Nobody is Perfect: (harmya) Chapter 6

Harman tells her that he has a surprise for her.
Soumya: surprise? What surprise?
Harman: (blindfolds her and carries her to the place and makes her sit on the chair. He opens her blindfold and switches on lights. She looks here and there happily. He has decorated the place very beautifully. She is sitting on the table where beautifully decorated candles are placed.)
Soumya: (mesmerized) it’s beautiful. You want a candle light dinner with me?
Harman: yeah! I always wanted that you stay with me like this. I always wanted to confess my feelings but I was afraid that you will misunderstand me and refuse. So that’s why, I confessed my feelings today so that you will not be in a position to refuse me. (holds her hand and kisses) I love you.
Soumya: (smiles) you are very clever, I must say!
Harman: (laughs) I did not wanted to lose you. so that’s why!
Soumya: I know! (both have their dinner and dance on a romantic song. After that, he drops her to her house. She comes inside and Surbhi starts teasing her)
Surbhi: (hits her elbow) oho! Look who is coming. My sweet Somu di! She has come after spending half day with my to be jiju.
Soumya: what the hell! You again started. I did not went to him. He came and dragged me there after taking permission from mom.
Surbhi: and that Rahul! Luckily he also got out of the plan. You both were free. So tell me what did jiju do with you?
Soumya: what do you mean?
Surbhi: oho di! Don’t act innocent. Ok tell me how did he praise you?
Soumya: surbhi! Go to your room.
Surbhi: will you not like to have dinner.
Soumya: I had it with Harman.
Surbhi: (sarcastically) now why would you care for having food with us. Jiju has came in your life and you would always be with him. What days have came? So much care towards him?

Soumya: shut up and go to your room. You and the whole family knows the reality. Come out of your dream world sleeping beauty! (goes from there stamping her feet in anger and Surbhi stands there confused)
Surbhi: (to herself) I am sure jiju must have confessed his feelings, so why is she behaving like this? (goes from there)
Soumya goes in her room cursing herself on taking Harman’s name in front of Surbhi. She stands in front of mirror and recalls their date. She recalls Harman holding her hand and confessing his feelings. She recalls their dance and dinner. She recalls Harman looking romantically towards her. A drop of tear escapes her eyes.
Soumya: why I am not feeling happiness? Every girl dreams of a loving husband and I am getting that. Then why I am afraid? Why I feel weird when he touches me? Rahul! This all is because of you. it was the biggest mistake of my life to love you. If you have not came into my life, this all would not have happened and I would have led a peaceful and happy life. But now, I am getting married to Harman and I should be happy. Now Rahul has only one place in my life and that is best friend! Nothing more than that! (determined face) I have full right to live happily. (removes her jewellery and unpins her hairs. She looks at engagement ring for some time and then goes to bed. She looks at the roses and laughs) my secret admirer! (lays to sleep. After sometime, she sleeps with a peaceful smile on her face. In morning, Rahul comes to her and starts his drama of teasing her. She is sleeping and he pours jug of water on her. She suddenly sits upright and shouts)
Soumya: (trying to open her eyes because she woke up suddenly and she is still feeling sleepy) what the hell! I will kill you Surbhi! How dare you ruin my sleep? (holds him and pushes him. He falls on floor and she opens her eyes) Rahul! I am sorry! (runs to him and hugs him. He hugs her back) did you got hurt? How stupid I am.
Rahul: (releases from hug and caresses her face) no fatty! But you should be careful. What do you eat that you get this much strength? You are not less than superman yar!

