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I said No… Why i said it? The reason was stupid,but for me that reason destroyed my entire childhood. The question was something every girl longed to hear from her true love’s mouth.Yes..he wanted me to be legally wedded wedded wife of him.MRS.SWARA SANSKAR MAHESHWARI.
Its not that i don’t love him..truly speaking,I LOVE HIM More than anything,anyone in this whole universe.I LOVE HIM TO ETERNITY..AND BEYOND….
We met in college.I was an arrogant,hot headed girl&he was Mr.Perfect and the coolest guy in the college.Like every cliche love story..our love story started in fight due to misunderstanding.Then we realised our mistakes and became frnds.His frndship changed me.He taught me to control my anger.He made me smile..his company gave me happiness.He made me feel secure.The feeling whenever I saw him was unknown to me…it took me the vacation to realise that I fell for him..when I started missing him..and got weird dreams about him.The most beautiful day in my existence was the day he said he loved me..through singing my favourite song infront of whole college..”tum ho” from Rockstar.We became the perfect couple of the college.
The college finished.We both went to dfrnt places..but love strengthens in distance.We both achieved our goals.He built his own business&me got my dream job.I got appointed where his office was near. Everything was going perfect.We met everyday.

The love became deeper..
but when he knelt down and showed me the platinum diamond studded ring..i got panicked and flashes of my parents appeared in my head.
It gave me headache..I said no and ran away from there. MY PARENTS are responsible for my no. I was afraid that history is gonna repeat. My mom n dad too were college sweethearts.. they married against the wishes of their family..but the happiness didn’t long. They started to fight..it became worst after everyday..making my childhood a hell..that hell made me arrogant..which my Sanskar removed from me by his care n affection.They divorced..for them i was a toy that they both fought for,they competed to show off eachother..like they never loved each other.I was scared..what if our love disappeared after marriage?I can’t even think of that..the scar that my parents made in my tender heart was not something got healed..i didn’t wanted that pain to be stronger…That made me led into this stupid decision..never marry him..just love him even when he doesn’t care about you.This ‘no’ would have made him hate me. I cried my heart out in my room. ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤
It was morning..I didn’t slept last night.I opened my appartment’s door..to take the milk.The sight made me numb.It was Sanskar..with a smiling face,holding the milk packet.He came in and behaved like last night didn’t existed.I was awestruck.I pinched myself..it pained.This is true! Seeing my face..he said with a smile..
“don’t worry..this is not a dream..”
then he came near and cupped my face..and continued speaking looking deep into my eyes.
“I know u love me..and i was ur bestfrnd before turning lover..i can tell each n everything about u..so stop being scared..and making me distant from u..u should know..u can’t make me hate u..i love u more than u realise”
I just hugged him..he too reciprocated.I felt that my world was in his embrace.He understood me..withoup even explaination..and didn’t raised a question about it…
I Wanted the time to froze at that moment..

We didn’t talked about that incident..but each n everyday proved me how stupid i was to take that decision. My parents never loved..because if it was love…they can’t even breath without each other..What Sanskar and me share is love..care..and emotion.He touched my soul…and put his heart out infront of me. AND OF COURSE…WE GOT MARRIED..
Our marriage was not an adjustment..it is an agreement that we will love each other..no matter what! We fight too..but one hug or a sorry was enough to make it forget..or forgive…yes..that “no” was stupid..but that stupidity made me realise how much I love him..and How deeply he loved me… Our love..It will last as long as we live….

And its Happily ever after..

Credit to: Hope

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  1. nice story

  2. Mona Swasanholic Varunholic

    Hloo.. my dr Is queen, How r u ??
    And this time I don’t think I am late.
    Thank God !!!
    You really have the magic to make a simple story into a wonderful one….
    The words seems like perfectly made for this story ??
    Again Sanskar’s love is proved unconditional ……
    And I loved it ??

  3. He..he another stupid thought..i had.. Don’t hate me 4 dis…frnds!!

  4. thamiazh magan

    hmm beautiful way to realize the love

  5. Aww…. Sansku is a gem. How easily he realized the reason behind her no? I loved it….

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    and rain hope os strdat bt ws not able to comment dhr sorry…. really rain has so many meaning which i came to knw throu many ff… rain is ws superb hope…..
    keep writing

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    U r amazing di

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  20. Thanks sissies…for liking my os…I’M SORRY DAT I Can’t reply u all individually..got classes and now on d way to shopping… My real name is Vaishnavi..18 years old.. I am a doing bachelors in English.. I feel so happy for d cmnts i got..ACTUALLY.. I thought it no 1 will lyk dis!!!

  21. Wow..! Hope.. Uh are really making me fall for your writings again and again.. Superb.. Ibloved it so much.. And as you said I read it while listening to Avril’s song.. Love❤

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