Nobody is Perfect: (harmya) Chapter 5

Soumya calls him and he panics what to answer her. After sometime, he composes himself and attends the call. Soumya is shouting like a mental patient.
Soumya: you donkey! You scoundrel! You dumb charade! What do you think of yourself ha? Where are you?
Rahul: I am in….
Soumya: shut up! Just shut up! I will break your mouth you idiot. Why did you not come? It has been two hours but there was no news of you. You said that you will come, then what happened?
Rahul: hey hold on! You are not alone. Harman is with you, then what is the problem?
Soumya: this is the main problem.
Rahul: (laughs) fatty! He is your fiancée yaar! Don’t behave like those mad people. By the way, where is your Harman Singh Juneja?
Soumya: I have put the phone on loud speaker and he is with me.
Rahul: that’s great! Give phone to him. (Soumya gives phone to Harman) hey dude! I am not coming because if I would come to your place, she will definitely kill me and I don’t want to die so soon. After all, I have to see world with my own eyes. And you please enjoy with this fatty. (Harman puts the loud speaker off and goes to a corner)
Harman: hey! I have disconnected loud speaker and why are you so scared of her? After all she is your childhood friend.
Rahul: I know her since childhood that’s why I am saying this. Ok, tell me how was your date?
Harman: date, my foot! She was not ready to enter my house without you. We both are sitting in the lawn outside the family hall. She is very stubborn yaar! Now what to do?
Rahul: (laughs) what? This fatty na, I am really sorry from her side. ok give phone to her. I will talk to her!
Harman: really? Thank you so much yaar!
Rahul: you are my jiju and I am giving you my fatty, so it is my responsibility to convince her for you. (Harman feels bad hearing “my fatty” word from him and gives phone to her. Rahul convinces her and she agrees.)
Soumya: ok, I am ready! Let’s go! (Harman holds her hand and she looks questioningly towards him)
Harman: (smiles) you came to my house first time and I want to make it memorable. So! We both will enter holding each other hands and first keep the right foot in and then left. Ok?
Soumya: (nods) yeah! (both enter and he leads her to his room.)
Harman: and here is my room which will be ours after marriage. (Soumya smiles) come, I want to show you something. (he opens door and signals her to enter first. She enters and he switches on the light. She is shocked to find her pictures all over. These are the pictures of her birthday party celebration in her hostel, their welcome party, their farewell party and some random pictures of university days. On the wall behind the bed, there is a big poster size picture of Soumya in which she is holding books and looking nervous. It was her first day at university. Soumya looks at him in disbelief)

Soumya: (thinks) this Harman! How does he know me? And these all are picture of me after I joined university. Who is he? (to Harman) who captured these pictures because I never allowed anyone to keep my pictures. Who are you?
Harman: (makes her sit on bed and sits on his knees) hey! Just relax! I captured those pictures of you. You were asking me in the engagement party that you have met me somewhere. Right?
Soumya: yeah! Absolutely right!
Harman: so now your all confusions will get cleared. Do you remember four years back when you clashed into someone while returning from airport?
Soumya: yeah! I went to see off Rahul when he was going foreign. I was very sad and…
Harman: crying badly. Right?
Soumya: yeah! (shocked) what? But how do you know?
Harman: because you bumped into me while returning. But I think you did not see me because you were crying badly and looking down. You did not fight with me even I was at fault. I saw you there for the first time and fell in love with you. But I was very tensed as you were crying. I wanted to know the reason of your tears. But you got disappeared in the crowd of people and I lost you. I was feeling like my heart is sinking. I thought I lost you for ever.
Soumya: but what were you doing there?
Harman: I was returning from US after one week holidays.
Soumya: but how did you got to know full information about me especially the university name.
Harman: (smiles) by chance or you can say my luck. I was praying to see you anywhere. I was sitting on the bench in the garden of university when I saw you entering through the gate. You were looking very nervous. This was the time when I clicked your picture for the first time. But you were looking very dull and sad. So, for cheering up you, I left a bunch of red roses on your seat without your or anyone else’s notice. Then I got to know that these flowers are your favourite. So I gave you these flowers daily. But I did not had the courage to tell you about my feelings because I was scared. After university, I sent my parents to your house to get our alliance fixed and they agreed. See the result, you are standing in my house as my fiancée. I am so happy. I love you Soumya! I love you since past four years. I have told you all this so that you believe that I love you. now be happy because you are going to marry a boy who loves you truly. You should not have doubt on my feelings.

Soumya: (enraged and shouts) so it was you. You were that secret admirer. Right?
Harman: (scared) look Soumya! This was the reason I did not had courage to tell you about my feelings because you will get angry. (holds her) I did not wanted to tease you. I was serious.
Soumya: (jerks his hand and shouts) you blo*dy bastard! What do you think of yourself, han? Do you have any idea how much tensed I was because of you? do you have any idea, how I felt when I saw your roses daily? (cries) do you have any idea how much scared I was just because of you? do you have any idea I never set my foot out of hostel gate because of your fear? You made my life hell. Do you have any idea how did I passed these four years in university? You rogue! I will not leave you. (walks towards him in anger and he gets scared)
Harman: (walking back) I am sorry Soumya! I am really very sorry! I did not knew that you would react like this. I always thought that you will get happy seeing the roses.
Soumya: and today morning, you also sent the roses. Oh yeah! You were also there watching me secretly. Right?
Harman: how do you know?
Soumya: because I had a feeling that someone is watching me but I cannot find anyone there so I thought it was just my imagination but after you told me about your whereabouts since past four years, I got to know the whole matter. Do you know how much I tried to know you, to see you and find you?
Harman: yeah I know but every time, your efforts failed because I always destroyed your hopes to meet me. I am sorry! And yeah! Please don’t break my mouth and keep it on my hands and say (mimics) Mr. Secret admirer! Thank you so much for making my life hell because I could not sleep well when I see your roses daily.
Soumya: (laughs) what? You even spy on me?
Harman: would you please accept my love?
Soumya: ok tell me one thing, that why I never saw you in the university.
Harman: because I was your senior and secondly, I always hidden myself when you were near me.
Soumya: very bad!
Harman: I said na I am sorry! (holds his ears and pouts) please forgive me. You know what? You are the first one to whom I am saying sorry. I did not ask sorry even to my parents.
Soumya: ok fine! It’s okay! Happy?
Harman: really? Thank you so very much.
Soumya: look Harman! We are going to be life partners so I want to clear you one thing that I don’t believe in love and all this crap. But I really respect your feelings and I promise to be loyal to you. (looks at him expecting for an answer)
Harman: (disappointed) yeah! I have a surprise for you!

Precap: Harmya first date. Ramya cute fight and Soumya and Harman feeling ignored.

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