Soumya: (glares at him angrily) again fatty? What do you think of yourself, han? You look like a monkey when you run here and there and when you speak, Ah! It feels like an ugly duckling’s quack. You know what? This hairstyle does not suits you. it only suits some handsome hunk, ok? (destroys his hairstyle)
Rahul: (angrily) hey fatty! You ruined my hairs? Now see what would I do to you! (runs behind her and catches her by hairs)
Soumya: ah! You moron, leave me!
Rahul: (sarcastically) not so soon. I have to make a good hairstyle of you like this. (destroys her hairs and holds her both hands tightly so that she cannot move her hairs back. He takes her to the mirror and makes her face the mirror) so, mirror, mirror, mirror! Who is the most beautiful in this world? (acts as scared and shouts) ah! Who is she? I think an ugly duckling!
Soumya: (struggling to free her hands but in vain) leave me you donkey. I will show you who is the ugliest person of the world.
Rahul: not so easy darling, not so easy! (Soumya blows air from her mouth to move her hairs from her face and Rahul laughs.) feeling irritated? (tucks her hairs behind her ears and at the same time Harman enters her room. He is shocked to see the scenario because both of them are all messed up.)
Soumya: you moron! (shouts) leave my hands I said! Once I get free, I will transform you into such a get up that you yourself would be afraid of facing the mirror!
Rahul: (not notices Harman) oh really! How sweet of you fatty! So you have got the guts to beat me.
Soumya: yeah and I…. (notices Harman through the mirror) Harman! (Rahul turns back but is still holding one hand of Soumya. She goes towards Harman but he is holding her hand. He leaves her hand and she goes towards him setting her hairs right.) I am sorry I did not notice you. this idiot Rahul was…
Rahul: (comes to him and pats on his shoulder) hey jiju! What up? (hugs him) I am sorry dude!
Soumya: (to Harman) what are you doing in my place this early?
Harman: actually I thought to….
Rahul: fatty! Sometimes, it is good to use your brains because it will not leave any bad effect on your health. Use your upper story doll! He came to wish good morning to his fiancée. Right? (looks at Harman seeking for approval)
Harman: yeah! he is right.
Rahul: (laughing) I am always right. By the way, how was your date?
Soumya: (glares at him angrily) date? But with whom and when?
Rahul: (whispers to Harman) wow dude! See she is getting senti for you. you won. I want a treat from you. now look what I will do.
Harman: (whispering) no ways dude! I don’t want her to misunderstand me. Please yaar, leave it!
Soumya: (shouts) I am asking you something you donkey.
Harman: (makes a puppy face and whispers to Rahul) now see, she is scolding me. What will I do?
Rahul: (whispering to Harman) hey chill yaar! This is my nickname given to me by her. (to soumya) nothing yar! Last night, he had a date fixed with his princess. (Harman makes a crying face and Rahul looks at him amused) don’t you know only you are his princess? (Harman and Soumya give a sigh of relief)
Soumya: oh, I thought that… (looks at Harman embarrassed) I am sorry.
Rahul: ah doll! Have you kept your brain carefully so that it gets sold in market at highest price because it is unused brain with a tag clearly visible? (holds his hands in air) brand new!
Soumya: donkey! I will kill you. first you destroyed my get up and…
Rahul: oh hello madam! First you messed up my hairs ok? I just took my revenge simply.
Soumya: (keeps hands on her shoulders) simply? You stupid! All this is because of you. if you would not have waked me up like this, I would not have reacted like this.
Rahul: looks like extra fats accumulated in your adipose tissues, that is why you sleep so much. Look at the time, it is 9o’clock.
Soumya: I am not a kid that I have to wake up and go for school.
Rahul: oh yeah! How can I forget? In childhood, I came to wake you up at 5 o’clock because it took two hours to wake you up. And in the university, you were always late because you took two hours to get ready. (they both are fighting again forgetting their surroundings. Harman feels bad seeing Soumya ignoring him)
Soumya: and you forgot yourself. You chashmatu! You always kept crying.
Rahul: because you always snatched my lunch from me you bhukadh!
Soumya: you bhukadh!
Rahul: you bhukadh!
Soumya: you… (points finger at him and stops remembering that Harman is here) if he was not here, I would have shown you the consequences of messing up with me.
Rahul: (surprised) consequences? Madam, first tell me what were you doing till now? What more you can do? Any ways leave it and concentrate on jiju. He came to your house and you are still fighting with me.
Soumya: (looks at Harman embarrassed) I am sorry!
Harman: (with a wide smile) no no, it’s okay! And…(takes a red roses bunch and presents to her) this is for you.
Soumya: (jumps in excitement) wow! I love this. (takes and smells) so nice of you. (keeps them on her dressing table and Harman gets happy. (Nimi comes)
Nimmi: Harman! Soumya! Rahul! Come fast for the breakfast.
Soumya: yeah mom! Coming.

Precap: rahul’s plan for Harmya and Soumya’s mehndi after onw week.

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