u r here…
      Thank you so much… Nd I hope that I keep surprising u ahead also..
      Hope ur studies r going well.
      Love u loads..
      Will try to post soon..

      1. Sorry i couldn’t comment on your previous chapter. I was way too much sick for 10 days and so wasn’t able to do anything not even study. Then my exams started so I didn’t get time to open this site. Last exam’s tomorrow i.e. 19th then finally gonna be free for sometime.

    2. WeirdSister

      Oh… Hope u r better now..
      All the best for ur exam…
      Do well..!!!!
      Love ya..!

      1. Thank you ?

  3. Nikita

    He talked. He talked. He talkeeddx!!!
    Omg he seriously did.. yaaayyy
    I feel bad for Sumo noww… But di, can wwe have a litttlee of shravan’s POV? Anyways, I loved it… you left me speechless AGAIN..
    Love, Nishita…

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey nishu..
      Thank you so much..
      Nd I will try my best to fulfil ur wish.. Maybe a bonus chap at the end? Maybe… U can’t guarantee… So no false hopes..!
      Love u loads..
      Take care..

  4. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Hey niyati !!!! This one was tooooo good … just love the shraMan convo part .. finally he talkkedd … bt this ‘shravan’ will not easily give her all the answers .. Oh damn he .. Anyways yeah yeah I do found it worthy enough to read nd y wouldn’t it be .. after all its written by ‘u’ dear !!!!
    Post soon …
    Take care ..
    Love ya

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you Fatima..
      M glad that u liked it..
      Will try to post soon..
      Love u too..

  5. Hey!! I’m extremely sorry I couldn’t mke up fr the last tym. Its lyk I was waiting fr the whole damn week yet just couldn’t find time to reach you **holding ears nw**
    U know soo much of studies n then parents pressure. Pheeww!!
    Lyk the whole of a pissed off lyf 🙁
    Hope u understand dear…… my heart skipped a beat when I read first few lines of this part…….plz don’t stop posting plzzzzz.
    Okkaayy nww the chp —-
    I really luved their much awaited and almost unexpected convo. This story is all from sumo’s pov but Idk y I feel a desperate need fr some shravan’s views too….*if it suits the plot*.
    As alwayss its a genuine package of meaningful emotions and every single chp mkes the story more of a real one. And with every new chp I feel an immediate urge to improve my vocabulary to provide u with some more charming and buttery adjectives 😉
    *Sumo* as u portray here is all I know abt u…..I told u I wnna know moreeeeee and I’ll mke sure I reach u by the end of this ff
    **plzz ignore the obsessed me……I can’t help it…..with the days passing I feel more attached to ur story**
    Winding it all up with the immense love I’ve found in getting along with u and ofcourse ur ff.
    I’m sorrrryy once again fr the last time.
    I’ll wait fr the next part and willl surely bore u with these extraaaa longg comments further toooo.
    Love u loadzzzz darlinggg
    Tke care!! ♥♥

    1. WeirdSister

      Awwwww ruhaani…
      This was a total overdose of sweetness…
      Thank you so so much…
      U make me feel special…
      Abt Shravan’s POV… I will try my best…to c if I can give u all a bonus chap…maybe?
      But no false hopes… D chances r less…
      Even I will make sure that I reach u by d time this story ends…!
      U r adorable u know?…
      I really wish to meet u in person someday..
      Anyway for now..
      Hugs nd kisses from my side.
      Love u too..
      Will try to post soon..

      1. Heyy
        Hwz exams going? Still going??
        U will surely nt get to see me on this earth if this love shower doesn’t end. 😉 I never feel lyk using those cheesy words to express my love towards ur ideas over this plot….but uk I don’t hv any source to do so fr nw and even if
        it ws der it wudnt hv been enough…afterall true feelings cannot be expressed within a mere word limit. But LOVE is all I feel towards ur
        fiction and of course YOU who hs
        given rise to it. Hope u give loadz more to this brilliant talent of urs!!
        U need not be made special all the tym……U ARE SPECIAL AND
        Oh n yeah I couldn’t find u on wattpad 🙁 ….I tried soooo much but…….My luck maybe 🙁
        Anyways…..hugs n kisses warmly accepted and reciprocated too ♥♥
        Tke care
        Loadz of loveee ♥♥

  6. hey niyati. finally sharman talk to each other.
    wow it’s superb. & just awesome episode.
    its sooo interesting yaar.
    & ya u never bore me. u are just amazing.
    I just love your writing skills. acchuly I am very big fan of your writing.
    too good yaar & post next part soon.
    lots of love.
    take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so so much reema…
      Feels so good to c u commenting…!
      Will try to post soon..
      Love u loads..
      Stay blessed..

