Author’s Note: Hi everybody this yet another old Swasan One shot of mine.

PREMISE OF THE STORY: It is based on the ending scene of 22/10/2015 episode of Swaragini where Laksh after confronting Swara on the bridge has come to Baadi to tell Swara’s parents that he wants to marry her after his divorce with Ragini. Sanskar who had overheard the conversation between Laksh and Swara due to accidental phone call from Laksh, reaches Baadi to stop Laksh from causing embarrassment to everybody.

Happens after this episode-

So hope you guys like it. πŸ™‚

Genre:Romance/ Drama

Rating:General audience

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Sanskar entered at the so called right time, exactly when Swara was declaring that she did not want to get a divorce from him! Saying he was shocked out of his wits for a moment there, would be an understatement. He just stood there motionless at the doorstep where in the meanwhile Swara’s declaration was getting mixed reviews- Swara’s mother was asking her what made her change her mind so suddenly? Shekar saying she is under no pressure and will support any decision of hers. Dadi saying finally she has made the correct decision. And the muted ‘No’ of Laksh.

And before Sanskar could process the news fully, Durga Prasad had spotted him and asked him to come inside saying he had chosen the perfect moment to make an entry. All eyes were on him now including an equally shocked Swara. Durga Prasad prodded him to make his answer known now that Swara has refused for the Divorce. But all Sanskar could see was the pleading eyes of his beloved. He saw so many emotions inside those shiny orbs…an apology, a request for understanding and finally fear… Fear of both rejection of request and something else… And when he saw her eyes moving to a certain direction, he could see the source of her fear… Laksh. Laksh was standing there with a look of pure betrayal aimed at her, accusing her of betraying his trust and his so called True Love!

Sanskar couldn’t stand it anymore! He clenched his hands into a tight fist… He really wanted to show Lucky what betrayal really was… Betrayal, was trusting him to apologize to his wife when he had gone ahead and proposed to her, his bhabhi! His brother’s lawfully wedded wife! The gall of him! And as if that was not enough he had ambushed her today with all those psychotic talks! And he still dares to look accusingly at her, his Swara and that too in front of him?!

He almost moved forward but then he noticed something white in his periphery… He noticed a white cloth tied on his wife’s hand and he remembered the sound of her falling. His heart had almost lurched when he had heard that painful sound. He closed his eyes to calm himself down, he didn’t want to behave like Lucky had and hurt her by making a scene in front of her family. He would deal with Lucky later. There were, after all more important things to do.

Without giving any response to a dozen pair of eyes waiting eagerly for his response, he went to the only one that mattered to him, his wife. He went near her and gently took her hands and her slight painful wince wanted him to rip something of the person who caused it. Then he gently removed the offending white object from her hand and threw it. His wife didn’t need that… He would take care of her… He needn’t need help of any Lucky or anyone else for that matter to take care of her, he had already pledged his life for that. He then glared at Lucky who was painfully watching over the happening with a sense of guilt in his eyes for being the reason for causing the hurt and a sense of possessive anger on seeing his claim on her being thrown into the dustbin, literally!

Now holding her hand gently, he turned towards the audience who were watching the proceedings with rapt interest and said to them, ” Main mera faisala sunane se pehle Swara se akele mein baat karna chahtha hoon.” Saying so he didn’t wait to hear their response, he just led her towards the direction of her room.

Swara, he noticed, was being very compliant yet unusually silent. He really wanted to go back and trash Lucky for causing so much pain to his wife. He would have happily stood in the sidelines and seen her being happy with Lucky if that is what she had wanted; but now? Now he wouldn’t allow him to be anywhere less than 10 feet from her! He had done the only thing which would make him hate anybody unconditionally and that was hurting his Swara.

For a moment he thought how he had reached this stage where nothing else mattered other than her to him and then he saw her giving him a concerned look. He smiled involuntarily at that… she was worried for him even when he was standing there worrying for her… Maybe this was the reason he had fallen for her… But his smile involuntarily broadened thinking that now his love was bound to no reason… Maybe this is what is called enlightenment… Because he loved her unconditionally and he loved her infinitely, period.

