No matter what I do it’s never good enough because I always end up hurting u (A devakshi ff) part 4

Hi guys, Rithika here,
Thanks for commenting and there is a good news my laptop is repaired it got repaired early because I told u people that long epi’s will come from Monday but it will come from today so read it soon
Let’s start..

Sona and Dev climb up fast while climbing she slips and is about to fall
Sona : Ahh
Dev holds her arm and pulls her up
Dev : Arey what’s the rush climb slowly
Sona : Ok
All four of them reach up
Sona : It was fun right Ele
Elena : Kya fun tune mujhe thaka diya
Sona laughs
Sona : That’s y I tell u to do exercise everyday but u don’t listen to me
Elena : Bas meri ma chup kar
Sona : Ok
After a few days it was time to go back to the college
Teacher : All of u took ur things right. Hope u all enjoyed this trip because this was the last trip before the college farewell party hope u all enjoyed this trip
They all leave from the mountains and reach back home.

Sona reaches home and calls her best friend Nandani
Sona : Hi Nandu
Nandani : U reached home kaise raha yeh trip
Sona : Boht maza aya agar tu hoti toh or maza ata
Nandani : Tune maza kiya nay yeh hi mere liye kafi hai waise mujhe bhi boht iccha thi trekking karne ki
Sona : To tu kyun nahi ayi
Nandani : Woh….
Sona : Rehne de mujhe pata hai tujhe trip se zyada neend pasand
Nandani : Tu sahi kahti hai
Sona : Tu kabhi nahi sudragi
Nandani : Agar mein sudhar gayi to tu datagi kise waise tere naye dost bane ya sirf Elena se kam chalaya
Sona : Bana na
Nandani : Naam bata
Sona : Dev
Nandani : Chakar kya hai
Sona : Shut up I’m not like u
Nandani : Ok bye tomorrow is the farewell party have to do so many things
Sona : Bye
Next day
Sona wear’s a beautiful gown all boys r crazy behind her
Dress link-
Sona : Nandu ur looking so pretty
Nandani : Ur looking more prettier than me kise dewana banana chahiti hai
Sona : Tu hi bana dewana in ladko ko mujhe koi intrest nahi hai in chesso mein
Nandani goes from there and Dev enters in a suit all girls are mad behind him
Dress link-
Dev goes to Sona
Dev : Hi ur looking pretty good
Sona : Thanks ur not less
It was time to go on the dance floor all the boys wanted to dance with Sona and all girls with Dev they both got fed up and Dev pulled Sona on the dance all the girls and boys got dejected
Sona : What is this Dev
Dev : I really don’t want dance with all those girls and I’m sure u also don’t want to dance with those boys so u were better so..
Sona : Ok
Dev : What do u want to after the college
Sona : I want to be a nutritionist it’s my dream from when I was small and u
Dev : I want to be the world’s biggest business man it’s my mother’s dream
The party gets over
Dev : Bye hope to see u again
Sona : Me to bye till then

They shake hands. Till now they still had no feelings for each other than being friends. After 1 year in a hospital Nandani barges in Sona’s cabin
Sona : Bol Nandu
Nandani : How did u know it was me
Sona : Because ur the only one who will come in like that
Nandani : Whatever look at this
Sona : What…..This is
Nandani : Ya it’s Dev
His photo was in the the front page of the magazine
Sona : Wonder in which part of the world is he in
Nandani : He’s here itself in Dehli but I don’t know where is he living
Sona : It’s ok
Suddenly one more person comes in barging in
Sona : Tera asar dusro pe pad gaya
Nandani laughs
Sona : Can’t u knock and enter Mr.
Dev : Sorry Dr.
Sona looks up and gets shocked seeing Dev
Sona : Dev u here
Dev : Hi but not know
Sona : What happened
Dev : I don’t know my ma is not well here r her reports
Sona : Ok I’ll read her reports
After some time
Sona : Ur mother is eating a lot of unhealthy things she needs a diet I’ll make one. How do u know I’m working here
Dev : I didn’t know but Dr. Sinha recommended u
Sona : Ok I’ll call u when the diet is ready
Dev : Ok
How was it hope it was long
Thanks for reading
Hope u like it
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  1. Awesome……??????❤?❤????????…….Amazing……. So, devs entry again in sona life….??❤?

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  2. It was very nice.

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  3. Hey di!
    So, we have gotten Dev’s entry back in Sonakshi’s life yet again!
    The episode was amazing!
    Especially the dance sequel….loved it when Dev simply took Sona with him??? It reminded me of the episode when Sonakshi accompanies Ishwari along with Dev to a part held on his name and success???
    Do post the next one soooon!
    Love ya!<3?????

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    Awesome one..luvd it

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  10. Hi! Sorry Fr Not commenting two epi????.
    But, i read all. ? OK, awsmmmmmmmmm…..???????????…….ff.
    Agn, dev enters in sona life.
    I like it. ?????????????..
    Plz post nxt epi soooooon.
    With luv,
    NIKKI. ????

  11. Hi! Sorry Fr Not commenting two epi????.
    But, i read all. ? awsmmmmmmmmm…..???????????…….ff.
    Agn, dev enters in sona life.
    I like it. ?????????????..
    Plz post nxt epi soooooon.
    With luv,
    NIKKI. ????

    1. Rj12

      Thanks Nikki it’s really ok if u did not comment on the previous episodes will post soon

  12. It was amazing…

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    Loved it yaar…its getting interesting day by day

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