Recap-swara seeing sanskar and feeling some connection with him..sanskar proceeding towards suchitra devi to talk with her…
Finally when sanskar reached near suchitra devi..he was thinking to how to start this conversation with her because by looking at her it was clear that she loved swara as her own daughter and that too in a time span of two days..he was injured but not blind to not see or notice the care and affection she was having for his love..swara ..after gathering some courage to speak he started his conversation…Namaste Mrs..???he asked in confusion because he still didn’t know the name of lady who saved his love..after sensing his confusion she replied SUCHITRA DEVI SINGH..

sanskar smilled and again started his conversation Mrs Singh I know you might not like this question but it is important to me very much it is a matter about my life..she looked at him confused but still asked him to continue through her eyes …actually I wanted to ask that where you found that girl who was standing with us dad minutes her expressions changed into horrified expressions because now her heart sensed that that the person standing infront of her is related to her new found daughter …but she can’t let her go also and can’t even keep her after her dear ones has arrived to take her back with him….but before giving her daughter to anyone she must know that who is he …so she without answering him back she just asked another question from him…HOW DO YOU KNOW HER ??

sanskar just chuckled listing it how he know her..?? This lady is asking him that how he knew his SHONA ..his life …he chuckled once again but again become serious and replied with sincerity…SHE IS MY FIANCE …I AM HER WOULD BE…and most importantly WE LOVE EACHOTHER …she was shocked to listen this but was also surprised to see immense love and care for her daughter and now she was sure that he was saying truth after seeing honesty and sincerity in his eyes ….then again sanskar started …”see you asked me question and I answered it honestly and now it’s your turn so please tell me where you found SWARA ..”

suchitra devi eyes were brimming with unshed tears and then started to tell sanskar about how she was returning from her work and how she saw swara there how she treated her and how she lost her memory then she declaring her that she is her daughter and making her MUSKAN..and then it was it for her she broke down completely infront of sanskar..she was crying and crying …maybe she was not her real mother but she was connected to her with her heart and now she will go away from her…….here sanskar was seeing her with teary eyes but was also having happiness in his heart that now he will get his SWARA back……….

TO BE CONTINUED………………………………………….


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