No matter what I do it’s never good enough because I always end up hurting u (DevAkshi ff) part 11


Hi guys Rithika here,
So sorry for being late as I told u I was down with fever I had a lot of work pending so completing that it took time
Let’s start..
At Nandu’s house. Nandani jumped up
Nandani : IDEA!!!
Dev : What
Nandu takes her phone and shows a pic of a joker
Dev : Funny joker! Now what ?
Nandu : Sona loves jokers so u know…..
Dev : Nandu on I won’t dress up like a joker nak kat jayigi
Nandani : Ok then forget getting Sona back in ur life
Dev : No no…..tell what do I have to do
Nandani : Go wear this…. I’ll get some paints for u
Dev goes to change his dress. After sometime
Nandani : Perfect
Dev : Ay meri behna sun le mera kehna nahi joker ke outfit mein mujhe rehna
Nandani : Wah wah kya baat hai. People are correct…. often when we r sad we become poets
Dev : Shut up

Just then the bell rings
Nandani : Arey Rithwick
Dev : Rithwick….
He hears Rithwick’s name and hides
Nandani : Rithwick accha hua tum aa gaye I want u to meet someone ….. Joke……(mind)Dev….where did he go…Oh toh yeh maha shay is hiding behind the sofa. Now I’ll show him
Nandani goes toward the sofa
Nandani : Dev what r u doing here chalo come out
Dev : Just shut up Nandu in this outfit come out….. kaise?
Nandani : look stand on ur feet and move them front and back
Dev : Yeh mujhe bhi pata hai…..but I won’t come out like this
Nandu : Natac mat kar…..I’ll call Rithwick here then u know what will happen
Dev : Ok meri ma chal
They went outside
Nandani : Lo and behold Mr. De …..I mean …Mr. Joker
Dev : (whispers)Nandu ek bar bhi meri naam liya then u’ll have to face the wrath of a joker
Nandani : (whispers)Sorry yar it came out
Dev : Ok now I’ll leave I’m getting late

After Dev left
Rithwick : Bada ajeeb joker hai ekdam Dev ki tarah diktah hai
Nandu started coughing
Rithwick : What happened
Nandu : Nothing u stay here make ur self comfortable I’ll come just a minute ok
Rithwick : Sab ajeeb bartav kyun kar rahe hai
Nandu reaches outside
Nandani : Come let’s go
They reach in a restaurant where they see Sona
Nandani : Sona see this ur new friend Mr. Joker Dix…
Dev interrupts Nandani by hitting her with his elbow
Dev : Mr. Joker…. nice to meet u Sona…..I mean Sonakshi Bose
Nandu : U like jokers right. Ok I’ll leave boht kam hai
Nandani leaves. Sona hugs Dev tightly he was so happy that he hugged her back
Dev : (Mind)Oh Sona! How much I missed u love u so much wish I could stay near u forever
Dev and Sona again become best of friends but Sona was still unaware of her friend the joker was Dev but this secret unfolded when they both were in Nandani’s house they both were in the guest room
Sona : Joker bhai u always roam like this
Dev : Yes as because I’m a joker my hobby is to make everyone laugh
Sona : One minute please can I see how u look without ur paint
Dev : No I look scary without my make up
Sona : Please
Dev could not say no so he let her remove all the make up but she was hell shocked to see Dev
Sona : Dev!!!
She slapped him tight Nandu heard the noise and came in the room she was shocked to see Dev like that
Nandani : Dev
She went to him

Nandani : (whispers)Ay utsai(enthusiastic person) who told u to remove ur make up. Lagi na thapad
Sona : Nandu what is he doing here
Nandani : Sona I called him her so u can patch up…..shru se batati hoon
She tells everything
Sona : U are with him I thought u were my friend and understand how I felt…..oh Mr. Dixit here ur ring it’s to much for me
Dev : Sona please ….
Sona : Shut up Dev don’t utter my name from ur mouth u’ve lost all the rights of calling me Sona this name is only for my friends not enemies. From now I’m Ms. Bose to u understood. Nandu again u r with him u also start calling me Ms. Bose
Sona leaves angrily
Nandu : Tujse gussa kam thi ki mujse bhi gussa ho gayi mein phirse plan banati hoon
Dev : Ok baba sorry but this time fool proof plan
Nandu : Ok ok let me think
After sometime
Nandani : IDEA!!!

Now what Idea Nandu will remove stay tuned to know more
Again sorry for being late guys with lot of work there were internet problems that’s y this epi was short
Comments please
Hope it was good

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