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Hey guys… I posted this part on Thursday night. Only when I came back today to check on it, I found that it hasn’t got published! I guess I still have issues with my network. I am posting it again. Hope this time it gets posted.

Anyways, thanks for the comments Anu, Hanna, Reshma sis and Pie. Thanks for all those likes too. So, now let’s get to today’s part.

This is the flashback. It’s not much of a scene to scene FB, it is a narrative one. This is a bit larger than the previous part. But I will try not to bore you all. Happy reading!


It had been four months since Abhi had realised his love for Pragya and having confessed it to her, he was the happiest man on earth.

It all started with Purab and Bulbul’s efforts to make him realise his love and him being the dumbest dumb on earth, it took them almost two months to get a fruitful result.

Everything began the day Pragya had proposed him in the forest. Life had been a rollercoaster of sudden events and various emotions since then.

There was an uneasy awkwardness between him and Pragya—the initial stages—when they came back home safely. And Abhi was more than willing to do anything that would keep him away from Pragya. But he didn’t know that his brother and saali were planning something else for him.

When Abhi was fit and back to normal, his bullet wound completely healed, sponsors suddenly pounced upon him for a new album. Abhi did not have any idea of getting back to work, because he just wasn’t in a mood to do so. He was always preoccupied—always thinking of, you know who. He kept on postponing things but somehow Purab convinced him into it. For some weeks, Abhi was busy, content and moreover was himself. He worked for his album, forgetting everything else. Life almost turned normal.

Then came… a sudden bump… the night of album shoot! Abhi’s almost normal life took a turn.

The shoot wasn’t pleasant and exciting as he had dreamed it would be. It was more of a shock. All credits to Pragya… she was the new model! Thank god, he actually survived a heart attack that day!

After the shoot, Abhi went to Purab, shouting on who put Pragya as the model. He went on blabbering that she was so uncomfortable with the male model… he couldn’t see Dadi tensed… he wouldn’t be able to answer her … he couldn’t afford for the album to be a failure and all other possible stupid thing that came to his mind. Purab put a full stop to Abhi’s endless blabber by showing the recording of how wonderful Vikrant—the male model—and Pragya’s chemistry had been. It came out to be a masterpiece of a wonderfully romantic album.

And THAT was it. Abhi stormed out of the room slamming the door shut behind him not thinking of anything else. If he felt anything, it was pure anger and jealousy—only he didn’t realise the feeling.

The next day, there was an official announcement that Vikrant wouldn’t be casted in the industry anymore!

For the following week, Abhi stayed in his private flat with a miserable excuse of escaping Dadi’s scolding though he knew Dadi was only more than happy for letting Pragya explore herself.

He stayed in his flat, coz he knew he wasn’t sane enough to walk the earth free. He was a constant state of flux—all coz of that shoot. He tried to take that hideous scene of Vikrant kissing Pragya’s cheek off his mind, but it never came off. He tried not to think of how content and protected Pragya looked within Vikrant’s hold, but no he always thought of it. He tried to evade the urge to hold her in his arms just to see if she would be that happy with him. And all these thoughts drove him insane. He desperately wanted to be in Vikrant’s place, only didn’t know why. All this only created immeasurable anger, which never seemed to lower. When it became over whelming he decided to divert himself by composing some new song, but all that came from his mind were forbidden curses.

Slowly, it became too much for him. He was literally exploding from within. Anyone who witnessed the flat’s condition in that one week would clearly know. And so, unable to contain within him his wrath, he went back to Purab, shouting and demanding on who put Pragya as the lead. God knows what Abhi would have done to them! When Purab laughed, it only angered him more. That was the time Purab was waiting for.

As perfectly planned, he seeded within Abhi the doubt of whether he actually was worried for the shoot going bad and Dadi scolding him for forcing Pragya or for Pragya being with someone else.

