Recap-everyone getting to know that swara is alive …..and sanskar discussing his plan with everyone….
After hearing the whole plan part the gadodia family was somewhat not convinced with the plan because it can harm swara’s health and may risk her life …..but somehow sanskar convinced them and now they are confident that they all will bring back swara and will help her to regain her memory and if not then no problem they all will make new memories for her….and then all slept for sometime because it was a very big day for everyone tomorrow ……gadodia also stayed at mm …….

Next day
A blissful morning …….and swara was sleeping she was dreaming about sanskar and her moments although she can see herself in the dream but sanskar’s face was not clear to her…but she was smilling seeing the dream ….after sometime suchitra devi entered her room to wake her up but got very happy to see her smilling like a angel in her sleep ….she was looking very cute though she is big but still she looks like a baby ……suchitra smilled seeing her and thought to wake her up because now it is the time to start their plan….so she went close to her and started waking her up by caressing her hair and calling her name …MUSKAN wake up ….wake up my child…..after sometime swara wakes up and hugged her MUMMA and said good morning to her and started going towards washroom after taking her regular clothes ….but suchitra stopped her and said that today is a special day and you will not wear these clothes you wait here I am coming in a minute ..and she left from there swara stood all confused after some moments suchitra entered again gave her bag and asked her to get ready fast and come downstairs…and she was about leave …when swara stopped her and asked that what is so special today…????suchitra just smilled and said that a surprise is there for her…..and after saying this she left from there ….swara stand there for sometimes being confused but then shrugged her shoulders and left to get ready….after some time she came from washroom and went to dressing table to get ready …she was wearing a heavy red suit with some blue work on it…she weared small jhumkas which were matching with her suit and just applied little gloss on her lips ….she didn’t did any makeup but still she was looking very pretty …..she went downstairs and was having a constant feeling that someone close to her is coming to meet her …but she shrugged of that thoughts when she reached downstairs she was shocked to see that the whole house is decorated looking like some function is going to happen again lots of questions came running to her mind she spotted her mumma instructing something to the servants and was about to head towards her but but suddenly lights go off and one spot light fell on a person who was showing his back to everyone and music started from background..

Aaja aaja dil ke gaon
Raahein dekhe Koi
Jaagegi phir kismat sohne
Jaagegi phir kismat sohne
Jaagegi phir kismat sohne

Thi ab tak jo soyi …………
Boy did some steps but didn’t revealed his face till now and then it strucked the boy is not here for dancing but actually he is singing the song as the music continues the boy turned and it was none other than SANSKAR suchitra smilled seeing him but swara was in shock because he was the same guy who was playing the gerua tune on his fluet and she also felt some strange bond with him….sanskar smilled seeing her looking at him beeing shocked …..and continued his song…
Hua chaaron ore shehnai shor
Tu meri ore chal nikle
Chadhi prem lor, o dil ke chor
Kar meri bhor ,ab mukh dikhla……
Sanskar started coming towards swara singing the song….
Raanjhnaa hua mein tera
Kaun tere bin mera
Raunaqein tumhi se meri
Kaun tere bin mera
Tera hai Chan chupera
Kaun tere bin mera
O….kaun tere bin mera……..

Samskar singed full song standing near her and stairing her….while swara was seeing him with confused expressions and also thinking that why she didn’t felt uncomfortable under his gaze and now she looked more confused…with questioning looks toward sanskar…..after some time sanskar completed his song and looked towards swara who was looking towards him with so many questions in her mind regarding him….sanskar understood that expression’s of her and chuckled lightly that she is still the question bank….and then holded her hand firmly with his hands swara looked shocked that he holded her hand and looked towards suchitra for some with crying baby face …..suchitra just smilled tell “OH MY CHILD THERE IS NOTHING TO WORRY ABOUT …….HE IS YOUR FIANCE …..YOUR FUTURE HESBAND….” and this came as a shock for swara…..SHE IS ENGAGED WITH SIMEONE AND IS GOING TO GET MARRIED?????………she went numb…………………

After a long time a new chapter…….and a bit lengthy than my usual posts…and ya one important thing …….A BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAS SUPPORTED MY STORY TILL NOW……THANK YOU SO MUCH………………………


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    Only smart Sanskar can handle his Swara now!! Awww how sweet..!! Love it dear..!! Continue soon..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

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