Hello peeps..!! I know I m late again and m hell sorry for it..coming to the story and this chapter…this contains nothing much..nd maybe boring…u will get a glimpse of d person u hve been waiting for….nd in advance itself..m sorry to hve disappointed u..!
This fan fiction will end on 31st december or maybe 1st jan…. I really appreciate the love and support u people have shown…keep commenting..!!!


Back to the present. Are we?
I realise that its almost 8. I spent so much time here and its dark now. The place looks spooky. But I feel good. I feel good letting out my emotions and revealing ‘my side of the story’.

I start jogging back to my hostel. Guess whom do I see on my way?
Shravan Malhotra. He doesn’t register me. He never has, in the past eight months unless necessary. He looks charming as always. His hair ever so perfect. He is surrounded by his new friends. Some girls, some boys. He is wearing white tee and olive pants. I don’t exist for him. Not anymore.
You know what? Everyday I decide that even I will try and move on. Forget him. But one glance of his and I am back to my faulty self. He pulls me. Not physically but mentally. Whenever I see him, I feel the need to add one more desperate measure in the list of countless ones I have take in the past few months. At times I talk to him, at times I am tougher.
So yeah, right now also he stands in front of me, laughing and enjoying. Why couldn’t he behave like this with me? Normally? Like friends?

The urge comes again. But I let it go.

I continue on my way to hostel and I get my mom’s call.
” Hello Mummy.” I say in a cheerful voice.
” Hello Sumi. Where are you?” She asks in her always concerned and sweet voice. I hear clanking of utensils in the background and I know that she is in the kitchen. I feel homesick.
” I am just going back to my room. How’s daddy?” I ask.
” Watching TV and you very well know what.” She sighs.
” Times now? News hour?” And I know that I am correct. Although mom always gets irritated by it, my dad never stops watching it.
” Yes, what else. Anyway, you tell, everything okay right?”
” Yeah mom. Exams are starting from next week. After it, I will be coming home. Yuppie!” I shout.

” Yeah yeah, do well okay?”
” Yes mom. Now bye. Goodnight.” I say and give a kiss to my phone.
” Goodnight sweety. Sleep early. Don’t be awake till late. ”
I have reached my hostel room. I just go and jump in my bed. I feel like sleeping now only but I know I need to study. I have been distracted for quiet a time. I need to focus. I have to do what I am here for. I change into my nightdress and sit down to study.
After a while I slip into my bed with my headphones on. I wonder if the same dreams would come again? Will the same face flash again?

Oh the dreams! Why do they refuse to leave me?

Even though I see his face daily, still it wants me to see it even in my sleep. My dreams reflect my greatest desires. You see, in every dream, he says ‘sorry’ to me. And then everything is back to normal like it used to be. My dreams show that he lives in me, in my heart and even in the subconscious parts of my mind. God its scary, isn’t it? Seeing a person doing the same thing in a different way almost every day in your dreams. My dreams, huh. I guess unlike him, they will be with me forever. What will someone think if I tell him or her that I keep seeing a person whom I see daily, in my dreams? They will think that I need a psychiatrist, that I am in depression. Well yeah, I am depressed but I don’t sulk around. My stress and emotions are limited to me. As I told before, I store everything inside me.

Okay so now I go back to sleep with the same question in my mind which has been there for quiet a long time now. Would this be different, had I made a choice two years ago?

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  1. Angel20

    It was awesome again! The title is always justified in your story. I loved it! And I’m waiting for the next part so post it soon!!

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much maria..
      Love u loads..
      Nd sorry for a late reply..

  2. Khushi

    U know what niyati u r mad
    If u r calling this master piece boring then I am sure ur choice is not that good
    This is the perfect ff the story the emotions everything which I longed to read from so long and u present me with a ff having perfect blend of everything
    The characterisation of sumi is done as if I feel that its me coz her everything is same as me her nature her habit of hiding her feelings
    I feel so attached with this ff and u also
    Loved this man I just loved this
    Darling I have told u many times and will say it again ur name is meant to be written on the cover page of a best seller
    The best ff I have read ever
    And I don’t want it to end no no never
    But as its said that every good thing has to end so I know this will also end
    But plz be back with a new one soon jaan
    I missed u so much yr
    And just few days on 15th my exams will end and then I will be here I have an idea for an OS and ofcourse my ff which all must have forgotten
    Anyways don’t u dare say that my fav ff is boring ok??
    Love u niyati hoping to chat with u soon

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh my god khushi..
      Stop doing this to me… I will go mad if u keep saying such sweet words to me..
      U r such a sweetheart…
      Thank you so much…..!!!
      I wish ur hope turns into reality…nd I m able to write a book someday…I would be on cloud nine…
      But for d time being…make me happy by posting ur story soon…!!
      Waiting for it..
      Love u too…
      Nd u can msg me anytime…!!

  3. Oh, too good and who said it is boring, sorry for not commenting on previous parts, this one was wonderful ?
    Love you

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you so much Y.B..
      Nd its okay..
      Love u too

  4. hey its grate yaar. awesome one…
    & ya post next one soon.
    I am waiting..
    lots of love…

    1. WeirdSister

      Thanks a lot reema..!
      Love u loads..
      Will try to post soon..

  5. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Oh niyati !!!!! Yhis was just Wonnnderful !!!! ?????

    1. WeirdSister

      Thank you Fatima…
      Love ya..!

  6. prettypreeti

    Niyoooo it was superbbbb how means it was really tooo good.
    Sbkuch khush ne keh diya whT I can say..brilliant….. Awesome
    Post soon
    Love u

    1. WeirdSister

      Oh preeti..
      Thank You so much dear..
      Love u too…
      Will try to post soon..

  7. Ariana

    look me bck!
    Oh it feels so gd to b back to form n actually take time out for ur wonderful update.
    Anyways gonna go to the update-
    it was soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo (wait i don’t think I gotta repeat it)
    but yah u do make me speechless
    I told u a zillion times till date but I guess I’ll have to practice telling it more as u won’t stop awing me that I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH THIS REALISTIC NATURE OF UR STORY!!!
    I don’t kid when I say so. The way u explain the emotion- I feel as if u r explaining ur stry not Sumo’s. Tbh it brings the gesture u live in her.
    I love it- simple and realistic.
    what makes it sooooo far diff from the rest is the logic. It has no such fantasy hidden behind.
    U r a great n mature writer n never fail impressing me
    Now tht IU’m bck to form n the fb is also over, this journey ahead will b wonderful I can tell!!!
    waiting for ur nxt update
    sry fr late cmnt
    bfl for ur remaining exams
    nail it
    loads of love

    1. WeirdSister

      Ariana…stop doing this to me every time…
      U just kill me wid ur sweet words…
      Thanks a ton for ur and best wishes…they mean a lot to me…
      Nd m so glad to c ur comment…I was waiting like every time you see…!
      I will try to post soon…nd hope that so will u…
      Love u more than you can imagine..
      Take care..
      Nd hope that ur studies r going well..!

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