Recap-sanskar getting to know that how SWARA became MUSKAN….breakdown of SUCHITRA DEVI ….sanskar’s hope of getting swara back…..

After few minutes suchitra devi somehow controlled herself and stopped crying ..then she stand up and looked at sanskar with teary and sad eyes…here sanskar also knows by looking at her condition that how it feels when somebody very close to your heart goes away from you….and he knows it very well because he went through this when he thought that he had lost swara for forever but still didn’t loose his hope to get her back…and see he got her back …till now suchitra devi got fine completely and stared at sanskar for sometime and then started conversation with him….SO HOW YOU BOTH MET….????this was the question which sanskar never expected to come…how will he tell her that they both met with the game of Destiny??how will he tell her that he came here to take revenge …and used her for his revenge???but somehow he gathered courage because swara has forgiven him and said him to forget all the bad past events …and now she also loves him so he should not be afraid of anything…thinking this he started telling everything to suchitra devi from how he came here to seek revenge to how they both confessed their love for eachother on their first date two days ago……

first suchitra devi was very angry to know that he tried to harm her daughter but when she get to know all story that how they support eachother throughout their struggle and started to love eachother and made many compromises for eachother then she realised that both truely love eachother and that there is no reason to be angry with him because he is best and perfect for her daughter and just nodded her head with understanding gesture and gave a reassuring smile to sanskar when he completed his no NOT HIS THEIR STORY SWARA AND HIS UNFORGETTABLE STORY TILL NOW…..when he looked at suchitra devi she was giving him reassuring smile seeing this he was very happy because he was fearing what if she got angry after hearing his previous acts but after seeing her positive sign he was so happy that he grinned widely and then hugged her out of excitement …first she was shocked then smilled sensing his excitement and nodded her head smilling…after few minutes he broke the hug and smilled sheepishly looking at her “actually I am sorry mom I was over excited that’s why I hugged you …I am sorry said he holding his ears…”here suchitra again for some tears in her eyes hearing MOM word from his mouth ….and there sanskar thought that she is crying because of him ….so he again started saying sorry…

after few seconds suchitra slapped his arm lightly and said that I am not crying because of you so stop saying sorry ….I got some tears because you called me mom….and here sanskar agin took her wrong and again started saying sorry saying I said you mom because I thought that you are mother of swara and I am her fiance so I can also call you sorry if you had felt bad ……and then suchitra again slapped him saying that you can call me mom it’s just that I craved for so many to hear that word that is why I got emotional thinking that now there are two persons who will call me mom from now..and then smilinhly patted his cheek …and he also smilled ..and after that both talk for some time and then suchitra devi asked him that now whether he is having any plan to enter her house to remain close to swara so that she can regain her memory ….?? And then he smilled playfully and told her his plan which was muted ….after heading the plan suchitra devi also smilled widely and give him thumbs up 👍 and told him that this plan is perfect…and then sanskar turned smirking playfully and told aloud that the MISSION GETTING SWARA’S MEMORY BACK STARTS NOW…and then give hi-fi to suchitra devi …..and both smiles…………………………………..

TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………….


  1. Kakali


    |Registered Member

    Awesome.! Just loved it..! I’m just crying crying and crying..!! Mad me..!
    Continue soon dear.! Thnk u.. ;-*

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