Nobody loves me! KKB (OS turned to TS) 2


Hi guys! Maya again! I really had no idea of continuing this but since some of u all felt it as incomplete so I am continuing this but I realise that I can’t end it in two shots so it is three shots! So this is the second one! So sorry for this but my hands are paining as all my assignments are type written and I ended where my idea is out of stock for this second shot.

Abhi ” Pragya! I told u somebody loves u and u are not at all interested about that! What kind of girl are u??” Pragya with an angry face ” Excuse me! Not all kind of girls will get excited that somebody loves them! And I am like one of them!” Abhi ” CMI Pragya!” Pragya ” What CMI??” Abhi with a smirk ” You don’t know what is CMI? Again CMI to u!” Pragya got irritated and was about to walk off….Abhi held a wrist and stopped her. Pragya, Why does he have to always hold my wrist! Every touch of his is just disturbing me!

Abhi ” Listen Pragya! What is now important is we need to find who is the somebody that who loves u!” Pragya in her mind, I wish the somebody is you…only u….
Abhi ” Are u here? Always lost in thoughts!” Pragya ” Haan but why? I mean i know nobody loves me! And where did u get this information that somebody loves me?” Abhi stumbled as its a lie that somebody loves her but felt very bad when she said nobody loves her…

Pragya ” Tell me! How u know somebody loves me?” Abhi ” I got an anonymous call from someone saying that he loves u and he don’t like me to be friendly with u…” Pragya ” Like seriously? We are friends for so long since our high school time….And for some random person do u think i would break our friendship? What kind of love is that when he don’t appreciate what I respect and like the most!” Abhi, So sweet of her she like our friendship this much! I also like her to be my friend all my life! Abhi ” I don’t know about that Pragya but what I know is that since somebody is loving u….why not u open up about your feelings and make it clear….I mean in that way when he calls me next time I can make him understand about your likes and dislikes!”
Pragya ” Until now u don’t know what I like and dislike?” Abhi “I know as in the basic things yaar but what about your feelings…Whenever we talk its always about me and u share only the daily routine of your life but not about your feelings!”

Pragya, What’s the point of sharing my feelings now to him when he wants me to share my feelings with someone else and not him for the rest of my life….
Abhi ” Pragya! If u are not interested to tell then its fine…I am ok with it…” Pragya ” Nothing like that…All i want is a simple marriage with lots love in it….and nothing more than that!” Abhi ” That’s all?” Pragya ” Haan why am I expecting a lot?” Abhi ” No! Its too simple! No other dreams of marriage?” Pragya ” My dreams will only begin on the basis of love….If the marriage gives me a lot of love then that itself is a dream come true moment for me!” Abhi, Really? I mean my Pragya only wants love and nothing else? Wait! My Pragya? When did she became My Pragya? Abhi! She is your best friend and nothing else! But whatever it is she is always my best friend forever!

Abhi ” Ok I will make it clear to him when he calls me next time! But seriously speaking I feel that CMI suits u!” Pragya ” Oh god! Can u just tell me what is this CMI??” Abhi ” You said god right? Ask the god itself what is CMI!” He walked off with a witty smile and Pragya was just irrtated with him!

Pragya, why does he don’t know that only he irritated with me so far? Why does he don’t know only he initiated me to fall in love?
Abhi, Now what do I do? As a best friend of hers I should give her what she wants! But how? I know…. I will arrange an alliance for her!
Abhi called up Pragya to a restaurant. She also went there thinking it to be a regular meeting with him…..

Pragya ” Nice place!” Abhi ” I know!” Pragya sat opposite to him and asked ” So how was your day?” Abhi ” Rocking as usual! And today it’s going to be your day!” Pragya with a confused look, ” What do u mean?” Abhi smiled and pointed his finger behind to look at. Pragya turned behind and saw Suresh! Pragya gave a stern look at Abhi. Abhi “ Hi Suresh! As u know this is Pragya and I want to discuss the something with both of u all!” Pragya was keep on wondering what is that to talk in the presence of Suresh. Suresh and Abhi were the seniors of Pragya in high school days. Knowing that Abhi and Pragya were best friends, Suresh had spread rumours around the school that they were in love! Pragya was furious for his act even though what he spread as a rumour is true to a certain extent as she had gradually fallen in love with Abhi. Abhi “ Pragya! Whatever happened was childish and now Suresh is more matured. U know what? He is also a professor just like u!” Pragya smiled lightly and said “ Glad to know that u are a professor too!” Suresh “ Sorry! I just did that in the past to make fun of u two! But apart from that there is nothing serious in what I had done!” Pragya, Fun? Making fun of love? Let me see why is here now!!

