Hey people!
First of all to all my lovely readers- a big big thank you for bearing with me, so much!

Your love and support has been so encouraging.
And I can never thank you enough for bringing out the writer in me. Had it not been for this site, I wouldn’t have started writing.

Noise of the past ( And The choice ) has been really special to me, especially with all the touches of reality. I have picked up many things from my own life too, to put in the story. Noise of the past was more like, expressing my own emotions about certain things, like opinions on relationships, love etc etc. The story was more about you know, ‘The Choices’ you make in life. At many times, it seems like you didn’t even make them but you did. Okay, let me tell you something; there’s a line you know, ‘ Happily ever after’. Well its more like a phrase. Whatever it is, I hate this line because it just seems so unlikely. You can’t have a happily ever after in life. You can have a happy present but you can’t predict that the future would also be the same. So love stories which are about ‘ Happily ever after’ don’t interest me. I mean, I know I am not big enough to talk about these mature things like love and relationships but still, whatever I have learnt and experienced have pushed me into believing these things. My perceptions may change.

So yeah, noise of the past was not about sacrifice and stuff. I mean, she could have always got him if she wanted to. But she chose not to. ‘ Chose’.
Its more about, that in any relationship, one shouldn’t allow the other person to change who you are. As I had said once, we always want to look interesting in life. I want that too. And even if you don’t agree, the truth won’t change. So, we can’t change that desire, but we can always limit it. Limit it to a level where it doesn’t eat you up. You can be different with different people but when you are alone, you should be you. Believe me, it’s tough to get back the same persona once you have lost it. So yeah that’s it. At the end of this so called lecture, I would just say:

Now coming back to acknowledgements, I am really thankful to the following people for the love and support: ( The order doesn’t matter. )
Loga and Megan
Sun shine
Loving sumo
Silent reader

I am extremely sorry if I missed anyone.
You people have been just phenomenal. You people are more than just mere readers to me, you people are my critique, my friends and of course my sweet small family.

There are a few things I have been wanting to tell for quite a long time now. So they are:
– My real name starts from A. If you thought niyati is my name, it isn’t. Its a name I created for you all. ( I want to be WS for you all. That’s the identity I have created for writing.)
– This was my last story on this site. I won’t be writing here anymore. Don’t worry, I will be there as a reader.

-No stories from my side till April end because its my boards this year and I have got last two months of preparation.
– I will be more active on wattpad. So feel free to connect with me there. If you don’t have an account, please create one. Its a lovely site for readers and writers. My wattpad id is ‘WeirdSister’. If you can’t find me there, just leave a message on this site. I will find you.
– I have been most excited for this point- I would be debuting on wattpad by April end. At least for now, that’s the plan. If you wish to have more of my writings, do read it.
– And surprise surprise! The story isn’t a love story or a romantic one. Its genre is mystery and thriller. This is the first time, that I am attempting this genre and I am damn nervous about it. If you are a fan of love stories or romantic ones, then too find me there. There are quite a few plots in my mind right now.

– Since you people are the only ones I can rely on to actually ‘publicise’ my story, I really wish that I can connect with you there. I am sorry if I sound selfish but the truth is that I have only you people as my readers initially. Its upon you to actually share the story with others. But believe me, I want you to do so if you genuinely like it.
– Another thing about story is that its from third person’s point of view. And I guess I am not really good at it but I am working on it. I am giving this story around 4 months of thinking, so I hope that it turns out good.
– You people are the first people with whom I am sharing things about this story and my debut.

That’s it then. If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask. Since many of you wanted more of my writings, I decided to tell you about wattpad. But at the end its your choice. I don’t wish to force you. That’s it for today!

Love you all more than you can imagine. Stay blessed. Stay happy. Keep reading. Keep writing.
And for one last time, do comment.

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  1. Nikita

    Aww! WS. Ignoring my writings, I totallly agree about the ‘happily ever after’. My stories seem a total opp. Of ur views, but trust me, im on board with you. But then what’s the bad of dreaming and blessing a couple with a happily ever after!
    Anyways, im so gonnnaa miss you.. abot wattpad, I dont have a accou t there. But I have been a reader of some stories. So if you’d just dm me ur writing pg link, that’d be great help! Im gonna miss you. Do come here too with some os and stuff. And you have to here on 28th and 1st. We dont have a 29th though, bt its gonna be special.
    Our EDKV completes a year! I’m gonna be posting, and I’d really like you to be there for my OS. I love you sooo much!
    You’re an amazing writer, and trust me, you’d kill this genre as well!
    Loads of love,
    Ps: all the best with your boards! Kill em!
    Love ya

    1. Nikita

      Too many mistakes, didn’t proofread..sorry!

  2. RANdomfANCreationz

    Hey ws I loved ur story as I said b4 and it’s okay i understand as my cousins and Friend have board exams this year too and will definately follow u on wattpad later on after my exams
    And if u r wondering who m I? I am actually none other than Fatarajo ?

  3. Why are u not continuing to write here? I will miss u
    I really really love ur writings and everyone’s here
    And this story was seriously amazing and true and even ur last ff ‘kahin Teri Khamoshiyan Jeet Na jaane pyar se’ too was very good and I think you wrote 5 shots ‘one night that changed my life’s also ,that was amazing..
    Anyways,don’t stop writing here
    You know ,I have always been a silent reader because I don’t have legal permissions to be here
    I mean I am not allowed,so I never commented.
    Anyways ,you know I am also in 10
    And yes all the best for exams and be back here

  4. Aaawwwweeeessssooooommmmeeee!!!!!!???????????????????????

  5. Prettypreeti

    Welcome and thanks for informing…all the best and ya lovely description..ur name from a ohhh…weirdsister u r really special girll…
    Love uu…

  6. Thanks for the acknowledgements. You are really a true writer who can bring forth all the emotions in your story crystal clearly. I respect your thoughts and opinions and I am sure you will definitely leave a mark in your writings. Would be glad to read a book published by you in the future . I am very addicted to realistic stories . Will catch up with you on watpad and any piece written by you will definitely be a masterpiece so no worries. Plz carry forward your incredible writing skills and shine like a ? always. All my wishes and prayers for you. Stay blessed. Love ❤ from the bottom of my heart ♥.
    Your ardent fan

  7. Fatimagulesarfraz

    Awwww???? That’s so sweet of u ..
    Love u too ..
    Take care ..
    Stay blessed ..
    Best of luck for examz ???

  8. hey.. how are you… thank you for this.
    & really sorry for commenting this much late.
    acchuly I was very Bussy. because I also have exams on March-April. so all the best for your exams… just rocked it. & ya after that please come back…..
    I will miss you & your ff.
    till then bye. may god bless you.
    & loads of love from my side take care dear….
    remember come back soon……

  9. Sammy

    Come back soon??

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