  7. Ruchi

    Hey Niyati aka WS
    How r u dear?? All gud?
    Amazing epi…
    Finally ShraMan conversation…
    poor Sumo…
    m really not getting what Shravan is up to…
    nd u didn’t bored us…
    m so eager to read the next epi …
    try to post soon…
    take care!!
    Lots of Luv

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey ruchi…
      Yeah all good..though I wish to c u more…!!
      Thank you so much..
      Will try to post soon..
      Love u loads..

  8. Ariana

    Hey I’m so sry for an unexpected late comment. Honestly I wasn’t late as I commented previously but this screwed up site didn’t post my comment.
    anyways coming to the main part-
    ❤❤❤❤ I’m so lost in ur story. I was playing a song which went perfectly with ur chap n it spiced up the whole thing. Can you imagine how a 101% masterpiece writing with an obsessive related song makes up my day so badly? I was almost chilling on the heaven.
    Don’t wanna make it a repetitive compliment but I’m bounded coz it suits ur talent- U R AMAZING!!! U make me go from 0 to 100 n back to 0 in a sec with ur words. Those r so MAGICAL!!!
    Love u girl
    stay blessed
    post nxt part soon
    take care

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey Ariana…
      U know what.. Ur comment is like a dessert…even though it comes mostly at the last… I relish every bit of it…( so no need to worry about being late)
      Thank you so so much..
      Will post soon… Nd u also better post really quickly.. M waiting for d next part of ur ff..
      Love u too..!!

  9. Niyooo obviously one of the best thing I read.
    Loved it
    Love u
    Post soon

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh preeti..
      Thanks a lot.
      I was waiting for ur comment..
      Love u too..
      Will try to post soon.

  10. dear friend..
    Kahi vo vajah my tho nahi?? I’m sorry friend my mother went through an take care of the household things instead of mom and to prepare for my Mba semester exams and so on competitive exams..I didn’t get time to focus here..but surely..I will read wt I lost I’m here.and back to you all my friends..pks..stop doing miss me????
    Love you

  11. did it.
    I did complete reading last 5 parts which I missed to comment..
    It was so delicious feast for me after a long break I took ..u know its food and wonderful experience to read some huge parts if the story at a was like travel ping in oyasis of sea ship in the ocean..being alone with ur ff..
    Its lovely adorable..
    And forever and ever u will b my best author..dear niyati??????

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh my god Sona..
      So glad to c u back..
      No u were not d reason…
      But I did certainly miss u like hell….nd I had no way of contacting u…so I could nothing but to wait…!?
      Moreover I was sad that ur record of commenting on each nd every update of mine broke?….but never mind… I totally understand ur situation…
      Hope ur mother is good now…nd so r ur studies…?
      Thanks a lot for taking out the time and reading those five parts.. It means a lot to me..!?
      Hope to stay in touch wid u..!
      Nd thanks for all the compliment again..
      Love u loads nd loads!!?

  12. Rukhsar

    Hey niyati…….what to say about ur writing…….another amazing piece of writing….just loved it to the core…..ssly its so so so amazing that i can’t describe it in words…..and i m glad that shravan is back and now i got to know that shravan was always there he never left thr clg but he left sumo ?????? but i hope everything gets well soon between them…..
    Oh han sorry to kehna bhool hi gayi sorry for the late reply plz maaf kar do I’ll to be punctual next time ?????sorry

    1. WeirdSister

      Hey naina…
      Feeling really happy to c ur comment..
      Thank you so much…
      Nd its okay… Plz don’t say sorry again nd again…!
      Love u loads.
      P.S- do post d next part of ur ff soon … M waiting?

  13. Rukhsar

    I m happy that i made u happy and as far for my ff just wait one more week dear and then I’ll post the next two parts

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