No matter what I do it’s never good enough because I always end up hurting u (A devakshi ff) Part 2

Hi guys, Rithika here,
So so so sorry for being late something happened to my laptop so couldn’t post
Let’s start…
Sona and Dev have reached they are right opposite each other but walk right past each other and don’t notice a thing
Dev : That fragrance…It’s familiar …….It’s Sona’s she here..No must be remembering her
He walks towards the lift and so does Sona they enter the same lift but still don’t notice a thing
Dev : Which floor Ms.

Sona : 4th
She looks up and is shocked to see Dev and he is also shocked to see her
Dev : Sonakshi……
Sona presses the lift button and gets out of there Dev follows her
Dev : Sona listen to me
Sona : It’s Ms. Bose for u and I won’t listen to u
She goes Dev follows her and holds her hand. She slaps him
Sona : How dare u touch me leave me
Dev : No I’ll never leave u
Sona struggles but gets rid of him and leaves for the party. She enters the hall and sits sad in one corner
Sona : Why why did u leave me I hate u and will hate u forever
She gets shocked to see Dev enter the hall and immediately leaves from there and Dev sees her leave and goes behind her

Dev : Sona listen please
Sona : Y should I listen to u did u forget what happened that day
Dev : No I didn’t and I’m sorry
Sona : Sorry, sorry look the great Mr. Dev Dixit said sorry and I’ll agree never
Dev : Please I said I’m sorry I didn’t know
Sona : Did u listen me I wanted to tell u
Dev : I’m sorry not trusting u was my biggest mistake
Sona : But trusting u was my biggest mistake
She leaves in anger Dev also reaches home and goes to his room takes out a photo
Dev : U never listened to me but it’s not ur fault I didn’t listen to u too
He lies down and starts remembering the time he met Sona

This takes place 5 years back in a trip to the forest during college
Teacher : Welcome to the forest trips kids now there are many tents in which 2 people can stay in one tent so keep ur things and come
In the camp Dev with Vicky and Sona with Elena were there they both go in one tent
Dev : Hello please go from here we came in this tent first
Sona : Oh excuse me we came in this tent first
Teacher : Dev, Sonakshi please stop fighting Dev and Vicky go to an other tent
Dev : I will get u next time
They both give a death glare to each other and leave
Sona : Idiot
Dev : I heard that Sonakshi
Sona : Get lost
They again give a death glare to each other
I know it was short but my laptop is still isn’t fixed so this was short
Thanks for reading
Hope u like it
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  1. Awesome…………???❤??????…….looks like something happened in the trip….that’s the reason of sona hatred……??

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      Thanks maleeha

  2. Awesome

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      thanks princess

  3. Aaru

    Awesome episode..luvd it..

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  4. Hey di!!
    Amazingly fantastic episode!
    Eager to know what happens next!
    Post soon!
    Love ya!<3

    1. Rj12

      thanks anshita will try to post soon

  5. Saheli

    Repair laptop fast …waiting for longer ????????????episodes

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      Laptop is getting repaired so long episodes will come soon

  6. Manya

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee ❤️

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    awesomeeee loved it

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  9. Rj12

    Hi people thanks for commenting just wanted to tell u won’t be able to post till saturday because since no laptop have to work with my tab and I’m very busy also so sorry if I’m late
    and keep sending ur positive comments

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