This altogether diverted Abhi’s attention to somewhere else. He had gone into deep thoughts, weighing both the opinions and finally ended up concluding he was jealous! Realisation of the millennia! Though his ego was not letting him accept it, there was some part of his heart which desperately tried to shut his ego off convincing him to agree.

He went back to Purab accepting he was jealous but then returned home without help as Purab was busy that time.

The very next day, Andy had somehow found out about Pragya’s designing skills and had hired her. Andy went around the industry bragging of the new talent he had just found. Pragya became a sensation.

The next few weeks were miserable. Pragya was all the while busy, having no time for family—except for Dadi. Abhi, who only wanted to get away from Pragya somehow, was now desperate for a reason to stay around her. Why? He had realised how much he actually wanted and needed Pragya’s attention, only when he didn’t get them from her. He realised how much importance he had been giving her subconsciously. But then, it was too late.

Abhi didn’t understand why he was feeling all these weird things suddenly. He acted like it didn’t affect him. But he knew it was all a facade.

Not knowing how to vent out his frustration Abhi, very obviously, reached out to Purab for help. Purab and Bulbul, for some reason, were in Mehra Mansion that evening. And so, Abhi finished work fast—though he actually did nothing but sit alone or scold people in office, he went to work only to show he didn’t care if Pragya didn’t mind him—and came to MM, to catch Purab alone and talk to him. But he found that Purab was actually enjoying with Bulbul… his own room looking nothing like his room—but a discotheque. He knew they were celebrating Pragya’s success. Only he didn’t know why it irritated him so much.

Abhi screamed on them for being so insensible and childish and moreover not noticing how tired and stressed Pragya was becoming. But then as he realised that he said something he shouldn’t have, he changed his talk and shouted it would be better if Pragya did all this party stuff somewhere else and achieve her goals there instead of creating headache for him. He reminded that it was his room and shouted them to leave, before he himself threw them out. Abhi didn’t realise Pragya was also there until he turned to leave. She stood in a corner, tears streaming down her cheeks.

Abhi was numbed. He left the house not knowing where to go but finally by the night, he found himself in front of Purab’s door! Purab welcomed him warmly even after the evening’s assault. Abhi was guilt ridden but so much thankful to Purab for forgiving him.

He left Purab’s the next morning, positive that he had helplessly fallen in love with Pragya. All the way, his drive was very pleasant and he felt as if he had just born.

But then, there awaited a shock to him at MM. Pragya was leaving to NYC with Andy for a fashion meet. Her intention was clear — slowly separate from Abhi, and when the right time comes give him his wanted freedom.

Knock. Knock.

“Please come in, the door is open,” Abhi didn’t even bother to look up from the bed, his face still pressed to the pillow.

“Abhi… I didn’t know my grandson cried over his busy wife,” Dadi who came in, immediately gave a shocked gasp but then slowly started laughing looking at Abhi’s miserable state.

“Daaaaadddiiii… you too? Please.” Abhi begged her to leave the room. He got up from his bed, ready to lock his door after Dadi left.

“Oh come on bhai… don’t be such a useless fellow,” Akash—who accompanied Dadi—shook his head in disbelief. Abhi did not react. His mind was numb to everything. Dadi signed Akash not to. But still he went on, “Be a man bhai. Ask her out. After all, she is your wife. It’s your right.”

“Akash” it was only a polite croon but Akash knew better. He immediately turned back his facial features suddenly tense and just like he knew standing at the door was his wife Rachna. “Nothing Rachna… I was telling bhai that it was your di—Pragya’s—rights. Bhai cannot deprive Bhabhi of her passion.” He turned to Abhi who was staring him, like he’s going to eat him up.

“Sorry,” Akash excused himself and fled the room escaping a shoulder swat from Rachna.

Rachna walked in her face having an apologetic smile on her face. “Jiju… stop being a child. You know di loves you.”

“She loves me. But that’s not the problem, is it?” Abhi said scrunching his nose, his hand moving to soothe his aching temples.

