After dicussing some important thing about plan with suchitra devi sanskar headed back towards his home after bidding her bye..

After some time sanskar reached his home…he was tired because his injuries were still not recovered and he didn’t took rest whole day but there was a glow on his face because he found his love today and there were no boundries of his happiness afterall his love is alive after surviving such a deadly accident he was sad also that she lost her memory and his love for her too but he was happy that she is alive afleast….seeing him coming home so tired sujata shouted his name out of concern listening her shout sanskar came out of his thoughts and looks at her that why she shouted suddenly seeing him….listning her shout everyone gathered in hall and saw sanskar standing at door all exhausted….

laksh immediately ran towards him and took him inside the home…ragini gave him a glass of water and he took it and gulped it down…then took a sigh and started saying “I want to tell something “…..everyone looked confused but Durgaprasad gave him a nod to continue ..”SWARA IS ALIVE”….everyone gasped in shock but it immediately get replaced by happiness …..everyone started questioning about her….

“BUT SHE LOST HER WHOLE MEMORY”said sanskar loudly being irritated by their talks and questioning…and everyone get silent after hearing that….and then sanskar again took a heavy sigh and told everything that how a lady saved her and how she lost her memory and became MUSKAN….there was a ping of saddness in everone’s heart that there swara forgot all of them ….but still there was a hope that everything will get fine.after talking for sometime sanskar discussed his plan with everyone and they all readily accept it….they were all happy that they will get there SWARA back……later they phoned gadodias and tell them the happy news of swara being alive and also told them about her memory loss…and asked them to come to mm to dicuss the plan….



  1. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Loved it.! Sks(I duno ur name) you have crossed 9th episode now..! This should be called as SS or FF..Not OS(One shot), dun mind I just felt like saying..!! Continue soon..! Thnk u.. ;-*

    • Sks0301



      Thank you for the comment dear☺😊…and ya I will not mind about your suggestion because you have said the correct thing..Thank you for it…..😊☺😇…..

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