No one will come from sky

Once there was a man who lives with his family of 2 children and wife. There life was going moderate. But then their life turned to worst. He did work for his neighbors and asked for money but they didn’t give. He said his children are hungry from some days but still neighbors didn’t give him money. He came home. His wife said that she will go to her parents house. His children said they r hungry and asked for food. He went out to a mosque and start thieving taps. He caught red handed and the person beat him very much. On the other side his wife and daughter was waiting for hin. Daughter asks for food from mother. Mother starts weeping. Daughter says I will not ask for food. Please don’t cry. Mother says your father will be coming till then I will told you a story. In between story telling the daughter slept. Then a man from neighbors comes and says her to come with him. She says him to get lost.He goes and she starts weeping. The one who caught the thief red handed call the police and said to put the thief in jail. Some people including police tried to make him understand to forgive the thief but all in vain. Police said if we put him jail he will be released till tomorrow. The man says inspector to go makes thief to sit on donkey put black colour on his face,makes him wear shoes necklace and move the donkey around the area. Then says the thief to ask for forgiveness and leaves him. On the other hand thief’s wife sings lullaby for children. Both children were sleeping. The man(thief) sold the tap take money,bought food and came to house
All the three were died.
It’s the end but what if the neighbor paid the money to him as help. Just 200rupees. The end could be a happy end in that way.
Actually it was a short story on tv I watched. It made me weep so thought to share here and also my Di said me to write short stories.
I didn’t watch the whole story but from the time he remembered his wife and children saying and start thieving taps. So my assumption is little different.
What if the man caught the thief red handed asks him the reason and helps him. Because he was a very pious man. And what is his goodness if he can’t help humanity instead of it he hurts the needy.

Sorry for the grammatical errors.

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  1. Ooshi

    Now what u learn from this or take it casually it’s up to u

  2. Shagina

    That is what the real world is like
    No one helps when you need someone aside you
    Well! Nice story ma’am
    Good night

    1. Ooshi

      First of all don’t call me ma’am

    2. Ooshi

      But at least we can try to better ourselves

    3. Richa19

      its the harsh truth of this world that no one wants to help others… humanity is vanishing slowly..:-(

      1. Ooshi

        In that case he is just selfish about the freedom of his son so as in this story the man was selfish and became thief just to get food for his family

  3. Niyati

    Di, Humans forget humanity. It make me emotional. Keep writing like this

    1. Ooshi

      Same here Dear but also learn from this and help the needy at the level u can and one instruction hopefully it will be beggars there so never give them money instead of that provide them food as giving money fulfil their demand and they will keep continue begging giving them food will be a good deed to you and will fulfil their need not the demand

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