Nobody is Perfect: (harmya) Chapter 1

Hello guys! I am back. Do you remember me? I wrote my first fan fiction on swasan (unconditional love) and now it is my second story on Harman and Soumya from the serial Shakti but it will be completely different. I will introduce characters in the episodes only. Please do read and comment how do you find this story? I will be waiting.

Chapter 1:
Opening scene:
A girl is standing near the window looking outside. She finds a bunch of red roses. At first she gets happy and jumps in excitement.
Girl: (smiles) my favourite flowers. (takes them and smells them. Someone is watching her and clicks her pics. She feels like someone is watching her but she does not find anyone there. Suddenly she comes into her senses and throws bunch of flowers on floor. (shouts) what the hell! Ah not again and that too on the day of my engagement. That blo*dy secret admirer! I will kill him for sure if I find him. I am getting these roses since four years back. Who is teasing me? My head would burst if I think of him. Why he never comes in front of me? I want to see him and after that I will break his mouth and keep it on his hands and say, Mr. Secret admirer! Thank you so much for making my life hell because I could not sleep well when I see your roses daily. I will close his chapter the day I find out about him. But how would I? because I am becoming mad to find him for four years but I never got a clue. (again gets lost in seeing the seaside. A lady of about 40 years comes and stands behind her but the girl seems to be lost in her own world. Lady puts hand on her shoulder.
Lady: Somu!
Soumya: yes mom! (her mom is Nimi)
Nimi: beta! They will be coming anytime. You should get ready. It is your engagement and you are standing lost in your own world.
Soumya: mom! Nothing is like that. But I don’t want to get married. I want to fulfil my dreams. I hate these so called marriages.
Nimi: (cups her face) I know you have not seen successful couples but believe me this will change your whole life. He is a very nice guy and will keep you happy always. He loves you.
Soumya: I don’t believe in all this crap! I just know that I want to live independently. All men are same. They all think women as their slaves and always try to supress them. I have practically seen this in the case of dad.
Nimi: he is like that but Harman is different. He is really nice and mo….
Soumya: (frustrated) Harman, Harman, Harman, I am fed up of this name! What magic he has done on all of you? I just agreed for this marriage because Rahul asked me so and I can’t deny him. Don’t expect more than that!
Nimi: but Somu!

Soumya: (at extreme rage. She holds the glass in her hand so tightly that it breaks. Her hand is badly injured and fully covered with blood but she has no idea about it. She is still thinking of Harman. Nimi comes with teary eyes and panics seeing blood in her hand.)
Nimi: Somu! What you did? (holds her hand and starts doing her bandage but she jerks her hand)
Soumya: (shouts) go to your beloved Harman. I hate him! (goes from there in anger and Nimi stands there helplessly. She wonders what to do and gets an idea. She calls someone. At the same time, when Soumya goes out, she bumps into Surbhi and she forcefully takes her to her room and starts preparing her. Soumya is resisting.)
What are you doing Surbhi? Just leave me.
Surbhi: oho di! Today is your engagement so please set your mood. Alright? Now smile! (takes some strands of her hairs for making hairstyle and Soumya jerks her hands.
Soumya: (angrily) now what do you want to do with my hairs?
Surbhi: I am just making a nice hairstyle. Now sit straight. (she forces her in all the things and Soumya looks at her helplessly and sits there with blank expression. Nimmi is talking on phone)
Nimmi: hello beta! When would you reach?
Receiver: yeah aunty! I am on the way with my family. How is Soumya?
Nimmi: (cries) beta! She is very angry. She is not ready to accept it. I cannot handle her. You please come to her and make her understand your feelings.
Reciever: ok!
Nimmi: thanks Harman!
Reciever: no need of it. bye!
Nimmi: (smiles) ok bye!

