Nobody is Perfect: (harmya) Chapter 2

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Soumya turns to go while Harman stops her.
Harman: you can’t go like this. Why are you feeling irritated to me? Just think about my words once. (cups her face) please! Give me a chance. (both look at each other and are lost in each other. She tightens her fist of left hand so much that blood comes out even above the bandage. Blood is falling from her hand and she tightened her fist more and more. Harman notices her hand in dupatta and holds it. he is shocked to find her hand full in blood and panics.
Harman: (shouts) Soumya! What is this? What you did to yourself? Do you think of me even once? Why are you punishing yourself along with me? I can’t see you in pain. You wait here. I will bring first aid box. (he rushes out while she stands there in shock and recalls his words. Harman comes and knocks on the door. She gets conscious and opens the door. She gets happy and laughs madly. She runs towards him and he feels extremely happy but his happiness vanishes as she walks past him and hugs a boy. He lifts her and swirls repeatedly. She is hugging him very tightly closing her eyes and shouts)
Soumya: oh Rahul! Thank God you came. You know how was I feeling without you? I can’t live without you even for a day. Don’t leave me like this. And now you are late because (lifts her hand in front of his face) I got engaged just now. I will not talk to you and now please put me down. (he puts her down and Harman is looking at both of them. They are talking with each other unaware of their surroundings.)
Rahul: (holds his ears and make a puppy face) I am really very sorry doll. But you know na how busy I am?
Soumya: (sarcastically) oh yeah! I forgot that you have to do all of the work of India. Right? (puts her hands on the waist and shouts) so now you work is getting more important than me. Han?
Rahul: I said sorry na doll. Please forgive me. (suddenly remembers something and smiles) and now look what I got for you? (keeps a chocolate box near her face and she jumps in happiness)
Soumya: my favourite chocolate. Yeahhhh! (raises her hand but he keeps it with himself.)
Rahul: but first forgive me.
Soumya: (laughs) I was just acting. I know very well how busy you are.
Rahul: (fake anger) what? (holds her hand) now come here and give me a hug for this. (she immediately hugs him and he starts swirling her.) you don’t know Somu! How much I love you.
Soumya: Mr Rahul Mehta! I know very well how much you love me. Even I love you so much! And now stop swirling me else I would faint.
Rahul: (puts her down) oh no! I can’t take any risk. I would die of your weight if you fall over me you fatty!
Soumya: how dare you call me fatty.

Rahul: by eating chocolates, you became fatty na? I feel pity on your would be husband. How will he tolerate you? (starts to run and she chases him)
Soumya: what the hell? You will get murdered by me. You…(bumps into Harman and he holds her. She straightens herself) I am sorry. (Before Harman could speak, Rahul comes to her)
Rahul: by the way fatty! Who is he? (to Harman) I am sorry I did not see you.
Soumya: (holds Harman and stands beside him) so Mr. Rahul Mehta! Be ready to meet Mr. Harman Singh Juneja. (signs with her eyes and winks at him) my would be husband and your would be jiju, on which you were feeling pity some time ago.
Rahul: (embarrassed) I am sorry jiju! Actually, I became so busy with doll so could not see you. (notices blood on her hand) hey doll! This blood! What happened?
Harman: (relieved to hear jiju from his mouth as he was shocked to hear that he loves Soumya) it’s okay! Her hand got injured so I went to take first aid box for her.
Rahul: (immediately takes first aid box from him and starts doing her bandage. Harman is disappointed) you are so careless Somu! I went only for 2 days and you can’t handle yourself for short time? You know na I can’t see you like this. You are my everything. I don’t have any relatives but I care for you.
Soumya: (keeps her head on his chest) hey! I know yar! And I am sorry. Now you both should shake hands! (both shake hands)
Soumya: (excitedly) and Harman! He is Rahul Mehta, my childhood friend. We are besties and our couple was the most famous in our family. (looks at Rahul for assurance)
Rahul: hey fatty! Are you in your senses, bestie and we two? Are you okay na? (touches her forehead as if checking for fever)
Soumya: (hits his hand in anger) what do you mean donkey?
Rahul: (acts as scared and hides behind Harman) jiju! Save me from this daayan before she kills me and drinks my whole blood. (laughs) Somu! How could you do this to your bestie? I mean you are always ready to shower all your anger on me. You treat me as your servant and say that we are besties? Ha! (laughs sarcastically)
Soumya: (angrily) and you forgot how you used to taunt me. You never let any chance to irritate me. If you have guts, then come forward and confront me. Why are you hiding behind your jiju? (puts her hands on her waist and Harman laughs seeing both quarrelling with each other)
Rahul: (comes forward) hey doll! Don’t be angry. It is my trick to show how much I love you. (hugs her) I am sorry!
Soumya: (closes her eyes and reciprocates to his hug) I love you Rahul! But I am very angry on you. you don’t love me.
Rahul: (releases from hug and holds her hands) why doll! You know very well how much I love you?
Soumya: (shouts) because if you loved me, you would have been with me in my engagement but you were not present in my engagement. It was the very important day of my life and you were not with me. (Harman feels jealous seeing them so close)
Rahul: ah doll! I can’t afford hugging you anymore. You know na how much weight you have gained these days. You took wrong advantage of my absence because if I was present with you, I would not have allowed you eating very much. Don’t worry, I will put you on diet till wedding so that you gain a good figure. (laughs and Soumya hits on his head)
Soumya: you donkey! I will not leave you! (chases him out of the house until Nimmi comes)

Precap: Rahul-Soumya nokkhok and Rahul’s plan to bring Harmya closer.

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