He then proceeded to take her to the wash basin and showed her palm under the running water. She winced again and all he wanted to do was kiss that palm and to lovingly wish away that pain… But he knew he would never be given that right to do that. He was not greedy, he was happy that she had still not taken her hands away from his and was letting him do her first aid like rejoicing in small victories and all that.

Later he patted her palm dry and went to take the first aid box which he saw lying on the shelf. He gently applied an ointment and caressed it. He wanted to secure the wound with a Band-Aid or gauze or something, but to his chagrin, there was nothing in the box! He gave a frustrated look at her silently accusing her for not keeping her first aid box up to date. She in reply looked at him equally silently and replied with her eyes as if to say, “Till two days back, I was in your home, remember?” . And that thought awkwardly brought them both back to the reality!

He knew there was an important conversation to be had now. But before proceeding he took out his pristine white handkerchief from his pocket and neatly folded it into a thin strip and tied it around her palm securely. She smiled a grateful smile at the familiar gesture. Something she wouldn’t agree even to herself, she had missed.

He then looked at up her face and said in no uncertain terms, ” Main Lucky ko khabi maaf nahi karunga.” Swara couldn’t understand the sudden drift in the conversation. And as usual understanding her confusion, he clarified, “Lucky ne galthi se mujhe phone laga diya tha jab woh tumse bridge pe bathameezi kar raha tha! Isiliye main yahan bhaag ke aaya tha ussne rokne ke liye.” He paused a little and added, ” Magar tumne usse pehle hi use rok diya.”

She gave a guilty look conveying that she was indeed very sorry that she had taken such an important decision which affected both their lives equally in the spur of the moment… in fear. He saw the fear flickering in her eyes and remembered the delusional dialogues of his brother he heard through the phone, the one where he claimed she had to love him and she had no way out of it. The memory and the fear in her eyes renewed his anger against him because no one and that means literally no one had a right to cause that reaction in her eyes! Till he was alive he would let no one harm her and that was his eternal promise he had made much long ago.

He resolutely covered her hand which he was still holding with his other and said in a determined voice, ” Swara, maine wada kiya tha ki main tumhara zindagi bhar saath dunga… Tumhara hamesha dost banke rahunga… Tumhe joh bhi chahiye woh main tumhe dunga…”

He paused to see whether she was understanding the solemnness of his words and when he saw an understanding in her shiny black orbs, he continued, ” Toh agar tum yeh chahithi ho ki hum ek doosre ko divorce nah de, tho woh bhi mujhe manzoor hai.”

Without pausing to give her a chance to interfere, he continued again, ” Aur jaise ki maine kaha, tumhe darne ki zaroorat nahi hai… main tumpe khabi bhi mere pyar ka ya tumhare pati hone ka haq nahi jataunga. Main sirf tumhara dost banke rahunga. Aur haan yeh mat sochna ki main tumpe koi ehsaan kar raha hun… kyonki mein aisa kuch bhi nahi kar raha hun. Meri zindagi mein tum ho, usse badkar mujhe koi khushi nahi hai. Tho agar tum mere zindagi mein mere dost bankar rahne ke liye tayar ho, tho mein uske liye hamesha Bhagwan se shukraguzar rahunga.”

He saw tears brimming from her eyes and threatening to fall and his hands immediately went to his pocket to retrieve another handkerchief to wipe them even before those precious drops decides to fall. She looked questioningly at his second hanky and he smiled gently and said, ” Aaj kal main bahut saare extra hankies leke ghoomtha hun, kya pata kab zaroorath pad jaye!”

Hearing this brought a beautiful smile back to her face. God! what he wouldn’t do to keep that smile intact on her face forever? He thought mesmerized. He had the sudden urge to hug her. He was so glad to feel the strands of that early camaraderie they shared coming back. But looks like the same thought was running through her mind as well because suddenly he had a chest full of his petite wife! She was hugging him! And elated was a too small a word to describe his feeling. He gently put her arms around her as if to reiterate his promise of life long support and friendship to her. She was with him and nothing else mattered in the world. And suddenly the world already seemed like a much better place to live in.

Sharmistha who had come to check upon them, saw them both in a binding embrace and gently wiped a tear of true happiness… It was the kind of tears only a mother could feel when her child finds her true happiness. She knew for certain that her beloved child had finally found the only other person who would love her as much as she loved her… maybe a tad bit more too…


Hopeful beginning… πŸ™‚

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