Nobody is Perfect: (harmya) Chapter 3

Ramya (Rahul+Soumya=Ramya) are busy in their tom and jerry chase when Nimmi comes and shouts)
Nimmi: (shouts) Somu! Stop your childish acts!
Soumya: (stops and turns) mom! (comes to her with a puppy face) see na! This donkey is saying that I have gained weight so he is putting me on diet till the day of marriage.
Nimmi: what? (tries to supress her laughter) he said this to you? (soumya nods and she looks towards Rahul with fake anger) don’t tease my daughter. She is very innocent.
Rahul: of course maa! She is very innocent.
Nimmi: soumya! It is your engagement beta! Come inside! (takes her inside. She spends sometime with Harman’s family. Harman goes to Nimmi)
Harman: mom! I want to ask you something.
Nimmi: yes!
Harman: actually, I want to take Soumya with me. (looks at her nervously) I mean to make her visit my house once so that she gets comfortable. I want to make her realize how much I love her.
Rahul: (shouts) hmm! So my doll has got a loving husband, wow! (holds his shoulders) I am so happy that Soumya is going to be your bride. She is very lucky. Always keep her happy like this. I would inform this to Soumya. Somu! Somu! Listen, Jiju wants to take you to his house once. (Soumya glares at Harman angrily)
Harman: only if she feels comfortable!
Rahul: why not, she will definitely come. Even I will be with her.
Harman: (smiles) thank you!
Rahul: (to Soumya) doll! Be ready to visit your sasural.
Soumya: (pats his cheeks) you are very clever Rahul! (goes upstairs)
Rahul: (pats on Harman’s shoulder) hey! Don’t be sad! Actually, she gets irritated by the name of marriage and love so that’s why she is reacting like this. But I am sure she will understand with time.
Harman: yeah!
Rahul: just give her some time to accept this relation.
Harman: (smiles) yeah!
Rahul: I will try my best to convince her. She never refuses me from anything!
Harman: yeah! I can understand.
Rahul: so my plan no. 1! (whispers in his ears and he gets angry)
Harman: what? No, it looks very cheap. I cannot do this. I have never done this!
Rahul: offo jiju! Do you love her?
Harman: of course I do but…

Rahul: no ifs and buts. People do anything to get their love and you cannot do this much? I am planning to bring you both closer but instead you are denying.
Harman: ok! But if something happens wrong, it will be your responsibility.
Rahul: ah jiju! Why are you so afraid? She will not eat you. So just chill! (Soumya comes and stands behind him. Harman could see her but not Rahul. He keeps on talking) you know what? She is like a chudail. In childhood, she always snatched my lunch. I always remained hungry because of her. She forced me to do all her homework. You know! I was helpless. She still behaves the same. But now I always dominate her. This fatty will kill me one day for sure!

Harman: (trying to inform Rahul with his eyes but he does not understand) Rahul! She is not that bad. She is very cute and innocent.
Rahul: (flies his hands in air) ah! I can understand that you love her. That’s why she looks like cute and innocent to you. I know that love is blind but not me. I have beared all her tortures from childhood. (makes a crying face) Don’t worry! When she will come to you permanently, then you would understand my pain. And what were you saying that she is cute and innocent? Sha! (lifts his hand in air) hmmm! Cute is somewhat acceptable but innocent? No ways! If she is innocent na, then there would be no one cruel in this world. (Harman tries to stop him but he keeps on talking) when she wears glasses na, she looks like Dracula who is ready to pounce on me anytime. And you know, one time she made me fall from window.

Soumya: (keeps her hands on her waist) and after that she took you to hospital and took care of you sweetly.
Rahul: jiju! What happened to your voice? I mean you are coloured in her fully. Your voice also started resembling her. Wow! What a love?
Harman: that was not me!
Soumya: (mimics) wow! What a love?
Rahul: (turns and sees her. He jumps and comes behind Harman before she could catch him. He whispers in his ears) jiju! Save me. Only you could save me from her. She will eat me raw!
Soumya: (looks at him with blood shot eyes and walks towards him. She shouts) so I look like Dracula. I will show you what Dracula does with people. (comes towards him and Harman holds her)
Harman: come Soumya! We are getting late. (drags her outside and she signs to kill him. He gets scared and rubs his hands on the neck. They come outside and see the car tire punctured.) oh shit! See what happened? Now how will we go?
Rahul: don’t worry dude! You both go on my bike and I will come after repairing your car. (soumya glares at him angrily)
Soumya: I will not go on bike.
Rahul: ok, we three will go by feet.
Soumya: no ways!
Rahul: (sarcastically) so accept my offer dear!
Soumya: (unwillingly) ok! (goes and sits behind Harman on some distance)

Rahul: oye fatty! Bike will break if you sit like this. I can’t see my bike like that so sit in the middle behind him. (pushes her and she holds Harman’s shoulder) and please hold him tightly else you will get a fracture due to falling. He is your fiancée dear!
Soumya: (irritated) whatever! (rolls her eyes and they both go. He stands there and watches them teary eyed. He wipes his tears and goes to car and recalls how he punctured the tyres and made a plan and told it to Harman. He goes and stands near a very big house. Gate keeper salutes him and he gets inside. All the servants are gathered around him. He has a special bond with Maria, his house maid.
Maria: baba! What would you like to have? Should I prepare pizza for you?
Rahul: (glares at her angrily) I am not hungry. Never ever take the name of pizza in my house again. Yug! Yug! (yug is his cook and also takes care of his small matters. He comes)
Yug: yes sir!

Rahul: there is a car nearby. Get it repaired and I am giving you an address. Drop it there.
Yug: yes sir! (Rahul writes address on a paper and gives to yug. Yug leaves)
Rahul: you all need special invitation. Just go and do your work. (goes upstairs in anger. He enters his art room. This room is fully decorated by his and Soumya’s pics from childhood to present. A very big picture of soumya is covering whole wall. He takes out his cell phone and looks at the pictures of Soumya he took in engagement party unnoticed by everyone.

Precap: rahul’s love for Soumya being revealed!!!

Hey! What do you all think will this create problems between Harmya or he is positive character? Does Soumya loved Rahul or not? Guess…!!!!

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  1. Nice story so far..i guess Rahul will turn out to be a negative character! Like SRK in Darr movie 😛

    1. Samehna

      thank you so much dear for reading and appreciating!

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