“Abhi… have this.” Dadi waited for sometime but then placed the sheet of paper on the table beside as Abhi made no move to get it.

After Dadi and Rachna left the room, Abhi went back to his sleeping posture, continuing the story from where he left.

It took all of him to not cry over his loss at Pragya leaving to NYC. He didn’t know what to do. But then, fear brought out the better of him. He simply dragged Pragya back to the room from the hallway—interrupting her farewell to everyone—leaving everyone else to snigger while Pragya protested madly at his side.

In the room Abhi explained himself for all his madness calling himself dumb and immature unable to understand his own feelings. After a lot of long time of saying the story from his side Abhi, finally, confessed his love for her.

Though it took Pragya some time to really believe that things happening around her were true, when she did, she felt complete for the first time in life.

Things moved smoothly then. Abhi and Pragya left for their long awaiting honeymoon. After their coming back, Purab and Bulbul were married. Akash and Rachna were married too, very soon after that.

Things went perfectly perfect for Abhi. He changed his workplace to home. He spent almost all of his day with Pragya overwhelming her with his love, care and attention.

All was good until that day. Abhi’s worst day of life! HIS OWN DOOMSDAY, as he calls it.

Andy had returned from NYC and straight away walked in to Abhi’s home. He was fondly talking to Pragya, trying to lure her back to work. Though Pragya was initially hesitant to take up work, she knew she was already missing designing. Abhi too knew how much she loved her job and so, he simply let her go. And that was the worst decision of his life… something that really changed his life… into this.

Every morning they both used to get up and run for their works and though Abhi would come home early, in hope of spending time with Pragya, he would be alone till late night. Pragya would come after that and being hell tired, would simply doze off. She wasn’t free even on Sundays. Most people have a day off that time and hence it would be Pragya’s busiest day of the week. Added to all this, his dear, dear saali Bulbul, who cannot be quiet even for a minute, did the most ridiculous thing ever. She introduced Pragya to some of her friends! Abhi’s anger had no bounds! Already busy schedule of Pragya became hectic!

And hence, Abhi’s place in it was ZERO! Practically NOTHING!

Abhi tossed and turned in his bed.

Pragya would be even more busy after this. Now that a big fashion meet is approaching she may even forget who I am! If I don’t do anything now, then for sure everyone will steal her from me. I am not letting that happen. But what will I do with such an un-supporting wife? What will I do with a wife who never even considers me to be existent?

Abhi knew he cannot do anything in this.

His heart screaming at himself of how useless he was, Abhi turned again. His eyes fell on some paper on the table beside… the paper Dadi gave him. Abhi lunged forward and took the paper. His mind not really wanting to read it, he placed the paper beside his pillow and covered himself with a duvet. Abhi closed his eyes hoping sleep would drag him by his throat and drown him under. But no, it was more stubborn than him. With nothing else to do, Abhi grabbed the sheet of paper eyeing it with utter carelessness.

But then his eyes widened with shock as soon as he read that. In a swift he jumped up from the bed, and ran out, not minding to clear up the mess he had created with his bedspreads and duvets. He had more better things to do.


So, finally this part is done here. I know this was long but hope it didn’t bore you all.

If you guys want, here is the background story:

Purab and Bulbul were the ones who urged sponsors to ask for an album. They were the ones who put Pragya as the model. After Purab shooed Abhi away telling he was busy, he called Bulbul telling their plan worked. Boosted with confidence, Bulbul was the one who introduced Pragya to Andy. If Abhi felt Pragya wasn’t giving him attention like before, Bulbul made sure he felt that Pragya doesn’t give him any attention at all. Purab and Bulbul were not partying for Pragya’s success but for Abhi’s state. So, it is all… Purab and Bulbul’s role here!

So now that the story is done, I would like to know how this part was. I agree this was long, but only your response will tell me if it was worth the time.

And a small request… constructive criticisms are most welcome. If you find something wrong make sure you let me know.

Dont forget to drop in a comment.

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