Abhi “ Pragya! Suresh! Both of u are working in the same field and it means both of u will have a good understanding of each other. So I am here to suggest that why not both of u get married?” Suresh “ I am ok with it as u told me earlier! Now it’s all up to Pragya to decide!” Pragya, What getting married to him?? Is Abhi mad or what?? No way!

Pragya “ I am sorry but I am not interested in this….Sorry Abhi and Suresh but I don’t think this will be right!” Abhi “ I though for u this for so long and how can u say just like this Pragya?” Pragya trying to control her tears said “ I am sorry and I am leaving!” She left from there as quick as possible leaving Abhi and Suresh in shock. Abhi “ I will talk to her again Suresh! Give me some more time and sorry yaar…” Suresh “ What is there to be sorry? First let her now that I am waiting for her and don’t force her in making this decision!” Abhi “ Thank you Suresh!” Abhi also left from there to talk to Pragya.
Pragya was standing outside the restaurant and was crying unable to accept that Abhi went to the extent of fixing an alliance for her…..

Abhi saw her crying and came near her. Abhi “ Pragya! Why do u have to cry now when I find someone who can love u like the way u want!” Pragya remained silent. Abhi “ Can u talk if not we will not talk anymore at all!” Pragya “ How u know that he can love me the way I want? Do u even know that I am already in love with someone? And that person is not able to feel my love! Yes I said nobody loves me! But does it mean I can’t love somebody that I know right?” Pragya was still in tears and Abhi was stunned to hear that Pragya is in love with someone! Abhi “Who is he? And why did u hide it from me?” Pragya, how can I tell u that it’s only u…..I never hide my love…My love is always expressed whenever I am with u but u are unable to feel it!

Abhi held her shoulder tightly and asked “ I am asking u Pragya! Just tell me who it is!” Pragya “ Why do I have to tell u when I never even tell my love to him?” Abhi “ What? U never even told him?” Pragya “ Ya he doesn’t understand until now that I am always there for him and love him so much that I am unable to express it to him!” Abhi “ Does he like u?” Pragya “ He like me a lot but….” Abhi “ But what?” Pragya “ He doesn’t believe in love….” Abhi moved back realising that he was holding onto Pragya firmly…..Abhi “ So complicated! U fell in love with someone who doesn’t believe in love!” Pragya wiped her tears and said “ I don’t know how it happened but I just want to love him all my life and I am unable to express it to him….Maybe my love is better when it is not expressed….” Abhi “ I can talk to him…at least I can change his opinion!” Pragya “ No u can’t and don’t talk about this anymore! It only hurts me….” Pragya realised that if she stayed even longer then she will blurt out the truth that she loves him. She managed to walk from there as fast as she could and Abhi was left in confusion.

Abhi, What is this? I mean Pragya never even tell me about her love all the while! And she love him so much that he is unable to express it to him? Is that even possible? Now who do I ask for help? She is all alone now and I should somehow find who is the person that she loves!

Pragya hides as Abhi is trying to look for her! Abhi “ Pragya I know u are here! And u better come in front of him! You can’t hide from me if not I will………”

Will she manage to hide herself? Why is she hiding? I also don’t know I just wrote the Precap in a flow again haha let me think about it when i am free and hopefully with all your support I can end this in the next shot! Thank u all for supporting my random ideas and Aytac I can’t match to ur part 2 and 3 of craziness and what I can say is love u for ur craziness! And to all others my heartfelt thanks again for supporting my crazy and random ideas. FFs are still under construction and that’s why I am writing random things to keep me in touch with writing. Excuse me if there are mistakes in this update as I was typing very fast!

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