Nobody is Perfect: (harmya) Chapter 4

Rahul walks into his mansion angrily and looks at the Soumya’s picture which he took in engagement unnoticed by anyone. Rahul looks at her picture and talks to her.
Rahul: in some days, your new life would start. You will get all the happiness you deserve. (teary eyes) I can’t give you happiness, I am sorry! (tear drop falls down his cheek.) I made all this for you. you know what, I love you more than my life. I am sorry Soumya! I did not wanted to hurt you but there was no other choice.

Soumya is running behind Rahul in college.
Soumya: oh Rahul! Please listen to me once.
Rahul: I don’t want to miss the class.
Soumya: (holds his hands) I want to tell you that I love you. I love you Rahul!
Rahul: (surprised) oho Somu! You know I love you also. Dumbo! (hits on her head)
Soumya: (irritated) shut up and listen to me. I love you and I consider you as more than my friend. I love you as my life partner.
Rahul: (shocked) what? But I don’t love you that way. Look, you are my best friend and very good girl. I am sorry but I have never thought of you this way. I don’t want our friendship to suffer from critical times due to your this confession. (cups her face)
Soumya: (teary eyed) Rahul! We are childhood friends and I promise, our friendship would not be affected by this.
Rahul: look Soumya! I am very grateful to you for your kindness. You were always with me even in my tough times and I really care for you.
Soumya: but Rahul this is not…
Rahul: (cuts her) we are getting late for the class. (drags her to class) flashback ends]
Present: a drop of tear escapes his eyes and he talks to her picture.

Rahul: I regret why I lied to you. I always loved you since my childhood. But I thought that first I will get settled in my life and then give a big surprise to you. But I was not aware that I will get biggest surprise of my life in few upcoming days. I went foreign and worked very hard. When my business started progressing, I felt that I was getting weak day by day and then I got to know that I had a blood cancer at last stage. Doctors told me that I have very less time of hardly one or two years. I never informed you that I am an internationally successful businessman. For you, I am an ordinary office worker. I love you so much Soumya that I can do anything for your happiness then how could I drag you in the darkness of my world. I never told you about my illness because I don’t want to see you all crying. (hugs her picture and falls on his knees) I know that you don’t want to get married but I have very less time. I want to see you settled in your life. I want to see you happy. You need a person who would always love you, who would care for you, who would always support you and who would control you when you will get to know about my illness. And I saw all these qualities in Harman. I got to know that he loves you. now I feel relaxed because I have planned your life with him. Now, I have to focus on how would you start loving him. I will make sure before dying, I succeed in making you fall for him. (he cries bitterly and falls on the floor) it is very difficult to see you with someone else. I always imagined you as my bride. How could I bear to see you marrying someone else in front of my eyes. (breaks all the things in the room and it gets all messed up. Hearing sounds, Maria comes and is shocked to see pictures of Soumya all over)

Maria: Rahul baba! What is all this? What happened?
Rahul: (turns and looks at her. He wipes all his tears but he can’t hide his red and puffy eyes due to continuous crying. He shouts) Maria! How dare you come here? I told that nobody should come here even I did all work of this room myself. Then why you came here? What the hell are you doing here? How dare you enter my room without my permission? (holds chairs with shaking hands)
Maria: baba! I am sorry but when I heard breaking sounds, I got scared. What happened and who is she? You never told me about this girl.
Rahul: her name is Soumya. She is my childhood friend.
Maria: but she never came here!
Rahul: because I never brought her. She does not know that I became a successful business man.
Maria: no one keeps his art room full of a single lady’s pictures.
Rahul: what do you mean?
Maria: do you love her?
Rahul: what?
Maria: do you love her?
Rahul: why are you trying to be my mother?
Maria: because I have spent many years in your house. Just tell me do you love her.
Rahul: (closes his eyes and tears escape his eyes) yeah! I love her!
Maria: then what is the problem and why you are hiding everything from her? Did she betray you?
Rahul: (fuming in anger) what? Don’t you dare to speak her like that! She is not aware that I love her because I never told her. She is getting married to Harman Singh Juneja after one week. (hits the table with his tightened fist) I cannot see her with anyone else. It is very difficult.
Maria: then go and tell her. Bring her here and make her yours. Don’t cry like this and do something.
Rahul: I cannot do this. I don’t want to pull her into my darkness.
Maria: darkness? What are you saying?
Rahul: (composes himself) nothing! You will not understand. Just go and leave me alone.
Maria: but why you don’t…

Rahul: (shouts) just shut up! Don’t try to interfere in my life. Just get lost. (points to the door) can’t you hear what I said? Get out. (shuts the door on her face and sits on bed crying) no, I cannot do this. I cannot ruin her life. I have to bear this. (closes his eyes and hits on crown of bed with his hand. He stands in front of mirror and points at his reflection) you! how could you be so selfish. You don’t have any right on her. She is going to be someone else’s for whole life. You should make sure she never gets to know the reality. Yeah! (determined) yes! (closes his eyes and gives cuts on his hands) this is for you Soumya! It is the punishment of thinking all this rubbish when you are going to start a happy life. But what could I do? This silly heart! It is very difficult to control. (his phone is ringing. He checks caller ID and panics) Soumya! Ah she can’t spare me even for a minute. Now what excuse would you make! Think Rahul beta think!

Precap: secret admirer of Soumya revealed!!!!! Harmya first date…..

So guys, what do you think? Who will be the secret admirer? Anybody guess!

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