After sometime, Harman arrives with his family. Nimi and Surbhi greet them. Harman is searching for Soumya and gets disappointed. Surbhi comes to tease him.
Surbhi: oho jiju! What are you searching for? Did you bring engagement ring?
Harman: (composes himself) yeah of course! How could I forget this?
Surbhi: (trying to supress her laughter) yeah! Vese jiju! All the guests have come. So start the party.
Harman: (excited and impatient) oh wow! So go and bring Soumya. (bites his tongue and Surbhi starts laughing)
Surbhi: haha jiju! Haha! (trying to control) I caught you red handed. You were searching for di. Right?
Harman: (pouts) go and bring her na! (pushes her) just go!

Surbhi: (sarcastically) yeah yeah, I am going. Be patient my dear jiju. (runs from there before Harman could hit her. After sometime, Surbhi comes with Soumya. Soumya is dressed in pink choli and white lehnga with pink border. Dupatta is net stuff of white colour with pink border and hanging down from her left shoulder. She is wearing a white and pink coloured bracelet in one hand and a diamond necklace with heavy ear rings. Her hairs are tied in a loose bun on left side and some strays of hairs are on her face. She is having a light make up on her face. All the accessories were given by Harman. He gets mesmerized seeing her. Surbhi coughs to make him aware of his surroundings. He composes himself and keeps looking at her continuously. Soumya is hiding her right hand in dupatta as she got hurt while breaking the glass. She does not look at Harman even once and makes him wear the ring.

Harman: (hesitantly) at least look at me. See how I look! You have not seen me till now. (actually Soumya agreed without seeing him or his any picture)
Soumya: (looks at him in wonder and he smiles at her. She again looks down and then at him trying to remember. In low tone) you… I have seen you somewhere!
Harman: (excited) give me your hand (she looks at him shocked. He understands and points to ring in his hand) our engagement ring!
Soumya: (forwards her left hand) yeah!
Harman: right hand!
Soumya: (hesitates and holds her dupatta tightly. coldly) why? I like to wear ring in left hand.
Harman: (disappointed) yeah! (makes her wear the ring) actually I wanted to talk to you alone.
Soumya: (looks at him from tip to toe) why?
Harman: (holds her hand) what do you mean why? We are going to be husband and wife. Can’t I talk to you once? (drags her to Nimmi) aunty! Actually I wanted to talk to her in private.
Nimmi: (smiles) sure beta! You both can go. (soumya glares at Nimmi angrily and before she could open her mouth to say anything, he drags her to a room.)
Soumya: (coldly) what do you want to talk?
Harman: (comes near her and she steps back. He looks at her amused) I want to share my feelings with you.
Soumya: (thinks) what the hell! These days have come in my life that I will listen to this monkey’s speech? What if earth quake happens right now or someone comes? At least I will get rid of him. (to him) I can’t hear your boring speech more than 5 minutes.
Harman: (disappointed) I am sorry if my any act hurts you but I can never think to harm you or hurt you even in my dreams. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Soumya: (thinks) dumbo! (to him) what?

Harman: (without noticing her confusion) actually I never believed in love but after seeing you, my whole world changed. I am surrounded by you everywhere. I desperately wanted to meet you. when I saw you for the first time, from then I can’t wait to include you in my life permanently and see now it is happening. I always dreamed my life with you. I have dreamt of you so much that it also seems to be a dream for me. I am afraid if I will open my eyes, you would vanish and I cannot live without you. (holds her hands and she gets angry but controls) I just wanted to tell you that I love you. I love you so much that I could do anything for your happiness. Believe me once. (looks at her hoping for answer but she is looking here and there) what are you looking there? No need to get shy.
Soumya: (tries to control her anger but fails. She wants to shout loudly but stops and thinks) this donkey! What does he think of himself? (jerks his hand and shouts) shyness, my foot! You just wanted to tell me that: (mimics) I love you? I think you forgot some lines which you have prepared for flattering me. Now wait here and recall all lines. I can’t bear you anymore. Good bye Mr. Harman Singh Juneja! (turns to go but he holds her hand)

Precap: new entry! Soumya’s childhood friend. Male or female, guess…..!!!

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        thank you so uch dear! I was left heart broken when I cannot find any single comment on my ff. but now I am happy that at least someone read this. stay blessed!

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